Travelling Vineyard Offering the Wine Tasting Opportunities in Napa

     Travelling Vineyard started its operations in 2011. The company’s move aims to transform wine tasting from the traditional stressful idea to a new and convenient experience. Over 21 wine brands are available from the company in three broad categories of white, red and sweet and fizzy. The wines are available in over 40 states with a team of over 1,000 wine guides involved.

Napa Valley is one among the greatest features of traveling vineyard. The land is home to some of the world’s best grapes and in an equal measure the best wines. Alongside the wines, Napa Valley has a lot more to offer. New visitors get the opportunity to explore and learn extensively about the rich culture of Napa Valley. With its rich natural beauty, Napa Valley is the perfect get away from the everyday urban experiences for the best relaxation moments.

Napa Art Walk exhibition highlights the richness of creativity in the valley. Featuring 3D creations from all over the country, it is a breathtaking experience for visitors. Sculptures in varying forms and sizes are available to the guests to buy as souvenirs. Buying the artwork also gives an opportunity to offer support for future organization of the shows with part of the proceeds channeled towards this goal.

Napa Valley has a rich history. Napa Valley Historical Society is the custodian of the history that dates back to over 100 years. Historical pieces with deep cultural meaning are collected by the organization and showcased to visitors. Visitor benefit from tours and lectures on the history of Napa Valley conducted by local historians.

Relaxation options are not limited to Napa Valley. Auberge is the best place for tourists to sit, relax and forget all worries. The spa has the best recreational facilities offering visitors an opportunity to enjoy a therapeutic massage. This is available alongside a wide range of leisure and outdoor activities that leave no room for boredom. Hiking, painting lessons, and yoga classes form part of the activities available to enrich the experience

Napa Valley offers the best experience for wine lovers. With traveling Vineyard, it provides an opportunity to make extra income. Prospective wine guides receive training and input on how to start and manage a career of a lifetime.

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XPrize Alum Eric Pulier Still Raising the Bar in the Tech Industry

The technology industry is known to attract original thinkers with a high drive to succeed, and Eric Pulier certainly fits that mold.


A New Jersey native, Pulier expressed an early interest in computers and began programming computers in the fourth grade. He had already started a database company by the time he completed High School in 1984. From high school, he went to success at Harvard. In his capacity as editor of the Harvard Crimson, he wrote editorial pieces still available for reading through his writer profile. After his time at Harvard was complete in 1991 Pulier moved to Los Angeles to become an entrepreneur.


One of his startups is XPrize, a program with multiple competitions and prizes for individuals showing the drive to push themselves to reach their full potential. These competitions and prizes were designed with teens and adults in mind as a way of recognizing success. Pulier also founded the SOA Software program with Akana; in conjunction with other companies the brand was also involved with, Pulier sold the company to Rogue Wave Software in 2016. SOA remains an industry leader in offering a suite of solutions.


No truly successful person can reach their goals without recognizing the importance of giving back, and Pulier exhibits his dedication to philanthropy through his involvement with Painted Turtle. He donates both money and time as he acts as VP of Cloud Operations for the company offering camps for children with chronic illnesses. Pulier’s empathy for special needs children can also be seen in his work with Starbright World. He used his exceptional tech skills and finances to work towards building a specialized social medial platform for children with special needs in a secure environment.


Eric Pulier shares his knowledge of SOA through his book Understanding Enterprise SOA. His comprehensive introduction to the software is both informative and easy to read. His footprint even exceeds the boundaries of the globe as he set up the first interactive live stream to a space shuttle. When looking at what the future holds for Pulier, one thing is sure- it will be remarkable.

Larkin and Lacey Use Their Money to Help Others

Larkin and Lacey were reporters who were very focused on human rights and on organizations staying within the parameters of the constitution. The men worked hard to be able to help people with the problems that they were having but the most that they could really do was report on the situations because it was the only thing that they knew the right way to do.

While they wanted to help people out with many more issues that they had, they were unable to and didn’t even know how they could get started with the help once they were ready to do it.

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were reporting about their own sheriff’s office, they found themselves in a situation that they had covered so many times with other people. They were arrested for reporting things that were corrupt about the office.

This was not only unconstitutional and immoral but it was also directly illegal. The men did what they could to make sure that they were going to be able to get out of the arrest and they chose to fight it so that they could continue their career as they were doing before they got arrested.

What they didn’t realize is that they were going to be able to get more out of the situations that they were in. The sheriff’s office that arrested them was in the wrong and was made to pay the men over three million dollars for the problems that they had caused.

This was something that made the men happy but they also realized that they would be able to make their dreams of helping others a complete reality. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

They chose to use the money to create the Frontera Fund. This is now used to help other people who have human rights violations and who want to be able to fight them but simply don’t have the money. It is something that has made the men better. Read more Jim Larkin | Twitter

When someone has had their rights violated, they can use the Frontera Fund for the money that they need to fight the problems. They can get exactly what they need from Frontera so that they are able to fight the case and have everything that they need.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have made it easy for people to get what they need out of situations that they are in with their human rights.

George Soros and his Involvement with Open Society Foundation

When it comes to the world of philanthropy, George Soros is a name to be reckoned with. Not only does he set aside time and resources to help people in the society but he also invests some of his emotions in the causes. Recent reports revealed that George Soros had spent approximately $12 billion in philanthropy since he established the Soros Fund Management. This is a considerable huge amount owing that George Soros has a net worth of $25 billion. Some of these funds are used to support many causes such as promoting equality and justice. The rest is used to fight for other issues like transparent and accountable governments as well as freedom of expression around the globe. Unlike other philanthropists who put restrictions to how their donations will be used, George Soros is quite the opposite. This is because some of his funds have been used to fight for the rights of sex workers, LGBTI people, and even drug users.

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His involvement in changing this world has been inspired by his experience with oppression and persecution. George Soros is an 86 years old man who was born in Budapest during the Nazi occupation. He was able to survive during these hard times by concealing his background that could only be achieved using fake identification. The good thing about his experience is that it helped him learn the importance of helping other people. He attributes his love for humanity to his father who instilled this discipline in him. George Soros would later attend the London School of Economics where he graduated with a degree in fiancé and economics. Soon after graduation, Soros decided to move into the United States after he was offered a job opportunity in the Wall Street. Today, this philanthropist is hailed as one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the United States. Learn more about his profile at

When studying at London School of Economics, George Soros learned about the theories written by Karl Popper. This is an author who had written a book called Open Society and its Enemies. This book influenced Soros on many issues such as freedom of expression, democratic governance and fighting for individual rights. This book also motivated him to develop other theories later in life especially in the field of economics. It also propelled George Soros to open the Open Society Foundation to fight for the rights of the oppressed and promote democratic governance across the world.

Just some few months ago, George Soros donated over 25 million dollars to the Democratic Party. This money was to be used to help Hillary Clinton as she bid to become the US president. According to George Soros spokesman, he felt compelled to participate in the elections as stakes were high. In the 2004 presidential elections, George Soros made a donation of $24 million to the Democratic Party. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Took on Amazon and is Winning!

There are not too many retail or e-commerce sites that would try to topple Amazon from any niche, but it appears that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics didn’t get the memo and they are tearing through this niche with record numbers. Despite Amazon commanding over 20 percent of the fashion sales online, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics took in over $250 million in sales in three years and the numbers tell a story of a company on the rise. With that big of a bite out of the Amazon pie, more people are paying closer attention to this little company that has exploded in growth so fast.


Hudson spoke about her athleisure brand and why her sales have surprised critics who didn’t give her company much of a chance in this crowded and competitive space. Hudson says reverse-showrooming and a unique membership program are the keys to the success of Fabletics, and it is quite a different approach to selling women’s apparel. When shoppers first enter the retail Fabletics stores in the mall, they can sign-up for a membership and take the Lifestyle Quiz tight there. This allows them to try on workout apparel and active-wear in the store and allow it to be saved to their online profiles. That is just the spark that ignites monstrous sales.


Whether these women are shopping in a hurry or just looking to see what this athleisure brand looks like, they are able to shop at home online in a more relaxed setting later that day. What happens, and the key to reverse-showrooming, is these consumers now know what items fit perfectly, so they fall in love online with new releases and arrivals they simply must have. Unlike shopping at Amazon, these women now know what items fit and how they look in those pieces. Women tend to buy even more when they know they won’t have to keep returning items that do not fit.


As a member of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, customers are given access to lower tier pricing, a personal shopping assistant, and free shipping on all orders. The personal shopper will select an item each month based on quiz answers or shopping profile, and simply place it in the shopping car for the shopper to consider. No pressure at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, accept, reject, or shop another day, there is nothing that ever shops to the customer without full permission. At this rate, Hudson’s Fabletics could be the next big thing in women’s workout fashion and active-wear.

The Surprising Benefits of Market America’s Highly Bioavailable Products

The maximum effectiveness of vitamins can be determined by how bioavailable it is. The easier it is for you to absorb the vitamins the better they are for you. It’s crucial for you to be able to easily absorb vitamins to experience the benefits more rapidly. Market America products provide the full spectrum of nutrient rich supplements you need to enhance and maintain your health. A supplement dense with nutrients will help you achieve your long-term health goals. From taking care of your immune system to supplying your body with more iron, Market America offers the products you need to take your health to the next level.


How Success Academy Guarantees Success

Success Academy is a network of schools in New York that is recognized for its unique approach to education. The percent of kids studying under Success Academy that were proficient in English and math was twice that of the average in New York. 94% of Success students were proficient in math compared to 35% across the board. It is already serving more than 10,000 students all over New York. The performance of the schools can be attributed to the unique approach that it takes compared to other schools. The students at the school are referred to as scholars. They are required to wear uniforms.


Success uses a blocks curriculum to teach children. The children work together in groups and then present what they have created to other students. Success Academy use THINK Literacy. This is an English Language Arts curriculum that they developed in-house. The program encourages independent reading, reading aloud, guided reading, and shared reading. They also developed their math curriculum after failing to find any that suited their needs. These curricula meet the Common Core State Standards. This is why the proficiency in English and Math is high.


Students at the elementary level complete two projects each year based on what they have learned. Students take literature classes when they reach middle school. They are given more independent reading time. They are also given iPads that contain books, and they are required to read seven texts across different subjects. Every student at Success takes a full-period science class each day. The classes start from kindergarten and are experiment-based to keep students engaged.


The students participate in various extra-curricular activities including chess, music, art, and programming. Children teams have begun to win national awards because the children engage in these activities from a young age. The teachers at Success are taken through a four-week program before they start their jobs. Success trains its teachers to make sure that they can handle to teach the students in an engaging manner. Eva Moskovitz said that the teachers are responsible for the impressive results that they have witnessed. Eva is the founder of Success Academy.


Bring Back the Samurai Anime!


There is something absolutely compelling about feudal Japan and perhaps that is why we always glue our eyes on the TV when a Kurosawa film comes on. In the anime world there have been few samurai anime that have been completely worth the watch, front to back, that didn’t rely on gimmicks to keep viewers interested. Today we are going to discuss two such samurai anime that prove the genre needs to be revitalized!


Samurai Champloo

This samurai anime series blends hip hop, break dancing, alluring music and a pair of the coolest sword fighters ever. Samurai Champloo follows two Ronin samurai as they aid a young girl find ‘the samurai who smells of sunflowers’. The series is dark, action oriented, and compelling with deep characters. While the show was short it is all the more powerful because of it. We definitely suggest checking out both the subtitled and the dubbed version of the anime as they were both done really well.


Rurouni Kenshin

If there were a top anime Hall of Fame then Rurouni Kenshin would probably get in on the first ballet. Rurouni Kenshin is one of the most popular animated shows of all time and you can easily tell why it has been held to such high regard. Rurouni Kenshin wrestles with darker themes while never abandoning the joyful exuberance that brought us to the medium to begin with.


These are just two of the elite samurai anime that are out there. With a little luck we’ll be getting more in the future!

Kim Dao Takes You on a Tour of Her Tiny Japanese Apartment

Kim Dao is a an Australian vlogger living in Japan. Her YouTube channel is devoted to beauty, fashion and her experiences living and travelling in Japan and South Korea. In “My JAPANESE APARTMENT TOUR | Small Japanese Apartments | KimDao in JAPAN” ( Kim Dao takes viewers on a tour of her first apartment in Japan where she lived before moving to a larger apartment closer to central Tokyo.

Kim Dao starts off the tour at the apartment’s entrance where shoes are removed according to Japanese custom. The tiny bathroom, which she describes as not too bad for one person, is close by. The washing machine and cleaning supplies are also in this area. The miniature kitchen contains a single stove-top, assorted utensils, and a year’s supply of instant noodles (courtesy of a friend from Indonesia). Stacked on top of the refrigerator are a microwave and rice maker.

Kim Dao’s bedroom is separated from the rest of the apartment by a curtained doorway. The collection of stuffed Pikachus on the bed matches the place-mats on the coffee table. A corner desk with framed photos provides a cozy work space. Kim Dao’s well-stocked closet is rather large for such a small apartment, and a chest of drawers holds her makeup collection. She receives a lot free at beauty events, and doesn’t spend too much money on makeup.

At the end of the tour, Kim Dao concludes that while such apartments are very small, they are quite livable for one person.

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Jason Hope Stands Behind The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope stands behind the Internet of Things and has recently written about how it is a huge advancement for the tech industry. The Internet of Things includes all the technology that is connected able to sync together. This includes our cars, street lamps, and even kitchen appliances. It really includes anything that can connect, sharing the same network. The Internet of Things has the ability to change the very way that businesses operate.

According to Jason Hope, the Internet of Things is probably the biggest investment that corporations will encounter and he predicts that it will fuel a world that can connect with each other. He also predicts that it will become the way of the future and that corporations will become competitive as they try to attract consumers to their products. Embracing this technology will create a society that will not only be safer but will eliminate a lot of excess waste.

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The urban areas are not the only areas that will benefit form this technology. Rural areas will benefit as well with technology such as emergency responses and GPS tracking. Hope strongly believes that the Internet of things will certainly improve our lives for the better.

Jason Hope is an Arizona native and is an investor, entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropist. He received his degree in finance from Arizona State University and achieved his MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. He is very passionate about technology and believes in the importance of giving back to the community.