Hussain Sajwani Is successful At Being The DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is the famous DAMAC owner. He is well-known for his extradorinary level of economic success. His success has come from the business that he has done in the Middle East regarding luxury real estate development. Hussain Sajwani always had a burning entrepreneurial spirit that could be matched by very few people in the world. His entrepreneurial spirit endures as he embarks on new projects all over the planet.

One of his newest projects is a resort area on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The island has a beautiful, exotic, interesting shape. Nothing looks more like a tropical paradise than this island. There are bungalows, villas, a hotel and plenty of activities. People who stay on this island can be sure that they are going to be well fed with good food. The name of this project is called AYKON Maldives.

There is another project planned for a port city in Oman called Mina Al Sultan Qaboos. There are plans to turn this city into a luxury area that will attract financially endowed people from all over the world. The DAMAC owner plans to make this area into as popping of a place as Dubai. Leisure and tourist areas will be built to appeal to seekers of fun and pleasure.

According to, Hussain Sajwani is a genius for realizing the potential of these parts of the world. The DAMAC owner and his projects make up part of a larger trend. Different parts of the world are being built up and gentrified out. Hussain Sajwani is one of many bright entrepreneurs who has taken part in this trend. From New York, to Dubai, to other places; luxury residences are being constructed and locales are becoming nicer.

Hussain Sajwani had the opportunity to experience Dubai before it was built up. He lived there through the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. When he went off to college in America in the late 1970s, it shocked him to see how built up things were in the United States. In 2002, he started DAMAC, one of many companies that transformed Dubai.

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Top Facts about Bruno Fagali

     It is hard to understand the new dimension of Brazil legal system without mentioning Bruno Fagali. When it comes to issues concerning law, Bruno’s name has remained in the top of professional lawyers. However, he did not just happen ‘out of the blue’ to have a reputable name. He has been involved with a couple of law firms over the last 12 years.

His experience coupled with hard work and dedication, Bruno has reached a significant milestone of becoming a reputable lawyer who can handle different law disciplines. Delivering excellent services has been in the mind of Bruno every time. In the course of his career, Bruno has created a great rapport with his fellow lawyers and attorneys.

Fagali’s hard work never escaped the eyes of Nova/SB agency where he works as a Corporate Integrity manager. In this firm, he has been able to form many business ties and relationships and also involved in fighting corruption. In fact, Bruno is a lawyer registered and licensed by Brazilian Bar Association, and his reputation has surpassed Sao Paulo city to all corners of Brazil.

Bruno’s has tagged his name with an extensive educational background. He joined Pontifical University where he studied and graduated with a bachelor of law. He also enrolled in the University of Sao Paulo where he graduated with not one but three masters namely Anticorruption, State law, and Administrative law. The journey started at Model Dom Sao Paulo Evaristo Arns firm during his internship where he handled mostly procedural law cases. The rest is history.

Giving service to the community is Bruno ‘s big mission. That is why he founded an agency called Fagali Law Firm located in Sao Paulo city of Brazil. Up to date, Bruno heads the firm and has involved himself in multiple laws such as administrative law, ethics, electrical and regulatory law. Fagali has also tackled some of the significant compliance cases in his country.

In future Bruno will continue writing his name above other lawyers. It is a competitive firm, but through hard work, patience and sacrifice, Fagali remains and will remain the best lawyer in entire Brazil.

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Anthony Petrello and his Leadership Skills at Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Limited which is based in Hamilton, Bermuda. Through his leadership in this company, Tony Petrello has become a person that is looked up to by many individuals because of Tony Petrello’s success. The company deals with natural gas, oil, and geothermal drilling contracts mostly on land. Nabors is the largest drilling company in the world. It has stations in more than 25 countries, and it also has more than 500 oil rigs. The company also operates in the Far East, Africa, and the Middle East. Nabors Industries started as Anglo Energy after it began in 1968.

The Educational background of Tony Petrello taught him how to be innovative and competitive especially when he studied at Yale University. He later decided to venture into other fields where his pursue led him to Nabors. When he first joined Nabors Industries, he served as the Chief Operating Officer, and he became President of the company. Later, Anthony Petrello became the deputy chairman of the company, and afterward, he became the chairman of the board for the company. Tony Petrello also serves as the Director of Stewart and Stevenson, and he is also the director of Texas Children’s Hospital. Anthony Petrello was compensated for FY 2015. He got a total amount of $27,512,939 where he received 1,580,077 as his salary, and the rest was categorized as compensation and bonus.

Anthony Petrello also serves as a trustee member of Texas Children’s Hospital Board. Tony Petrello advocates for research that is used to address needs of children who have disorders especially the neurological problems. Tony Petrello had a lot of hardships while growing up and this gave him the urge to work hard, and that is what made him successful later in life.

Tony Petrello: One of the Highest Paid CEO in the Nation. After he learned to read, he used to study academic articles, and he mostly liked mathematics since he was brilliant. His parents were not well off, and he used the resources available at his school in doing his studies. He studied and passed in his exams, and he got sponsorship to study at the Yale University.

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Victoria Doramus Worked Her Way Up

Victoria Doramus is a professional in the marketing arena that has made a name for herself as a creative force in the branding industry. She is a background that extends from New York to London as an expert in the field of both journalism and marketing. This has allowed her to build a resume where she has taken on roles as a writer and a marketing expert.

Doramus has experience in working as a personal assistant for a film director, and she has also been able to work as a research assistant as well. During this time in the work force since graduating Victoria has been working in various areas of marketing to help clients develop a social media following. She has also become a philanthropist that gives back to various causes like the Amy Winehouse Foundation and the Women’s Prison Association.

Victoria (@victoria_doramus) has managed to become a present force in the marketing industry because she worked her way up the ladder. She was willing to start small and make the necessary transition from a place where she was working as a media planner or a trend analyst to become more engaged in creating the trends. That is what sets Victoria Doramus apart from many others that are endeavoring into the field of marketing. Doramus was willing to start at the ground floor for companies like the Creative Artists Agency and Mindshare before she branched out on her own. This would be the driving force to success. She could analyze trends in the early stages of her career and get a feel for what consumers were interested in. As time progressed Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) would find herself in positions where she could branch out into freelance work. Her ability to identify trends would lead her to careers in researching global fashion trends. Know more about her fashion closet on Tradesy.

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Hussain Sajwani: A Man with Vision, Spirit and No Fear

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and chairman of real estate development company DAMAC Properties. He is considered one of the richest men in the Arab world with a net worth of over 4 billion dollars. He has earned this distinction through hard work, risk-taking and the desire to grow any business he has worked at.

Hussain Sajwani was not born a billionaire; in fact, he went to college at the University of Washington on a government scholarship. After graduating with degrees in both economics and industrial engineering, he went to work in the finance department of a large company processing payments. While he did not love the work, it helped him to understand the inner workings of the service industry. According to, using the money he earned selling timeshares while in college, he started a catering company which provided meals for large companies and government employees. This company is still in business today.

As his success in the catering business grew and expanded, he invested in real estate. His interest in that field grew as he expanded his empire to small hotels and eventually formed DAMAC Properties, a property investment firm specializing in developing thousands of high-end properties throughout the Middle East and London. Hussain Sajwani keeps an eye out for cities with potential in which he believes the price of real estate will never go down. His fearless attitude and ability to see projects through to completion has made him one of the most influential leaders in the Arab business world.

Even though Hussain Sajwani is a constant force driving DAMAC Properties, he still makes sure to spend quality time with his family as well as traveling and meeting new people. The business landscape is constantly changing and moving forward and Hussain likes to know all he can about new trends such as digital and social media marketing. He never wants to let his perspective on the world become stale. Meeting new people and learning all he can is important to his success. Contact Hussain on Instagram.

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TransUnion is Expecting Big Things from New Hire Heather Russell

TransUnion is one of the big three credit reporting companies. In May of 2018 TransUnion hired Heather Russell to the position of Chief Legal Officer. This intelligent and experienced woman has many years of financial regulatory history that will benefit TransUnion. Her inclusion into the company as the CLO will help to ensure that the organization is conducting itself according to protocol for the consumer credit industry.

Russell has been working for many years in the are of financial regulation. She has experience with some of the top financial organizations within the United States. She worked in the leadership positions within Fifth Third Bank and Bank of America. She also served as the Head of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs at the Bank of New York Mellon. She even worked at Buckley Sandler law firm. She was the firm’s leading financial institution regulator attorney. She even worked in the areas of fintech.

Russell states that she is happy to be joining TransUnion’s team. She wants to be a team player and she is looking forward to helping the organization to excel. TransUnion’s CEO and President, Jim Peck, is glad that Heather is joining the organization. He has been looking forward to her arrival.

According to Peck, he states that Heather (@heatherarussell) is a relevant member of the organization. He also believes that she will be a strong addition to the team. Heather Russell was hired in May of 2018. Now that she arrived, the company is expecting big things from this seasoned professional. Many believe that she will deliver and help TransUnion to excel and grow in the coming years.

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Jim Toner Gives Advice on Building Wealth

There are few individuals more qualified to guide you to financial freedom than Jim Toner. The 25-year entrepreneurial and investment professional has seen it all as it pertains to business. He’s experienced both great high and low in his long tenured career. A fact he pointed out in one of his recent interviews.

Toner first advises anyone looking to achieve financial freedom to take control of their life. He was able to accomplish every goal he ever set for himself because he was able to do so. Today he is a very wealthy individual who wants to help others build their own wealth empires.

The last decade hasn’t been the best years for the U.S. economy due to the financial crisis in 2008. Many people desperate to get rich quick fell victim to scammers during this time period. Bad decisions caused many to lose trust in the real estate market. However, many people wrongfully blame the market for the crash. But Toner thinks things are about to turn around for the housing market. He believes there will be numerous opportunities in the next five years and those properly prepared will be able to take advantage.

One of Jim Toner’s main secrets of success is attitude. No matter the circumstance it is important that you keep a positive attitude on order to move forward. A good attitude promotes growth and wealth generation.

In addition, it is very productive to surround yourself with people as or more skilled and talented than you. The more capable people around you the easier it will be to achieve your goals. Almost every great entrepreneur in history is a firm believer in this concept.

While Jim Toner often likes to say he is sharing secrets to success he admits there are no real secrets. Sticking to the fundamentals is the key to success. While the market or industry may change the basics remain the same. Once you thoroughly understand this you can achieve almost anything. Get the latest about Toner on LinkedIn.

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Get IP Talk Done With Kamil Idris

Professor Kamil Idris is a man of many figurative hats, including one of an author. Mr. Idris has composed roughly 30 books in academic style, most of which were written around the same time he taught across various institutions of higher education in the late 1970s and early 1980s – all considered, Mr. Kamil Idris ended up teaching approximately five years. Further, he’s written literally countless articles on every topic under the sun, with most publications revolving around nothing other than intellectual property, seemingly the one true love of Mr. Kamil Idris.

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property is intangible property – property that can’t be touched by the owner or anywhere else – that was formulated straight out of the brains of the owner of such intellectual property.

Burger King, the popular burger-serving fast food chain from the United States, is known for its phrase “Have it your way.” This is an example of a trademark, which is also a type of intellectual property.

We have three other kinds of intellectual property: trade secrets, patents, and copyrights. Patents are filed for objects and processes created from scratch, like an Apple MacBook and one of the many processes used to manufacture a MacBook, respectively. Copyrights are for artistic works like songs and paintings, whereas trade secrets are pretty much anything else left over from the other three categories mentioned above.

The World Wide Patent Web

As more government agencies install computer networks within their doors, they can far more easily share the large amounts of highly-detailed information covered in patent documents.

About former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Professor Kamil Idris

Although not everyone is crazy about celebrating holidays, it’s safe to assume that Professor Kamil Idris loves spreading cheer every year on April 26 in the name of World Intellectual Property Day. Kamil Idris has penned countless books, articles, and other publications – he’s seriously authored more articles than someone can reasonably count – though we can estimate that he’s released some 35-plus books over his career. One of the most popular of such publications is the 2003 title Intellectual Property – A Power Tool for Economic Growth.

Feeling Good With Heal And Soothe

Heal And Soothe is a supplement used to treat pain. It is manufactured by Living Well Nutraceuticals. The supplement comes in capsule form and has no animal product or derivative.


When a patient suffers a wound or painful injury the body responds by sending insoluble protein fibrin molecules to form a protective mesh around the wound to make platelets and red blood cells form blood clots. Then the body sends enzymes to. Pain killer pills inhibit the action of the enzymes and the fibrin remains causing inflammation and pain.


Heal And Soothe is a supplement made of a combination of twelve natural ingredients that are proven effective as painkillers and natural enzymes. The supplement works on the basis of systemic enzyme therapy. The therapy has been found effective for over 50 years in countries across the world. The supplement is intended to give long term relief from pain by neutralizing inflammation and facilitating the repair, regeneration and creation of new tissue. Heal And Soothe has no known side effects.


For best results Heal And Soothe should be taken on an empty stomach at least once a day. It should be taken 30 minutes before meals or 60 minutes after meals. Patients can take the supplement thrice a day without any side effects. Initially patients are advised to take two capsules two times a day or four capsules before bed. If their pain does not go away, patients are gradually advised to increase the dosage by taking one or two extra capsules in a day. Read how Heal And Soothe Changed The Industry of Supplements.


Heal And Soothe comes with a disclaimer. Patients should take the supplement only after consulting their physicians. Patients with allergies, pregnant and lactating women, young children, patients on other medications and patients who are due to have surgery performed should not take the supplement. Patients are asked to immediately discontinue the supplement if they have an allergic reaction. The company offers a bottle of 90 capsules free for new customers. See This Page to learn more about Heal And Soothe.


Heal And Soothe can be used daily by patients with chronic pain. Many patients have found relief from arthritic and other painful conditions by using the supplement.


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Heal N Soothe Instead Of Masking Pain

Imagine a fire alarm sounding. Everyone evacuates the building and are safe across the street. Billowing from a rear window, a plume of smoke rises toward the clouds. The firemen arrive and turn off the alarm, then drive away, leaving the evidence of the smoldering threat. It sounds silly to think the firemen would not put out the fire. The fire is the real threat. Do we expect the people to return to work, even though the source of the threat was not removed?


People who suffer from chronic pain disorders, in good faith, go to their doctor for help. More often then not, the doctor listens to the symptoms and prescribes something for the pain. Take this medicine so that you don’t feel the problem. Let’s turn off the alarm every day, and sometimes every six hours. When the alarm gets louder than the medicine, then we’ll prescribe more. The underlying threat is still intact, but the symptoms are lessened.


Just as the firemen did not fix the problem, pain medication does not fix the cause of the pain. Heal N Soothe is a supplement that targets the real cause of pain, not the symptoms. How? By using proteolytic enzymes to reach the source the way our body is designed to do.


When an injury or illness occurs in the body, a very intricate network of electrical impulses signals the spinal cord which then reaches the brain. These impulses are initiated by nociceptors. It is their job to sound the alarm. The brain, our command center, sends the appropriate defense. Once the defenders do their job, with inflammation, white blood cells, or other leucocyte responses, their tools are left behind. Fibrin, dead cells and leftover inflammation must be cleaned up, so the nociceptors can tell the brain that the threat was removed and to turn off the pain alarm. Learn How a product called Heal N Soothe Changed the Supplement Industry.


Makers of  Heal-n-Soothe; LivingWell Nutraceuticals, are firm believers that Mother Nature provides the best ingredients, and fortunately, more vitamin and nutraceutical companies are coming around to this way of thinking


Heal N Soothe isn’t your standard painkiller. This product is made from a natural source instead of being made in a laboratory with chemical fillers. Heal N Soothe is strictly organic in nature as its ingredients grow straight from the earth.


Heal N Soothe contains twelve proteolytic enzymes that have been used for centuries to remedy the source of the pain response. Each ingredient targets a different cause of the pain signal without masking the alarm and leaving the fire. See This Article for additional information.



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