Securus Technologies Making Prison Life Better

The video visitation technology system allows families, relatives, friends, attorneys and public officials to schedule and organize visitation sessions with inmates through the internet using tablets, smartphones or PCs. The video illustrates an inmate discussing homework with his daughter via the system. I believe that this is a smart move by the company towards improving prison life as it instills a sense of belonging to the inmates while at the same time allowing family members an opportunity to share their daily activities with their loved ones from prisons.

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I trust that this method of communication adopted by Securus Technologies will provide safer method of visitation that will go a long way in minimizing contraband from having access to the correctional facilities as well as reducing the stressful frisking cases that are often experienced at the prison gates. Just as depicted in the video, the system allows family members, especially children, to be actively involved in visitations thereby strengthening the bond between children and their parents.
Video visitation, one of the ideas proposed by Securus, has proven, through various studies, to be a link for maintaining lasting relationships between families and their loved ones in prisons. Studies and research on the effectiveness of the new visitation strategy also show that the system has helped in reducing cases of recidivism as it allows the inmates to reflect on their lives as they interact with their loved ones. This allows them to wish for better lives after they are released
The company’s integrity policy lays that incarceration is not necessarily a form of punishment, rather, it is a progressive measure enforced by the government and other law enforcing bodies to provide better lives for inmates after their sentences are complete.
It is, therefore, important to provide them with the relevant knowledge while they are still in jail so as to prepare them for a real life within the society in the future. In essence, Securus Technologies is actively participating in the correctional process by offering and investing in advanced communication systems such as witnessed in the correctional facilities.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.