Financial Advisor David Osio Reaffirms his Commitment to Philanthropy

Success in the business world is never easy, but investment advisor and banker David Osio believes in the power of giving back. For over twenty years, Osio has been a committed philanthropist, supporting organizations and projects in culture, the arts, and health care. In addition, the entrepreneur is a longtime supporter of the Miami Symphony Orchestra, having served on the board of the organization for years. He also supports the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation and their charity events.

He has also provided financial support to a number of other non-profits, such as the Wayuu Taya Foundation, an NGO which has been devoted to improving the lives of indigenous peoples in Latin America for years. He is also a proud supporter of the UMA Foundation, which seeks to foster inter-cultural understanding through music. Also dear to Osio’s heart is the FUNDANA Foundation, a Venezuelan organization of childcare and child welfare professions who work to protect children from abuse.

Osio has also been an avid supporter of the Saludarte Foundation of Art, based in Miami, Florida. Saludarte’s aim is to create positive social change through artistic expression. Its mission is to sponsor public performances, art exhibitions, and classroom programs that emphasize the transformational power of art and culture.

David Osio has long believed that the private sector has a responsibility to make society better through philanthropy. The founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, an international group of companies that advise individuals and firms on complex investments, Osio has worked in international finance since 1993. Osio graduated with a law degree from Andres Bello Catholic University in Caracas, Venezuela, and practiced law for several years before becoming vice president of commercial banking for Banco Latino International. He also holds a graduate degree from the Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA) in Caracas. His firm, with offices in Geneva, Lisbon, New York, Miami and Panama City, specializes in bespoke and confidential service.

Use the Senior Care Directory to Find Comparable ALFs to The Manse on Marsh


Finding the right assisted living facility doesn’t have to be overwhelming and confusing. A reputable ALF, such as The Manse on Marsh, is a community with a proven track record and public awards that show they are a caring and service-oriented facility that you or your loved one will be proud to call Home.


The Senior Care Directory is a nationwide service that offers ratings on senior care facilities across the country. They offer awards that rate the facility called “Caring Star Awards,” and in 2016, The Manse on Marsh was the winner of this prestigious award.


The Manse on Marsh is located in San Luis Obispo, CA, and this incredible ALF has won the award two years in a row with an overall average of five stars throughout the year. They attribute their phenomenal success to their team of compassionate and skilled staff.


Chris Skiff is the local owner of The Manse, which he has managed for over 15 years. He has worked with 20 other senior care homes in his past, which gives him first-rate experience, and he directs a dedicated team in caring for the residents.


The Manse also includes a unique nationwide service plan that is over and above many ALFs, and they provide top-of-the-line exceptional amenities. The condos, townhouses, and single-family dwellings create a perfect community for seniors looking for a comfortable place to call home.


Assisted Living Facilities


Assisted living facilities vary with the facility, so you will want to look for a stellar community like The Manse from the directory. Some senior home care facilities are located with a nursing home for added medical care or the ALF may be independent with a hospital or other medical facility close by.


General services include basic meals, medical assistance, grooming, home care, and some offer events and scheduled shopping trips for the residents.


As you investigate independent or assisted care facilities for seniors, do your homework first, and check the ratings in the Senior Care Directory.

Affordable Stock-Based Loans for Investors

Equities First Holdings is a very popular full service and private institution that offers alternative loans to consumers in different parts of the globe. The international company only specializes in securities based lending option to investors who are looking to raise capital fast. Equities First Holdings is headquartered in Indiana, and it recently opened branches in different parts of the world. Al Christy started the company, and he has served as its CEO since then. Under his leadership, Equities First Holdings has been very successful.


Equities First Holdings is recognized for its straight forward process. Clients visiting the company can gain fast access to very low and constant interest rates by using stocks that have been traded as collateral. Since it was founded in the year 2002, Equities First Holdings has managed to complete around seven hundred thousand transactions.


Equities First Holdings has discovered that most of the consumers in the recent times have very few alternatives when looking for loans to increase their operating capital. The company recently released a report explaining how most of the consumers were straining whenever they wanted to get loans.


The standards loans are no longer available to most of the investors. According to Equities First Holdings, most of the lending firms in the world ask for many qualifications, and the interest rates are extremely high. The interest rates are also prone to change whenever the economic climate changes. Most investors have ended being frustrated because they cannot access the important loans. Individuals who get the loans are forced to pay extremely high rates, and this makes it impossible to make profits in business.


Equities First Holdings is changing the lives of investors by offering affordable stock-based loan to the investors. The company has noted that more people are going for the stock-based loans because of the low-interest rates. Moreover, the interest rates are constant, and the investors can access them very fast.

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Malini Saba: A Woman With A Mission

Malini Saba is undoubtedly one of the most successful women in the world of business. Born in the southern part of Asia, her dreams and aspirations led her to have international respect and recognition in the business and professional sector. Infact, Saba began her career as an international investor, investing in territories all over. While her first business attempt was unsuccessful due to corruption in the area, she pressed on. Fighting against corruption and for her place in the business world, she relocated and re-established herself. Today, Saba is the owner of several global resource providers, and the founder of a global philanthropic organization.


At 19, she moved to the United States alone, with only $200 to her name, and dreams as big as her imagination would allow. After she met her husband, they rented a small apartment near Stanford University-where her now ex-husband attend school. Through his enrollment, Saba was able to participate in free courses and lectures. The young business minded Malini saw this as a great opportunity to gain more knowledge on business and investing.


Armed with the knowledge retained at lectures, she began to step outside of the box. She made it a point to attend gatherings that would likely attract investment bankers, brokers and business professionals. Her professional demeanor, charm and education worked in her favor, as she was able to probe the minds of some of the most successful financiers in the business. With their advice, and money she had saved over the years, Saba began making investments of her own. To date, she has investments in several telecommunications and real estate firms, and over 20 technology companies.


Aside from her accomplishments in the world of business, Saba is deeply committed to giving back. In 2001, she founded “Stree:Global Investments In Women“. Stree is a non-profit with a goal of improving the quality of life for low income women and families. Through education, better health care and support of the community, Saba hopes to help improve self-esteem and empower women all over, who struggle to make ends meet. She has also donated $1 million to help establish the first Heart Research center for people of South Asian descent. Saba is a true inspiration to women all over, that no matter how difficult the road to success may be, you will make it.