Lovaganza Becomes A Global Movement

The standard of life of people from all areas of the world is something Lovaganza organizers have been concerned with as they hope to ensure every child in the world has a designated standard of life by the middle of the 21st century; this standard of life will include clean water, access to education, and a peaceful environment on Facebook to grow up in, among other goals the foundation has already set out.

Lovaganza hopes to provide funding for existing and new programs that will move people closer to achieving a certain standard of life by producing high quality movies that will begin with the “Lovaganza Convoy” trilogy of movies. The first three movies of Lovaganza that will begin with the “Follow Your Sunshine” installment in 2017 could eventually form a major franchise of up to nine trilogies that will be released by Lovaganza in the future to continue the fight for the future of the young people of the planet.

The “Lovaganza Convoy” will be dedicated to a number of options to bring its message of love and understanding for all cultures to the people of the world ; the message of peace will be found in each movie as the characters look for the best ways of overcoming a shadowy group of people determined to keep the people of the world from living a peaceful life. This message of love and understanding will also be seen in the global event that will take place in 2020 when an interactive series of exhibits of Lovaganza will bring together every culture in the world in exhibitions found in eight major locations throughout the world.

The effects of Lovaganza have already been felt in many areas of the planet where the filming of the initial trilogy has taken place as the production continues to look for new locations to bring awareness of our own unique cultures to viewers. The small community of Frigiliana in SPain has already seen a boost to its economy of around $30,000 after the “Lovaganza Convoy” was filmed partly in the area with 25 extras chosen from among local people to appear in “Follow your Sunshine”. The nostalgic feel of the movies was clear for all to see as the message of traditional moral values was pushed forward during the filming of scenes for the first movie in the planned trilogy. See: https://vimeo.com/lovaganza

Securus’ Technological Solutions for Solving and Preventing Crimes Have Received Numerous Compliments from Clients

Securus Technologies has published views from facility customers concerning the use of technology to solve and avert crimes such as inmate-on-inmate crimes. The comments are from jail officials, administrators, and prisons. The firm maintained the anonymity of the clients by redacting detailed references to the names of states, counties, as well as facilities. According to CEO Richard Smith, Securus develops and launches a unique product or service every week to assist law enforcement officers and correctional officials to solve and avoid crimes.

  • One administrator said that a corrupt staff member was arrested after a careful review of phone calls records.
  • Others leveraged Securus’ technology to monitor calls that contained information about alcohol use, drug abuse, and drug peddling within the facility. Additionally, these officers were able to monitor possible access to cell phones, threats, suspicious chats about the transfer of money, a previous incident that involved firing of gunshots and a civilian confessing to selling prescription medications at a discount.
  • A certain client commended Securus for its response to emergencies. The officer confirmed that the covert alert feature was assisting the correctional facility to track suspects and put them into custody.
  • An administrator praised the LEB services and complemented Securus for retaining a top position in the correctional sector

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, a technology heavyweight that solves civil and criminal justice problems through technology, has attained an A+ rating and accreditation from the BBB. The company has demonstrated its commitment to delivering services of the highest quality by engaging in sound business practices. Securus voluntarily worked with the BBB to attain the required standard and receive the formal accreditation. The Dallas, Texas-situated Securus Technologies delivers its services to more than 3,450 correctional agencies, public safety, and other prominent organizations.

Kevin Seawright Discusses RPS Solutions

Kevin Seawright has had a tremendous impact on the mid-Atlantic region. Throughout his career, he has focused on rebuilding Baltimore and New Jersey. He revitalized Newark and he had a huge impact on the Department of Aging in Baltimore.

Recently, the city of Baltimore was experiencing a crisis. The homeownership rate had plummeted and people had lost pride in their city. Many people throughout the city and even city officials felt that the situation was hopeless, but Kevin had a huge vision for the city.

The home ownership rate was lingering around 48% when they launched, and Kevin believed the real key to increasing the homeownership rate was to increase the amount of affordable housing in the marketplace.

The wealthy people in Baltimore already owned a home, so Kevin Seawright wanted to reach the poor and the middle class. RPS focused on constructing and renovating affordable housing. They partnered with the city to launch their project and they were optimistic about the future results.

Recently, RPS Solutions finished their first project in historic Baltimore. The new homes were absolutely beautiful and they are filling up. Kevin is extremely excited about the results of the project, and he recently appeared on the Larry Sanders show to discuss the RPS Solutions vision. He loves working with first-time homebuyers in the Baltimore market.

He knows that having the opportunity to own a home can have a tremendous impact on the community. Homeowners take pride in their community, and the crime rate begins to decrease as more people own a home.

The city of Baltimore has already reported excellent results in areas where RPS Solutions has been working. Kevin is proud of the results and he plans to keep working towards a brighter future.

Baltimore has suffered for many years from low homeownership and low civic pride. Seawright’s RPS Solutions is having a tremendous impact on the homeownership rate, and he hopes to keep working on the project for years to come.

With his proven business pedigree, there’s no doubt Kevin can still accomplish great things.  It’s just a matter of time.   Follow his journey on social media through SoundCloud, and his official Twitter.

The New Kid in Town: FreedomPop Review

There seems to be a new kid in town, providing wireless internet and 4G mobile phone service for free. Well, they may not be entirely new due to the fact that they have been around for five years but they are new to me. I’ve been doing some research on this company FreedomPop and at first I was skeptical about their “Free mobile service and wireless internet” but I started digging because I was a bit curious and what I found shocked me. It is completely free with no strings attached, I couldn’t believe it. This plan offers you 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data per month with no contract and no hidden fees. It may not sound like much for someone who is constantly streaming videos and music, but for someone that barely uses their phone, this plan comes in extremely handy, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Now if you feel like it’s not enough, they do offer more plans with up to 4GB of data, unlimited talk and text. The best part, you can keep your old number as well.

No one wants to go through the hassle of having to get in touch with all of their contacts with a brand new number and none of those contacts want to take time out of their busy day to edit your contact info.  They also have a wireless router for their internet service. This device can pick up any hotspot signal while you’re on the road, making it very easy to work away from home or the office.  They run off of the Sprint network so if you don’t have Sprint towers in your area, this may not be the best choice for you. However, if Sprint is strong in your area, I recommend signing up as soon as possible because you can’t find a better deal than this.