Conference In Austin Discusses Solutions For Traffic Problems

The Williamson County Growth Summit saw some interesting proposals for solving the traffic problems affecting Central Texas. Williamson County is one of the suburban countries surrounding the city of Texas. It is one of the counties that is seeing the most growth in the area. As the area expands the transportation needs will be under greater stress. The summit highlighted current problems, projected future trends and what could be done to reduce traffic and increase public transit ridership.


One of the proposals, which is a bit far fetched, was an aerial gondola system. It would basically be like a ski lift that would transport people from one part of the city to another above roads and buildings. This idea was proposed by Jared Ficklin, a transportation product designer who spoke at the conference. Other futuristic proposals included autonomous vehicles to transport people to and from bus stations. This is idea was pushed by Uber’s Texas external affairs representative, Leandre Johns. He argued that Uber can help increase mass transit ridership by offering people an easy solution to get to and from the bus stop from their homes.


A more realistic and practical proposal was given by Mike Heiligenstein. He argued that Williamson County must continue to make its roads smarter and more efficient. It has accommodated growth so far in the past 15 years. New growth will place additional stress on the roads that could create traffic jams. Mr. Heiligenstein also made the argument that even if mass transit ridership increased, the fact that more people would come would still lead to clogged roads if they were not improved.


One of Mike Heiligenstein’s proposals to improve mobility in Central Texas is to expand both routes 183 and 290 that lead into Austin from three lanes each to six lanes each. This should greatly increase the capacity of these roads to handle additional commuters during rush hours. Improving capacity for buses on Austin and Williamson County roads is another priority for Mike Helligenstein.


Mr. Helligenstein is the executive director of the Central Texas Mobility Authority. This is a position that holds much power over the future transportation direction of the Central Texas region. The Central Texas Mobility Authority plans and implements infrastructure projects in the region. They are responsible for building and maintaining mass transit, roadways, highways and tunnels in the area. Mike Heiligenstein has been with the CTMA since 2003.

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Don Ressler- the co-CEO of JustFab and Fabletics

Don Ressler is the founder of JustFab, Intelligent Beauty and its subsidiaries such as Fabletics, FabKids, and Shoe Dazzle. Ressler has worked with his partner Adam Goldenberg to create an exclusive shopping experience in the online fashion industry. The two have made efforts to create an all-inclusive e-commerce marketplace. Don Ressler never knew a lot about fashion when starting out. However, they knew everything about e-commerce and how to make a business succeed in the online fashion marketplace. Don Ressler engaged in an entrepreneurial journey with JustFab. He has managed to grow the company to a success and opened several other subsidiaries.

JustFab has frequently been called an all-inclusive marketplace on LinkedIn. The name comes because customers can get everything they want with regard to fashion. JustFab has expanded its clothing line to include shoes, clothing, activewear, pants, tops and jeans. The company has opened up several other subsidiaries to offer these different clothing. If you want to have activewear, then you should purchase from Fabletics. Fashion clothing for kids can be accessed from Fab Kids.

Don Ressler started his endeavors in the e-commerce marketplace at a very young age. He began by establishing a technology firm known as He sold the company a few years later to Intermix Media in 2001. It was at this time that he met Goldenberg. The two developed a strong business relationship and have since partnered with establishing and starting a different business.

There is definite proof that women prefer online shopping. They also want subscription services on Pando so as to acquire a new set of clothing every month. JustFab and Fabletics have focused on this business model and forged their business to the next level. While he did not know about clothing, Don Ressler knew about the market and its trends. Many people have been highly interested in Fabletics. Everything with interest to the company has to do with how it conducts its businesses. Fabletics has forged to market itself in an incredible way. The company has created a subscription service that has had many people talk about the enterprise.

To make full use of the untapped community online, Adam and Don have operated with the principle that shopping online has to be a fun, engaging and social endeavor. The two started out with Intelligent Beauty and created a unique personalization platform. The company later built a subscription business model where members can receive affordable fashion items.

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OSI Group Is A Wonderful Food Company

OSI Group is quite helpful as a food services company, and they ensure their customers are given the finest food in the industry. There are several different foods that may be ordered from those at OSI Group, and they offer balanced plates for kids in school, housing facilities and other public buildings. Everyone who wishes to order new foods from OSI Group will find it quite helpful to begin building their menus as they purchase their food, and this article explains how the company offers the best foods to everyone who orders.

#1: How Does OSI Group Produce Their Food?

OSI Group has built some of the most-advanced facilities in the world, and they prove that creating a fine food is a sustainable process. Their company has built large facilities that accommodate every type of food on their menu, and they ship products to customers using a sustainable model that keeps everyone happy. Customers may order from the company at any time, and the orders come in quickly after the menus have been built.

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#2: How Are Menus Prepared?

The company builds menus with customers using simple techniques that are typical for cafeterias and dining halls around the county. There are quite a few different menus that may be built using the OSI Group catalog, and the foods are shipped together to ensure each new part of the menu is realized properly. The foods processed by OSI Group are nutritious in every respect, and they provide a mix of food groups that are healthy for any diner. Facilities may order based on government guidelines, or they may seek out foods on the menu that are most-loved by the people they serve.

#3: How Does OSI Group Rank In The Industry?

OSI Group is one of the largest employers in the world, and they ship foods internationally using a number of shipping options. They have been ranked highly by Forbes, and they believe the company has distinguished itself as one of the best in its field. There is something quite powerful about OSI Group, and they provide a certain amount of confidence that all customers require.

Everyone who orders from OSI Group is ensuring the health of those around them, and they will serve foods that are lovely to eat. The foods that are offered by OSI Group help those eating receive the nutrients they require to have a good day.

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Waiakea Spring Provides Waiakea Water Source

Bottled water is one of the biggest pains in consumers’ wallets in today’s market. It is the most redundant beverage people spend thousands of dollars on a year. Bottled water has a terrible impact on the environment, it costs consumers more money, and it loaded with synthetic vitamins that have horrible health concerns.

So what would make good bottled water? Bottled water has the potential to be a very beneficial aspect of modern day life, but it’s currently lagging in many areas. For bottled water to meet the expectations that people have for it, it would need to be packaged in an eco-friendly way, provide the health benefits that water is supposed to provide and be self-sustainable.

In 2012, a man named Ryan Emmons found a solution to the world’s bottled water crisis. According to Ladisco, Emmons founded Waiakea Water. As if the name was evident enough, this water comes from a volcanic source in Hawaii.

Unlike other water sources that come from lakes and streams that have to be filtered over and over again just so that it can be safe to drink, this water is filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock. Emmons has seen immense growth of his company since its founding. In the early years of his business, no one in the beverage industry gave him the time of day. But now, he’s company has grown over 4000% and everyone is eager to hear what he has to say.

Waiakea water comes from snowmelt and rainfall that occurs on the snow-capped peak of Mauna Loa volcano. Volcanoes are the first place people would think of going to find pure water sources, but it turns out that all that hot volcanic rock makes for a perfect natural filter for producing a sustainable water source.

After passing through about 14,000 feet of volcanic rock, the water is naturally enriched with minerals. Where other companies artificially improve their water, the volcanic rock provides just enough minerals that it’s beneficial and not harmful. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

By the time to water reaches the surface, it is rich in magnesium, potassium, and calcium. It is also naturally laced with electrolyte and alkaline. This water truly is an all natural source of healthy, sustainable water.

After being collected at the source, the water travels to Long Beach, California, where it is packaged. The packing facility Emmons partnered with has the most eco-friendly way of packing his product. Although critics would point out the distance the water has to travel, Emmons silences them by reminding people of the energy and environmental advantages of his packaging process. It takes 85% less energy to make their bottles.