Ronald Fowlkes and Solid Marketing Methods

Ronald Fowlkes or “Ronnie” used to be a part of the United States Marine Corps. He’s even an alumnus of the Army Jump School. This school is one that has a substantial degree of acclaim. Fowlkes has operated as a part of the St. Louis police department before. He was in their SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) division as well. He functioned as the head of the SWAT sector. Fowlkes learned about FirstSpear initially when he was a young Marine. He kept coming across it when he worked in the military. He came across it frequently when he worked in law enforcement, too. Fowlkes pinpointed the distinctiveness of FirstSpear rapidly.


Fowlkes is equipped with 20 years plus background in gear distribution, development and design work. He knows a lot about gear that’s made for people who are employed in the armed services. Fowlkes was an ITW employee before becoming part of FirstSpear. He had a position with ITW as a manager who concentrated on both business development and military items sales.


This professional is a FirstSpear business development director. He relies on his extensive career background to take on this job. He likes to approach this job in an imaginative manner. He has an awareness of things that can assist businesses that are looking to move forward within their fields.


Fowlkes goes to trade shows on a frequent basis. He handles standard marketing concepts, too. He has relationships with people who are part of DOD (the Department of Defense) in the United States. He has relationships with state and local legal workers as well.


FirstSpear possesses a range of industry and government relationships at the moment. It offers assistance to NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization). It offers assistance to a strong number of state and local legal entities. It emphasizes first-rate products that were manufactured in the United States. It, because of that, has many customers who come back time and time again. That thrills the FirstSpear team greatly.


Marketing methods are critical for Fowlkes. They’re critical for FirstSpear as a business. FirstSpear is equipped with a showroom that can manage all kinds of marketing objectives. It’s a company, though, that generally depends on the power of customers spreading the word. The team members at FirstSpear go to all types of events and trade shows all of the time. They have the highest level of confidence in their offered items, though. That’s why they often realize that people flock to them. They don’t usually have to do a lot to attract people to their products.


Fowlkes adores his family. He moved with them not long ago. He gave his small children the pleasure of rooms that are markedly more spacious. This entrepreneur likes being around nice folks.


Heal and Soothe Gets to the Root of the Problem

     Heal and Soothe is a healthy and natural alternative to the many medicines that are available on the market these days. Heal and Soothe utilizes what is known as Systemic Enzyme Therapy to make it effective in treating pain and inflammation. This type of therapy has been used for over five decades and is a great way to effectively treat inflammation.

These powerful enzymes actually neutralize inflammation so that the body can repair, create, and even regenerate any tissues that are injured. By reducing the inflammation, the heart can become stronger, the chances of getting cancer are reduced, and memory loss is improved. These enzymes also make it possible to recover from sprains, fractures, bruises, contusions, joint pain, surgery, and strains much more quickly.

Unlike many pain medications on the market, Heal and Soothe actually helps to heal the body and strengthen it so that it can recover from ailments for the long run rather than just temporarily. Most pain medications simply numb the pain, but they do not actually benefit the body in any way. With Heal and Soothe, there are also none of the side effects that many pain medications cause when taken.

Heal and Soothe is very beneficial for anyone suffering from pain and inflammation. It is a natural remedy that gets to the very root of the problem and helps to improve the body so that it is better able to handle illnesses, pain, and inflammation.

Heal and Soothe contains many beneficial ingredients such as bromelain, turmeric extract, papain, rutin, Boswellia extract, Mojave yucca root, and devil’s claw. It also contains ginger extract, citrus bioflavonoids, and proteolytic systemic enzymes. The combination of these powerful ingredients makes it an effective supplement that combats aches and pains and helps the body to heal.

Heal and Soothe is a supplement that is taken daily in order to get the best results. It is also quite affordable at about $50 a bottle which will last about a month. The dosage can be adjusted to every individual and their specific needs as well. Heal and Soothe is a great alternative to all the medications that are manufactured in laboratories that do not take care of the underlying problems that cause pain in the first place. Many of the ingredients in Heal and Soothe have been used for hundreds of years to treat pain because it is effective and has healing powers.

Robert Ivy Talks about the Role of Architecture in Combating Lifestyle Diseases

     Robert Ivy is a man who has made immense contributions to the field of architecture. He is the current CEO of American Institute of Architects. Ivy is well educated having attended distinguished institutions. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of arts in English from the University of the South. He pursued Masters of Architecture at Tulane University.

He worked for McGraw-Hill Construction and rose to the position of Vice President. He was also involved in publication at Architectural Record. He played an instrumental role in turning around the magazine since joining the company in 1996. It received several awards including Jesse H. Neal Awards for twenty-six times and recognition from the American Society of Magazine Editors. Ivy has continued to employ his leadership abilities even in his current role at the institute.

At a personal level, he has received many accolades. In 1998, he was awarded the McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. Years later, he won the Crain Award in 2009. The award, run by the American Business Media is regarded as the highest recognition for an individual. He was named a “Master Architect” by the prestigious national architecture fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi in 2010. The honor was as a result of his efficiency in disseminating information about the value of design. Ivy entered the history books for the only person to receive the accolade in the 21st century.

Robert Ivy continues to make his contributions to the world of architecture through his insightful publications. In one of his articles, Ivy highlights on the need for architects working with the medical community to reverse the worsening health conditions of Americans. He believes that the increase in chronic diseases is a result of lack of physical exercises and poor diet.

One way of doing this is encouraging physical activity by designing vibrant residential areas and schools among other areas. The trend should also be employed in healthcare facilities. The design should also incorporate the use of natural sunlight as well as increased physical activity as a recovery treatment. For sustainable success, he roots for partnership between architects.

In light of this, Ivy appreciates the need for architecture and medical schools to enhance the training for students on the need for the two. The collaboration is expected to design sustainable cities and neighborhoods that encourage physical exercise. It will be a great way of reducing the incidences of obesity as well as other chronic diseases.

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Paul Mampilly: The Brilliant Investor And Founder Of Capuchin Consulting

Paul Mampilly is regarded as someone who has an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to the financial field, particularly when it comes to matters of the stock market. He has spent an incredible amount of time in the sector and has attained an immense amount of experience when it comes to working towards his goals and learning more about the field of finance. In addition to working with large corporations, Paul Mampilly also enjoys writing about finance and publishing it online to enlighten people more about the field and topics that he is so passionate about. When working in the financial sector, he realized that there were always people who wanted to better their financial standings but didn’t have the right knowledge or experience in the financial sector to be able to do so.

Not everyone working in this sector has as much experience as an experienced financialist, and sometimes, doing even the simplest of things like your taxes can be a hard task. To give the common people a better understanding of the financial sector and all the intricacies of it, Paul Mampilly decided to start up his own blog and write about different topics in relation to the sector. The blog educates people on the different aspects of the sector, and also how they can save their money better. It serves as a means to let them know about the viable investment strategies that they can go with and the routes that one can take to secure their future. Since the blog first started, Paul Mampilly has gained thousands of readers who tune into the posts and write-ups that he has published on the blog.

Paul Mampilly publishes the articles that he writes through Banyan Hill publishing, which is a well-known source for articles with relation to the field of finance.In addition to publishing work on financial advisory, Paul Mampilly is also known for taking on clients and helping them with their financial concerns. He has greatly contributed to the overall growth of several companies that have depended on his skill and experience to be able to take the company to the next level as establish them in their fields.Currently, Paul Mampilly serves as the head of Capuchin Consulting, which is a company that aims to provide clients and investors with out of the box strategies that aren’t being as commonly implemented, to stays at the top of the competition.

The Durability and Customization of Siteline Cabinetry has made it a Popular Choice for Homes

Siteline Cabinetry has become a popular choice for home renovations. The popularity of this brand stems from the unique way its products are manufactured. Offering an array of full access cabinets for any room in a home or office, this brand also offers affordability through its process of customization. Every piece ordered under the Siteline brand name is individually constructed, stained or painted to a client’s specifications. This company makes their products affordable by starting with a few premade pieces that can be assembled in a short amount of time.

While the process of cabinet construction is streamlined through the use of premade cabinet and drawer fronts, this company actually offers a combination of more than 285 different types of finishes and materials customers can choose from. This allows for greater freedom of design as well as increased flexibility for individualization. This brand also offers a selection of accessory items, which includes drawer dividers, rotating interior shelves and built-in towel holders. The process of construction also incorporates state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that every piece is designed to be durable and beautiful.

The Corsi Group is the company behind the Siteline brand of cabinetry. They have made it their mission to offer alternative choices in cabinetry to people of varying income levels. They also place an emphasis on superior quality, which is why their cabinets have become the popular choice for cabinetry in new homes. Having cabinets made of durable materials with long-lasting finishes adds to the overall value of a home. The fact that this line can be customized to meet the needs of any homeowner also adds to its appeal.

In addition to the vast array of choices available from Siteline Cabinetry, this company also strives to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete construction. Their average turn around time is about 5 to 6 weeks. They also work closely with approved furniture dealers to ensure their customers take full advantage of everything they have to offer. This also allows customers to make the most of what they have available in their budget, without having to sacrifice on quality.

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Jed McCaleb Finds New Ways to Leverage Existing Technology

Jed McCaleb is the CTO and co-founder of He leads the company’s capacity for technology development. His company’s mission is to leverage technology in ways that can help to advance individuals. His colleagues know him to be a brilliant man who constantly seeks ways to improve existing technology. He can add to his credits the creation of eDonkey, which happened to be among the biggest networks to share files in its day. He also founded Mt. Gox.

His latest efforts to disrupt the system is a company called Stellar. He started this company out by realizing that the world’s money systems are broken and that too many people end up without true access. He created Stellar in 2014 and leads its technology development efforts at present.

Stellar is a platform that connects payment systems, banks, and people in ways that can facilitate the movement of money in ways that are quick, reliable, and without almost any cost. His company also provides a means for connecting people with affordable financial services to help develop individual potential and to fight poverty.

The goal of Stellar is to create a network of worldwide machines that will allow anyone to send the currency of their choice where it will arrive at its destination as another currency. The challenge will also be to keep such machines honest and accurate. This of course requires a new online algorithm that helps establish trust.

Such an algorithm can help drive Stellar’s network and other systems online that will be able to operate without a central authority. This can affect everything from email services to the stock market and a host of digital currencies. Another way of looking at the end result is that a vast array of machines will be able to agree. Trust! It is a system that allows everyone to agree that everyone else is on the up-and-up.

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AvaTrade review: Foreign exchange expert

There are many professionals on Wall Street who’re hoping for a better feed of information to rely on. You, you must work with live, raw data if you want to position the right trades. The right trades for you come through the foreign exchange. Considering the foreign exchange is the same as considering AvaTrade.

Trading the currencies of world economies requires a platform to trade with. You no longer have to make calls to your brokerage firm, and you no longer have to wait for your order to be put through. Everything happens in the span of seconds and at the moment you press OK when making investments in currencies.

In And Out And In No Time

AvaTrade is the platform you consider when in need of all the fine tools and charts for the forex market. The foreign exchange turns over roughly $5 trillion everyday, and this creates 5 trillion ways for you to make your own money. You have no prospect of making money if you’re not in the market.

The basic strategy for day-traders who specialize with forex is to be in and out within minutes to a few hours. No one ever knows what the markets will do exactly, but we can watch the price points to better understand the market conditions. AvaTrade helps investors retain their position be it in or out of the markets.

Want To Keep Your Money Safe In A Forex Account?

The additional benefits you have with using AvaTrade is safety. Every trader should be thinking about the safety of their money above all else. Rest assured knowing that AvaTrade is regulated by the European Union and with the support it has through the bank of Ireland. The security you have with this agency matters.

You must know about your protection.

The additional hedges you have against loss brings into account the stop triggers that lets you add more security to your trades. Don’t worry about waking up to see a price decrease wipe you completely out. Stop-losses are prices set by the broker that close your trades when falling below a certain mark.

Protect yourself against speculation, and do it with AvaTrade.

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The Oxford Club is Teaching Investors to Build Wealth

The Oxford Club is an independent network of international investors. Its headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland, but its 157,000 members live in 130 countries around the world. Through newsletters, emails, trading alerts, books and symposiums, the Club keeps its membership up to date on what they need to know to grow, guard and maintain their wealth.

In a recent article the Club published, they explain the four foundations of their investing philosophy. The second principle is to have an exit strategy.

Without that, you’re at the mercy of your emotions. When the market dips down and the media is screaming the sky is falling, you panic and sell. When the market jumps up and the pundits are all talking about Dow 50,000, you grow greedy and buy.

Sadly, that behavior is typical for ordinary investors who don’t have a plan. It’s well-known they have poor results even in great bull markets because they buy when the market is high and sell when the market is low. That’s why you must make a plan at a time you are feeling calm and rational — and then stick to it even when fear or greed are raging inside you.

Unfortunately, some of your investments will not only go down after you buy them, they will keep going down. Therefore, you must have a plan in place before you buy. And what will you look for. A small price dip after you buy is not unusual and will not prevent the company from being a ten-bagger in a few years. But if the price is still headed down six months later or the CEO does a perp walk on the news, it’s probably time to cut your losses.

The Oxford Club has been helping investors since its formation as The Passport Club in 1989. They changed the name in 1991.

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Talk Fusion Bringing the Future of Digital Communication

Talk Fusion has established a reputation in the video communication business as a leader that brings about the future of the genre. Established, by Mr. Bob Reina in 2007, the company has been adding new products consistently and has amassed a vast and powerful catalog to offer its clients.



One of the latest additions is the Product dashboard, specifically designed for the Video Suite of the company. With the launch of the Product Dashboard, Talk Fusion also announced that it is working on several other products that will start rolling out in the upcoming months.



Talk Fusion prides itself on its unique approach and strives to bring great products at a reasonable price in order to make them available for more people that want to grow their online following and attract more clients. Talk Fusion aims to provide what people would not be able to get from their competitors.



The founder and Chief ExecutiveOfficer of Talk Fusion believe that his company was not meant to stay in the same place for too long. CEO Bob Reina talks proudly of his team, saying that they also have the desire to move forward and that they make the company what it is today.



In January, Talk Fusion released a mission statement explaining what direction the company will be taking for 2018. The company aims to transform digital communication around the globe by working towards eliminating the current communication barriers. They believe that a new system is due that would be easy to navigate so anyone could use it, and that is should also be super powerful and controlled by cutting-edge technology in the background. The company will continue to release new products on the market ad it the meantime it will also be updating the already existing ones so that they are up to the current speed of Talk Fusion. Learn more:



So far, Talk Fusion has products that allow broadcasting, social networking, video conferencing, and more. One of the most popular products released by the company is their video mailing which is available in the updated Video Suit that recently got a Product Dashboard.



The Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion Bob Reina used to work in law enforcement. The idea for the company came when he was on vacation and had taken many videos and photos to share with his elderly parents. He had tried loading them onto a conventional e-mail service, but that did not work out due to the low capacity.



Bob Reina was frustrated and decided to step into business. He felt passionate about communication and the things a service like the one he had in mind could achieve. He believed his vision could transform digital communication as we know it.