Ryan Seacrest: The Legend

“Heroes get remembered, but legends never die” – The Sandlot. A great quote from a great movie. The movie itself has nothing to do with Ryan Seacrest, but the quote describes him in its entirety. Seacrest has made a huge name for himself in the entertainment business.

Entertainment History

Starting off in the mid-1990s with his own radio show called Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home; the show was a huge success and was the beginning of Seacrest’s bright future in the entertainment industry. Nearly ten years later; Seacrest created a new radio show called On Air with Ryan Seacrest and only a year after that he took over the American Top 40 radio show.

Seacrest started to become so well known that he was chosen to host a TV show called American Idol. You may have heard of it; lasting 15 seasons before the show finally came to an end. American Idol will be returning in spring of 2018, and Seacrest will also be returning as the host. In 2006 Seacrest signed a three-year contract with E! to host and produce different programs such as E! News and the red-carpet awards. Seacrest no longer hosts for E!, but still edits and produces for them.

Ryan Seacrest is an amazing man; not only is he somehow balancing multiple TV and radio shows at the same time, but he has also created a foundation to help pediatric patients and their families.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Seacrest started his own foundation to help children facing life-threatening illnesses and injuries. With ten locations in pediatric hospitals all over the United States; Seacrest has created his foundation to help children and their families during their toughest times.

The purpose of the foundation is to put some light into their darkness, by putting broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals. The broadcast centers are named Seacrest Studios, and they give children a great opportunity to be creative and try to forget about their current struggles.

The Oxford Club Teaches Members How to Successfully Invest

The Oxford Club is home to more than 157,000 members across the world who are all seeking to achieve financial freedom. This private investing network has an entrepreneurial flavor to it and they utilize market-beating strategies that have stood the test of time. Their unique investment philosophy is available to members and the chance to outperform the markets while lowering risk. This has proven to be an unbeatable combination and it takes all market conditions into account as well.

A small cadre of investors gathered together in 1989 and The Oxford Club was born. They all sought to find a way to access the best opportunities in markets around the globe and achieve lasting wealth in the process. One important foundational piece of the group was their reliance on networking with personal contacts to figure out where the next emerging trend was going to be.

Quality, exhaustive research is another way that The Oxford Club differentiates itself in their approach to investing. Their team of expert analysts closely examine every corner of global markets which identifies promising areas in which their members can prosper.

The Oxford Club isn’t just selling exclusive information, however, as important and valuable as that is. The club experience and the atmosphere that this entails also offer a distinctive difference from other investing services. Members can attend conferences where they can learn from professionals and share ideas with other members.

One way that The Oxford Club helps its members is with their monthly newsletters which are written by experts and contain actionable trading ideas as well as potentially lucrative areas in which to invest. The analysis is top notch and gives members an edge in approaching the markets.

There are also 12 trading services that power The Oxford Club and they each deal with certain market sectors such as energy. They also offer one that is focused on the options market and how to safely profit from them.

Investment U is the educational wing of the club and offers members the chance to develop a high financial IQ and enjoy greater success with their investments. This involves videos, online courses, and conferences that are able to teach people with all levels of experience.


Hussain Sajwani is a Dubai billionaire who is the founder and CEO of the public UAE company, DAMAC Properties located in Dubai. DAMAC owner was born in Dubai in 1956. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: http://www.forbes.com/profile/hussain-sajwani and http://hussainsajwani.com/

Hussain Sajwani’s family is middle-class and conservative. He is married and has four children. He graduated from the University of Washington. After getting a government scholarship, he also went to medical college in Baghdad.

The DAMAC owner’s career began in 1981 where he was employed as a contracts manager at a National Oil Company in Abu Dhabi. Hussain Sajwani established a catering business in 1982, Draieh Management Services Company.

In the mid-1990’s he built four hotels in Deira after seeing an opportunity of accommodating the large population that toured the place. Hussain Sajwani later on founded DAMAC Properties in 2002. He acquired 40% of Al Ahlia Insurance Company based in Bahrain.

DAMAC Properties has a workforce of about 2000 employees and is a company that is publicly listed. Its shares are traded in the Dubai Financial Market. It has delivered more than 16800 homes which have a development portfolio of over 44000 units. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Twitter and Hussain Sajwani | Facebook

DAMAC Properties has been able to combine efforts with other known brands to bring on board great living concepts. Some of the projects include Tiger Woods designed golf course.

The Trump Organisation is set to manage the project. ‘DAMAC Maison’ a hospitality division started by DAMAC Properties in October 2011 is expected to provide custom services to hotel residents. The growth is attributed the DAMAC Properties owner.

Hussain Sajwani and the American president, Donald Trump, are business associates. The two cooperated with the Trump International Golf Club. The luxury villas made around two billion dollars.

Before Trump’s election, Hussain claimed that his relationship with Donald Trump extended even to Trump’s children. However, Hussain made it clear that he is not involved in any political issues.

In 2013, DAMAC owner donated 2 million AED to a campaign to clothe the less privileged children worldwide. He donated a show of DAMAC Properties supports to the efforts of the Dubai government to improve the lives of the less privileged around the globe.

Jed McCaleb’s Future Plans For Stellar

Jeb McCaleb has been down a long road in the blockchain sector through the company Stellar. He co-founded the business while the technology was still new. He has been responsible for several blockchain projects and works hard to ensure Stellar becomes the standard in the industry for cross border payments and remittances. He received his first taste of Bitcoin through an article written in 2010. He was immediately hooked at the prospect of money without a central controlled basis.


The first move Jeb McCaleb made was to build a Bitcoin centralized exchange called Mt. Gox. This was the first exchange that did not require coordination with another person. At one point in time Mt. Gox was responsible for eighty percent of the exchange trading for cryptocurrency. He sold the business in 2011. In 2014 Jeb McCaleb used his skills and experience to acquire Ripple and began leading the development protocol for Stellar. Stellar was originally nonprofit and open sourced for the public. This required trust that the company would not change their governance or business model.


Stellar is innovative due to the type of consensus utilized. This model is called the federated Byzantine agreement. Every node present on the network can select other trusted nodes to create a consensus structure within the network. This means if someone tries to infiltrate the system with the use of a new node it would be ineffective because the existing nodes have already selected the other nodes they trust. Any malicious nodes are simply ignored.


The Stellar DEX has an excellent performance rate in relation to the competitors in the industry. These competitors have large delays and lag times. The blockchain ledger houses the Stellar order book and closes every five seconds. The execution of trades occurs roughly every three to five seconds. Jeb McCaleb believes despite the system being decentralized it is the fastest one out there. The exchange will be even easier and more intuitive once the work on a UX overhaul has been completed. Jeb McCaleb is currently focusing on growing Stellar. He wants the network to be the standard in the industry.

Daniel Taub Made Positive Changes as an Ambassador

Daniel Taub knew there were things he could do as an ambassador that would allow him to make the most out of the business he was going to take advantage of in the future. He spent a lot of time working to help people with the things they needed and that was part of what allowed him the chance to help others.

For Daniel Taub to do this, he had to prepare to give people what they were looking for. He also had to prepare to be a buffer between two countries in the event there was a conflict. He spent most of his time working to come up with new plans and projects.

Since he had been young, Daniel Taub always planned to go back to the UK. He felt as though it was part of who he was. It was his home and he tried to make sure he was doing things that allowed him to treat it as though it were still his home.

Daniel Taub liked to give people the help they needed there and he liked to make sure they knew he was still a citizen of Israel. For Daniel Taub, there were things he could do to make a difference. There were also many opportunities for him to work hard and get more from the career he had.

As long as Daniel Taub was doing things right, he planned to keep helping out in Israel. He also made things better so people could try to help on their own. As long as he worked in the embassy, he was giving others the options they had. It was his way of making sure people could experience a better life that was more peaceful. It was also part of how he made sure he could help others. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.embassymagazine.com/biog/biog_countries/biog_emb37_israel.html and https://www.jnf.co.uk/2015/07/jnf-uk-bids-farewell-ambassador-daniel-taub/

Through the career opportunities he had, Daniel Taub made the right choices. After leaving the embassy, he moved on to a new opportunity where he could help people.

While the help was slightly different, it gave him a chance to do more and make more chances for people to try different things. It also made him better able to do things on his own.

For Daniel Taub, the point of the business was always to give people what they were looking for. It was his way of providing the nonprofit with the things he learned when he was working as an ambassador.

Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Ara Chackerian: Treating Patients with Depression

Ara Chackerian is known as the founder of TMS Health Solutions, a San Francisco-based medical and technological firm which specializes in developing treatments for people who suffer psychological disorders. He improved the technology known as transcranial magnetic simulation, and it is used to treat patients who are suffering from depression. The technology is using electromagnetic waves to perform the treatment, and during its clinical test run, many of the subjects who went under treatment recorded positive changes towards their mood. It is now considered as one of the most effective ways to treat depression, and psychologists highly recommend it all across the United States. Check out6 norluyce.com

Ara Chackerian never imagined that the business he established would become a hit in a just a short period. He revealed that one of the reasons why he established the TMS Health Solutions is because one of his friends told him that creating a company related to health and medicine yields more income compared to other businesses which does not. After he successfully introduced the transcranial magnetic simulation technology to a group of investors, he started to build the company slowly, and he disseminated information to the public about the effectivity of the treatment. Ara is also aware that the rate of suicides in the United States keeps on increasing, and he wanted to put an end to this culture of suicide that stems from extreme depression.

After the introduction of the TMS Health Solutions, many companies in the San Francisco Bay Area invited Ara Chackerian to either become their managing director, a member of the board, or a consultant. He happily accepted the positions offered to him, while at the same time keeps a closer look at his company, making sure that it would keep on growing. You can visit tmshealthsolutions.com

Ara Chackerian would also like to extend his gratitude to those who have availed of their treatment right after its introduction and started advertising the technology to their family members and friends. He added that most of the revenue posted by the TMS Health Solutions comes from the fact that it is advertised through word of mouth, and it became advantageous for them because it solidifies their reputation in the field of medicine while at the same time, gaining new patients.

Click here: https://www.business.com/advice/member/p/ara-chackerian/

New York Top Doctor, Dr. David Samadi Highest Rated Urology Expert

Nationally recognized expert in urology diseases, Dr. David Samadi has helped change the treatment of diseases of the prostate. Samadi uses his SMART surgery technique for the removal of the prostate. This technique combines the benefits of laparoscopic surgery with an assisted robotic arm, and his skilled hands. A four-arm robotic assistant is manually controlled by the surgeon. The movement possibilities of the instruments are modeled by Dr. Samadi’s human hands. A high-performance 3D optics allows the spatial representation of the surgical field in an up to 10-fold magnification. In this surgery, the patient benefits from diminished tissue trauma, earlier urinary continence, a higher recovery rate and an usually fast convalescence. The mobility of the patient is promptly restored after surgery and his return to his daily regimen is correspondingly easier.

Early last year, Republican Presidential Nominee, and Former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney underwent a successful prostate surgery. According to Dr. David Samadi, early detection and the right approach for treatment will result in restoral of full function. In an interview, published on Huffington Post, Dr. Samadi concluded how prostate surgery is always better than radiation, since patients can be exposed to a secondary cancer with radiation treatment. Mitt Romney chose surgery and successfully beat prostate cancer.Dr. David Samadi is a leading New York Urologist, currently Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemistry, as well as his Medical Degree at Stony Brook University in New York. He completed residency training at Montefiore and Albert Einstein Hospitals in New York, and in 2001, a proctology fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

With more than 21 years as a practicing doctor, Dr. David Samadi is also one of the most celebrated, highest rated, and honored professionals. He’s been named Top Doctor in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013; Most Compassionate Doctor from 2010 to 2013, and won Patient Choice Awards from 2008 to 2013. Dr. Samadi is not only interested in the screening and treatment for prostate cancer, but how to treat the disease holistically. On his television show, “Sunday Housecall” he has often referred to health modifications, like dietary concerns, to help diminish the risk of prostate cancer. His show is broadcasts on Sundays at 12:30pm, where invited experts discuss a myriad of health related issues and offer advice.There are many ways to keep up-to-date with Dr. David Samadi and the latest developments on urologic diseases. Follow him on Facebook, or Dr. Samadi TV, or access his YouTube videos.