Anil Chaturvedi Top Finance Expert Gives Back to Community

Anil Chaturvedi has four decades of experience in the banking business. Chaturvedi graduated from Meerut University in India with honors in 1971. Mr. Chaturvedi earned his B.A. degree in Economics. After graduating from Meerut, Anil Chaturvedi went on to getting his M.B.A. in Economics. Mr. Chaturvedi has banking experience in commercial, private, and investment banking styles.

For almost 15 years, Anil Chaturvedi worked in banking from level entry and gradually moved up the different job levels. By 1987, Mr. Chaturvedi accepted the position of Director of Development and Planning Manager for State Bank of India. He remained in his managerial job for almost four years. For the next two years, Chaturvedi was ANZ Grindlays Bank’s Vice President & Senior Representive for U.S. Operations. In 1993, Mr. Chaturvedi began 17 years at Merill Lynch where he was Managing Director of International Operations. In 2011, Anil Chaturvedi moved to Geneva, Switzerland to his current position. Mr. Chaturvedi is Managing Director at Hinduja Bank.

Hinduja Bank is an established financial institution that was founded in 1978. By 1994, Hinduja became a Swiss regulated bank. The bank employs more than 200 people. Focussing on the markets of the Middle East and India, Hinduja has branches in countries that include Geneva, Switzerland, Paris, France, London, England, and others.

Chaturvedi has devoted 40 years of experience to subjects like trade finance, wealth management, investment in international investment options, and more. Mr. Chaturvedi is often sought by people who want information on these subjects. People who seek his advice on investment should have plenty of time to spare because the managing director can talk a long time about investment strategies. Chaturvedi has been involved in opportunity investment forums in India and throughout Europe. Barron lists Anil Chaturvedi among the world’s top financial advisors from 2007 to 2010. Chaturvedi is called to help manage the budget for many compsnies.

In 2006, Anil Chaturvedi and his wife Kiran launched Kiran and Anil Chatvedi Foundation, Inc. The Chaturvedi couple gives back to society by helping the disadvantaged. This couple shows gratitude for their success by helping others realize their potential.