Ara Chackerian: Treating Patients with Depression

Ara Chackerian is known as the founder of TMS Health Solutions, a San Francisco-based medical and technological firm which specializes in developing treatments for people who suffer psychological disorders. He improved the technology known as transcranial magnetic simulation, and it is used to treat patients who are suffering from depression. The technology is using electromagnetic waves to perform the treatment, and during its clinical test run, many of the subjects who went under treatment recorded positive changes towards their mood. It is now considered as one of the most effective ways to treat depression, and psychologists highly recommend it all across the United States. Check out6

Ara Chackerian never imagined that the business he established would become a hit in a just a short period. He revealed that one of the reasons why he established the TMS Health Solutions is because one of his friends told him that creating a company related to health and medicine yields more income compared to other businesses which does not. After he successfully introduced the transcranial magnetic simulation technology to a group of investors, he started to build the company slowly, and he disseminated information to the public about the effectivity of the treatment. Ara is also aware that the rate of suicides in the United States keeps on increasing, and he wanted to put an end to this culture of suicide that stems from extreme depression.

After the introduction of the TMS Health Solutions, many companies in the San Francisco Bay Area invited Ara Chackerian to either become their managing director, a member of the board, or a consultant. He happily accepted the positions offered to him, while at the same time keeps a closer look at his company, making sure that it would keep on growing. You can visit

Ara Chackerian would also like to extend his gratitude to those who have availed of their treatment right after its introduction and started advertising the technology to their family members and friends. He added that most of the revenue posted by the TMS Health Solutions comes from the fact that it is advertised through word of mouth, and it became advantageous for them because it solidifies their reputation in the field of medicine while at the same time, gaining new patients.

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