NGP VAN Shows You How To Canvass Efficiently

Canvassing is one of the most important steps in getting out the vote and helping your candidate win his/her respective election, but it can be often be vexing, time-consuming and require a lot of paper. Fortunately, NGP VAN has the answer to this problem. They’ve recently developed two apps known as Minivan and Minivan manager. In one of their videos, the community manager of NGP VAN, Katie Crowell, shows you how to use these apps to effectively and efficiently accomplish all of your canvassing goals. For those who don’t know, canvassing is the process of going door to door asking constituents to vote for your candidate in the upcoming election. All you have to do is organize your list, send it to your smartphone and it shows you the map of all the houses you need to cover and provides you with a script to use when speaking with potential donors.

These apps also enable you to record the responses you receive from people so as not to lose any of the valuable information you obtain while canvassing. The app then feeds the information in real time back to Van to ensure your data is safe. This NGP VAN app even provides you with up-to-the-minute updates about all your canvassers and shows how many houses they’ve gone to thus far. With Minivan Manager, canvassing is now paperless, accountable and it’s integrated with Van. Thanks to these new apps, canvassing is now more efficient than ever.

Before these apps, canvassing required countless hours of data entry and printing out all the information you needed but now it’s never been simpler to go door to door. If you’re serious about taking your canvassing to the next level and would like to know more, you can go to to request information or schedule your consultation. Their staffers will provide you with everything you need to know about these apps and set you on the road to being the best canvasser you can be. We are truly grateful to NGP VAN for developing this new and effective technology and we hope they continue to do so.

Jim Larkin

Many people all over the world are born under impoverished conditions. A great majority of them never think of life as having any opportunities for them, and hence end up in the streets.

Others lose hope while they are young, and waste themselves, and others rise above the conditions surrounding their birth and make good out of it.

James Larkin is one of the few people who refused to let poverty be the end of their story.

His father did not have much. His greatest possession was his family. Mary Ann McNulty was the happiest woman when James Larkin was born. But even she did not have anything of worth but her family. However, James Larkin senior got a job at a certain firm and started contributing his meager earnings. Learn more about James Larkin: and

It must have been very heartbreaking to watch his parents struggle a lot to bring up the children. Big Jim, as James Larkin was known as at times, refused to be the reason of his parents’ unhappiness and sorrow. He made a decision that became the most important thing he ever did and started working while he was attending school.

It did affect him, but he did not mind. He had not well grasped the importance of education, and he was obviously going to realize he was losing, but only at a later age.

 Larkin then grew old enough and got married. Soon, he had his own family to look after. By then, his siblings were fully grown and could depend on themselves. His elder brother had already progressed and had a family of his own.

Jim Larkin then ventured into his heart’s greatest desire, socialism. He joined several organizations including NUDL which was very prominent at the time. Finally, Jim was able to be a master of his own ideologies. He then formed an organization of workers’ union, ITGWU.

James Connolly was one of the people who were beside Jim during the launch of the great workers’ union. James Larkin then did a lot of activities both in England and also in the United States of America later finally died in Ireland. People shall live to speak of his greatness.

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