Hussain Sajwani: A Man with Vision, Spirit and No Fear

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and chairman of real estate development company DAMAC Properties. He is considered one of the richest men in the Arab world with a net worth of over 4 billion dollars. He has earned this distinction through hard work, risk-taking and the desire to grow any business he has worked at.

Hussain Sajwani was not born a billionaire; in fact, he went to college at the University of Washington on a government scholarship. After graduating with degrees in both economics and industrial engineering, he went to work in the finance department of a large company processing payments. While he did not love the work, it helped him to understand the inner workings of the service industry. According to, using the money he earned selling timeshares while in college, he started a catering company which provided meals for large companies and government employees. This company is still in business today.

As his success in the catering business grew and expanded, he invested in real estate. His interest in that field grew as he expanded his empire to small hotels and eventually formed DAMAC Properties, a property investment firm specializing in developing thousands of high-end properties throughout the Middle East and London. Hussain Sajwani keeps an eye out for cities with potential in which he believes the price of real estate will never go down. His fearless attitude and ability to see projects through to completion has made him one of the most influential leaders in the Arab business world.

Even though Hussain Sajwani is a constant force driving DAMAC Properties, he still makes sure to spend quality time with his family as well as traveling and meeting new people. The business landscape is constantly changing and moving forward and Hussain likes to know all he can about new trends such as digital and social media marketing. He never wants to let his perspective on the world become stale. Meeting new people and learning all he can is important to his success. Contact Hussain on Instagram.

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TransUnion is Expecting Big Things from New Hire Heather Russell

TransUnion is one of the big three credit reporting companies. In May of 2018 TransUnion hired Heather Russell to the position of Chief Legal Officer. This intelligent and experienced woman has many years of financial regulatory history that will benefit TransUnion. Her inclusion into the company as the CLO will help to ensure that the organization is conducting itself according to protocol for the consumer credit industry.

Russell has been working for many years in the are of financial regulation. She has experience with some of the top financial organizations within the United States. She worked in the leadership positions within Fifth Third Bank and Bank of America. She also served as the Head of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs at the Bank of New York Mellon. She even worked at Buckley Sandler law firm. She was the firm’s leading financial institution regulator attorney. She even worked in the areas of fintech.

Russell states that she is happy to be joining TransUnion’s team. She wants to be a team player and she is looking forward to helping the organization to excel. TransUnion’s CEO and President, Jim Peck, is glad that Heather is joining the organization. He has been looking forward to her arrival.

According to Peck, he states that Heather (@heatherarussell) is a relevant member of the organization. He also believes that she will be a strong addition to the team. Heather Russell was hired in May of 2018. Now that she arrived, the company is expecting big things from this seasoned professional. Many believe that she will deliver and help TransUnion to excel and grow in the coming years.

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Anil Chaturvedi Top Finance Expert Gives Back to Community

Anil Chaturvedi has four decades of experience in the banking business. Chaturvedi graduated from Meerut University in India with honors in 1971. Mr. Chaturvedi earned his B.A. degree in Economics. After graduating from Meerut, Anil Chaturvedi went on to getting his M.B.A. in Economics. Mr. Chaturvedi has banking experience in commercial, private, and investment banking styles.

For almost 15 years, Anil Chaturvedi worked in banking from level entry and gradually moved up the different job levels. By 1987, Mr. Chaturvedi accepted the position of Director of Development and Planning Manager for State Bank of India. He remained in his managerial job for almost four years. For the next two years, Chaturvedi was ANZ Grindlays Bank’s Vice President & Senior Representive for U.S. Operations. In 1993, Mr. Chaturvedi began 17 years at Merill Lynch where he was Managing Director of International Operations. In 2011, Anil Chaturvedi moved to Geneva, Switzerland to his current position. Mr. Chaturvedi is Managing Director at Hinduja Bank.

Hinduja Bank is an established financial institution that was founded in 1978. By 1994, Hinduja became a Swiss regulated bank. The bank employs more than 200 people. Focussing on the markets of the Middle East and India, Hinduja has branches in countries that include Geneva, Switzerland, Paris, France, London, England, and others.

Chaturvedi has devoted 40 years of experience to subjects like trade finance, wealth management, investment in international investment options, and more. Mr. Chaturvedi is often sought by people who want information on these subjects. People who seek his advice on investment should have plenty of time to spare because the managing director can talk a long time about investment strategies. Chaturvedi has been involved in opportunity investment forums in India and throughout Europe. Barron lists Anil Chaturvedi among the world’s top financial advisors from 2007 to 2010. Chaturvedi is called to help manage the budget for many compsnies.

In 2006, Anil Chaturvedi and his wife Kiran launched Kiran and Anil Chatvedi Foundation, Inc. The Chaturvedi couple gives back to society by helping the disadvantaged. This couple shows gratitude for their success by helping others realize their potential.

Heather Russell Koenig: A Bright Future

After searching, and going to their recent news and articles section, I found the following about Heather Russell Koenig. The website tells us that Heather Russell Koenig is to join TransUnion as Chief Legal Officer. The article also tells us other interesting, and relevant information about Heather Russell Koenig, and I will do my best here to summarize what I have learned.

Heather Russell Koenig previously worked at Buckley, Sandler LLP. She was an accredited, and valuable member of the team at Buckley, Sandler LLP, and will surely be missed due to her contributions both inside, and outside of the office. Heather Russell Koenig also worked for a number of different companies throughout the world, and is valuable to companies because of her cultured personality, and invaluable life experiences. She has had work within financial institutions across the globe. “In total, she has over two decades of diverse experience working in the field of global financial services,” according to blogwebpedia’s article on her.

Heather Russell Koenig also highly values education, and has an impressive list of achievements that she has held academically when attending University. Not only was she a great student, but she has also taught students about the diverse things she knows with regards to law, and finance, and culture. It is safe to say I think, that Heather Russell Koenig is valuable as a legal advisor, and also a teacher… Someone that people can look up to, and someone that people respect inside and outside of the office. To me, this means that whatever company she works for is lucky to have her. Her clients should feel an immediate sense of trust, whilst knowing that she has taught, studied, and been in the business of legal advising for decades.

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Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist Jim Toner Focuses on Living a Balanced Life

Jim Toner has made a name for himself in the real estate industry, and he’s not afraid to share the secrets of his success. He believes in living a balanced life that takes in account all of his needs and does not believe in working 24/7. He things that people who preach this kind of lifestyle are really bragging about a lifestyle that leads to burnout.

Even though Toner gets up early every morning- he says he spends about 30 minutes thinking before heading to the gym at 6am, he isn’t afraid to admit that he takes a nap in the middle of the day. He needs it, he says to help him be at his best the rest of the day. And unlike other entrepreneurs, Toner has a relatively late start to his workday. He starts the same time as the average American worker, 9 AM. z

Besides focusing on living a balanced life, Jim Toner believes that reading is essential to growing and becoming a better entrepreneur. He says that keeping a healthy mind is an essential part of running a successful business. He also believes that books are an important way to discover new ideas. One book that has been particularly helpful for him was “Think and Grow Rich,” which taught him The Master Mind Principle. He learned that he didn’t have to be an expert in anything as long as he surrounded himself with people who could fill in the gaps of his knowledge.

What Jim Toner is best known for is his seminars that help people to become successful real estate investors by following his 12 Little Houses Plan. One tip that Toner is really passionate about is using giving as a business strategy. He firmly believes that anytime you give away your money to someone in need- whether it is $5 to a homeless person on the street or 5,000 to an orphanage you will see this money come back double. Toner believes in setting aside 10% of his income to give away to people in need.

Above all, Jim Toner firmly believes that financial disaster does not have to be considered the end of success. He understands that most business people measure success by how much money they and their business are making, but he does not believe that this is the only way to look at it. He himself has bounce back after loosing more than a million dollars and becoming penniless. He had to move his family across the country on next to nothing, but still does not consider a financial wipeout to be fatal.

Above all Toner’s unique business strategies have proven to be successful for him and the people who he has taught them to.

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Get Freedom Checks

These days there are scams everywhere that promise you lots of money for very little work. There are a number of types of schemes, all internet-based. This has made it difficult for the online-based companies that are legitimate and honest. There are so many online scammers that people have become afraid to use any companies. One of the legitimate new and very good investments is known as “Freedom Checks.” This is a geology-based investment. Those people who are extra leery of illegitimate investments can be assured of its legitimacy via the expert opinion of geologist Matt Badiali. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Biadiali earned a B.S in Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences in 1992 and his M.A. in the same area of study from the Florida Atlantic University in 2000. He finalized his education by earning his Ph.D. in Sedimentary Geology from the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2005. During these years he bolstered his knowledge by traveling all over the world to study various parts of the earth. He included rock formations in Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, Iraq, Turkey, Haiti, Singapore and Hong Kong. During these trips, he had the opportunity to meet many people involved in natural resource operations such as CEOs of mining and oil companies, precious metal experts, and resource investors.

In a recent video, Badiali discussed the “Freedom Checks” investment at length. In essence, “Freedom Checks” is an investment based on America’s dream of achieving energy independence. The “Freedom Checks” come from oil and gas companies. Badiali says the investment is excellent because these companies will be more and more profitable in the next few years. These “Freedom Checks” act as these companies regular stock. The relationship between investor and company will be called “Master Limited Partnerships” or MLPs.

These businesses can only claim that they offer MLPs if they agree to distribute 90% of its profits to its investors. These distributions are known as “return of capital” not income. When you sign up for the investment you can either opt to get your checks in the mail or have it direct deposited. Since they aren’t considered income, it will be tax-free. It is so good a deal that if you invest $1,000, expect to reap about $398,000.

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Learning how to Invest in Real Estate with Hussain Sajwani of DAMAC Properties

When Hussain Sajwani left his native land to pursue an education in America, he never once imagined that his dedication would be synonymous to one of Dubai’s leading real estate company; DAMAC Properties. What currently defines his success story is appended to his persistence, resilience, and commitment to leadership. Just how he got to where he is, is a significant question that most individuals in the real estate business continue to ask.

Early Life

Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, was born in the Middle East. As a young man growing up, he dedicated time to his father’s business where they sold stationery and other personal use items for men. What is more, Sajwani managed the company for a while. For his father, that was an opportunity to inherit the family business. However, Sajwani had other plans; to pursue formal education and perhaps land a white-collar job in the end.

Background Information

Sajwani was an ambitious individual straight from high school. Also competitive in class, he registered outstanding performance and was always among the leading students. Now from high school, he managed to bag a full scholarship to the Washington University. However, before that, he enrolled for medicine in a university in Baghdad. At that moment, Sajwani’s career interests diverted to business. He deferred and left for America.

From the Washington University, Sajwani started working at GASCO. The oil manufacturing company trusted him with the credit management position. Sajwani launched instrumental business models that grew the firm’s client service portfolio. Similarly, he developed a keen eye for business and ventured into sole proprietorship by investing in a catering business that served over 12,000 clients in Dubai. His business flourished before diverting his attention to real estate and ventured into DAMAC Properties.

Outlining Sajwani’s Career at DAMAC Properties

At DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani commits resources to streamline operations with the aim of establishing a friendly rapport in business. As such, he has partnered with President Donald Trump to build Trump Golf Courses. Other than that, Sajwani invests time and resources to philanthropy.

Lessons Learnt from Hussain Sajwani’s Career

According to Forbes, Sajwani is a dedicated fellow who hailed from a very humble background. However, that did not stand on his way to success as he mushroomed into a billionaire and one of Trump’s business associates. Similarly, business professionals should not be discouraged by their humble beginnings in life.

HCR Wealth—Prepare Yourself for Greater Ups and Downs in 2018

The stock market had a surprisingly low amount of volatility in 2017 as compared to the history of the market. The biggest pullback that the market had at any point in 2017 was just negative three percent. That is an unusual number given that it is not uncommon for the market to pull back into the double digits in a normal year. Since we know that the volatility was so low this past year, perhaps it goes without saying that most expect it to be a lot higher in the year to come.

That may all turn out to be true, but what we all really want to know is what we should do to prepare for it. Fortunately, the folks at HCR Wealth Advisors have some answers to that question as well.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory and wealth management firm that seeks to provide their clients with the best possible information that they can about how to invest their money. They are not just making random or off the wall suggestions. Rather, they have taken their time to craft specific strategies for each of its clients. Every person has unique challenges and goals for their money, and that is always important to remember when receiving financial advice. However, there are some general rules that apply to all of us when we have some insight into what we expect the broader market is likely to do.

One of the things to do when the market is expected to have more volatility to it is to diversify your funds. You do not want to be too stacked in any one sector or industry. When you have too many eggs in one basket then you put yourself at risk of losing a lot of money all at once.

Another thing to remember from @HCRwealth is not to panic. While we had very calm waters last year, that is not the norm. It is far more common to see bigger swings, so prepare yourself for that possibility this year by just not panicking when things get a little wild.

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Jed McCaleb Creates Stellar

Jed McCaleb is the CTO and co-founder of Stellar, and he believes he has all the answers for the mysterious of cryptocurrency. Now, companies seem to have a hard time knowing exactly what to do with cryptocurrencies. People are using them to conduct video game and other virtual asset trading, they are using them to purchase services online, and they are using them as investment objects. Jed McCaleb and his company Stellar are attempting to bring banking options all over the world.

There is nearly 2.5 million people in the world who have no access to financial services. These people are without simple checking and savings accounts, but they are also unable to conduct online and international transactions. The individuals that suffer from this reality are mostly from underdeveloped countries, but some developed, less fortunate countries also share this burden.

The reason for lack of financial services in these areas is simple. Banks see no reason to open branches in these countries if there are not enough customers to make the operation profitable. There are few businesses in these countries, and businesses are the primary money makers for banks.

Jed McCaleb can’t bring companies, and factories to these countries, but he is doing all he can. Stellar uses the same technology behind bitcoin in a way that connects financial institutions together in a cheap, seamless manner. Stellar can operate in conjunction with dozens of physical currencies and other cryptocurrencies with transaction fees only a fraction of what more mainstream services charge. Stellar can do this because of their innovative advancements made in the blockchain world.

Blockchain is the system used in Stellar and other digital currencies. It is a public records system that is secure, safe, and reliable. The system is operated across multiple machines in multiple locations, making it impossible for modern day black-hats to tamper with the ledgers.

Stellar was founded in 2014, began operations in 2015, and now, in 2018 is in operation all throughout Asia. Stellar has even teamed up with IBM in America. Countries in Europe are also benefiting from Jed McCaleb’s creative technology as per Global Coin Report.

Jed McCaleb’s Future Plans For Stellar

Jeb McCaleb has been down a long road in the blockchain sector through the company Stellar. He co-founded the business while the technology was still new. He has been responsible for several blockchain projects and works hard to ensure Stellar becomes the standard in the industry for cross border payments and remittances. He received his first taste of Bitcoin through an article written in 2010. He was immediately hooked at the prospect of money without a central controlled basis.


The first move Jeb McCaleb made was to build a Bitcoin centralized exchange called Mt. Gox. This was the first exchange that did not require coordination with another person. At one point in time Mt. Gox was responsible for eighty percent of the exchange trading for cryptocurrency. He sold the business in 2011. In 2014 Jeb McCaleb used his skills and experience to acquire Ripple and began leading the development protocol for Stellar. Stellar was originally nonprofit and open sourced for the public. This required trust that the company would not change their governance or business model.


Stellar is innovative due to the type of consensus utilized. This model is called the federated Byzantine agreement. Every node present on the network can select other trusted nodes to create a consensus structure within the network. This means if someone tries to infiltrate the system with the use of a new node it would be ineffective because the existing nodes have already selected the other nodes they trust. Any malicious nodes are simply ignored.


The Stellar DEX has an excellent performance rate in relation to the competitors in the industry. These competitors have large delays and lag times. The blockchain ledger houses the Stellar order book and closes every five seconds. The execution of trades occurs roughly every three to five seconds. Jeb McCaleb believes despite the system being decentralized it is the fastest one out there. The exchange will be even easier and more intuitive once the work on a UX overhaul has been completed. Jeb McCaleb is currently focusing on growing Stellar. He wants the network to be the standard in the industry.