Rocketship Education Helps Students Reach Their Full Potential

Rocketship Education is proud to be home of some of the best students and educators in the nation. They recognize the importance of implementing effective skills and strategies to keep students on track when they come back from breaks. Teachers at Rocketship Education help their students meet their objectives as they transition into the upcoming new year. Students that have fallen behind will have the opportunity to boost their grades and scores.

Rocketship is focused on helping their students work hard and improve their attendance. They understand that motivation comes from a dynamic teaching environment and a successful academic experience. The teachers at Rocketship Education focus on the individual, which in turn lowers procrastination and poor scores. The programs provided help prepare students for college by showing them how to adopt positive study habits. Your child will learn how to adjust their academic priorities, time management and how to divide learning assignments into more manageable sections.

What makes Rocketship Education stand apart from other charter schools, is that the values they instill spill over into home life. Students have the support of their school staff and peers to help them stay on task. This may also include ways to increase sleep and maintain a healthy diet. When your child is engaged in their learning experience, the risk of absences is lowered. It also increases the chance of better marks and participation. Taking responsibility for their study habits allows a student to realize their true potential.

Rocketship Education and their staff search out new modern teaching strategies every year. They are committed to finding the best engagement techniques and instruction strategies at all levels. Rocketship Education is ranked as one of the top 1% public school that educated low-income students in California. Over 90% of the students that attend Rocketship schools have shown proficiency in math compared to wealthier school districts in the area.

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Fashion Students Showcase Their Talents

At a recent event at a New York City fashion show, a number of students from the Academy of Art University showed off their talents. The students who are majoring in the fashion design program were able to demonstrate their abilities by having a number of people wear the clothing they designed. The new designs were able to impress a number of people in the fashion industry. With the designs, the students were able to demonstrate the quality of their creativity, designs and also their vision for the future of the fashion industry. With this event, the students had the opportunity to prove to many people that they have the talent to make valuable contributions to the fashion industry.

The Academy of Art University is an institution that offers students with a number of programs that specialize in the creative arts field. Students can learn a variety of fields such as fashion design, web design, art, and photography. The institution has been able to establish itself as one of the leading institutions in the creative arts field. Anyone that is looking to learn how to enhance their skills and knowledge in the arts will benefit by attending this particular educational institution.

One of the things that makes the Academy of Art University a top institution is its open admission policy. The institution offers anyone that wishes to learn creative arts the opportunity to study any one of the programs and work towards a degree in one of them. As a result, many people won’t have to worry about meeting rigid admission standards like most other colleges. They will also be in position to begin learning something that they are passionate about immediately as well.

Another thing that makes the Academy of Art University a leading institution is its faculty. Each of the teachers at this college work in the field they are teaching. As a result, students will be sure to get the very best instruction available. They will be in position to get guidance from people who have many years of experience in fields such as web design, art, and photography. With an experienced and knowledgeable faculty, students will be in position to get the most out of their educational experience by attending the Academy of Art University.

A Review of NewsWatch and Their Relevance IN Marketing Campaigns

NewsWatch is an American based media company that has a tailor-made morning news segment that provides its audience with the latest breaking news that cuts across various trending stories ranging from entertainment, politics, technology and even product reviews. The series commenced in March 1990. Recently, it celebrated its 1000th episode. Most of the topic they specifically focus on include; breakthroughs in the medical industry, finance, travel guides, governance and policy issues, celebrities, automotive amongst various issues.


Many A-list celebrities have made NewsWatch their preferred destination. More than 650 celebrities have graced this show to discuss various issues they support. Last year alone, celebrities that include Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper, Will Smith among others. These celebrities alone account for just a fraction of the celebrities who have made it a made it to the show.


NewsWatch currently airs on the AMC Network in the United States. Since it is broadcast across the country, almost all News segments aired by the firm reaches close to 96 million local households, since its conception, NewsWatch has achieved an audience of more than 700 million people. As an independent producer of Tv and magazines, NewsWatch is currently one of the most successful media companies.


SteelSeries is a Danish producer of gaming accessories that majors in the development of equipment that includes headphones keyboards and other gaming devices. In the fall of 2013, SteelSeries partnered with NewsWatch to promote their merchandise that included computer game headphones and their new gaming controllers. Their endeavor was successful as NewsWatch handled the scripting, production and even the distribution of their marketing campaign videos.


This project revealed that NewsWatch has had years of experience dealing with SMTs, and they understood how positive public relations helps the growth of new enterprises. Having this in mind, NewsWatch was able to produce excellent TV content that was distributed across America during SteelSeries marketing Campaign. After a successful venture, its right to consider NewsWatch one of the best content producing media companies in America.


How Betsy DeVos Maintains her Presence in the Education, Political and Philanthropy Sectors

Elisabeth DeVos, commonly known as Betsy, is an innovator, philanthropist, advocate for education reforms and a proven leader. She is also a spouse to Dick DeVos, a business magnate. Betsy has been active in education, politics and business sectors. Her involvement in the sectors has always entailed enacting change by removing barriers and creating an environment full of opportunities. Betsy DeVos is a former board chair of Windquest Group, which is a Michigan based business conglomerate. As the former chair, her role was to head strategic planning discussions regarding the company’s diversified service and product portfolio. She served in this position from 1993 to 2016. She was a member of the American Federation for Children from 2008 to 2009 and the organization’s chair from 2009 to 2016. Betsy held positions in other organizations such as the Alliance for School Choice, as member and chairperson, ArtPrize, as member, Philanthropy Roundtable membership and the Foundation for Excellence in Education membership. She was also involved in The Great Lakes Education Project and The Potter’s House School.


Betsy has also been involved with politics for the last 35 years. At that time, she got the chance to head the board meetings of the Michigan Republican Party as the chairperson. She also got the opportunity to be part of political action committees, party organizations and political campaigns. Besty was recently appointed to serve in the US government as the Secretary of Education. This appointment came after President Donald Trump had named her as a nominee of the top government position. She uses this position to advance educational choices. Besty earned her high school diploma after attending Michigan based Holland Christian School. She also went to the Calvin College for her tertiary education and managed to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree. As an active advocate for school choices, Betsy believes that financial assistance programs should be set up to allow more kids to attend private schools. She also believes that this initiative would encourage the proliferation of US charter schools.


Through non-profit organizations such as The Prince Foundation, Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, Action Institute, the Kennedy Center and ArtPrize, Betsy DeVos earned a good reputation in the philanthropy world. The Prince Foundation was established in honor of her parents, Edgar and Elsa Prince. Consequently, the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation began operating back in 1989 with an emphasis on supporting leadership, justice, education, arts and the community. The organization is critically acclaimed for having spent over $100 million in charity donations. Betsy had board membership in the Action Institute and the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. She usually supports ArtPrize, which was founded by her son. With an operating budget of $3.5 million, ArtPrize organizes yearly art competitions that are held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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A Closer Look at Tokens with Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is the founder of DMH & Co. and Monkey Capital. At DMH & Co. he is also the Chairman and CEO. He is managing partner at Monkey Capital. The executive offices of Monkey Capital is located in Singapore. Mark received his education at New York University. Harrison is the author of The Millennial Reincarnation, which was published in 2015. He has also written other books, journals, and blogs.

Monkey Capital is a company created by three different companies to create a decentralized hedge fund that will invest in digital assets, and Hostile takeovers while generating profits. The ISO is able to invest aggressively into cutting edge innovations. They purchase out-of-date manufactures. Harrison started an innovative pre-launch ISO opportunity that was a big hit from the start. Friends and families were given tokens called COEVAL. The COEVAL tokens were then used as a bargaining tool at an auction to purchase MNY tokens. MNY tokens consist of owning parts of Monkey. The MNY tokens are auctioned off at a reduced fixed rate. Harrison founded an innovated breakthrough for crowdfunding campaigns. Harrison is part of a unique blend of an all-star management team at Monkey Capital. The management team is highly qualified in operations and compelling projects that have real world benefits.

On August 8th, Monkey Capital launched it’s ICO and buyers were able to subscribe to Monkey, in the form of purchasing the MNY tokens. Harrison and Monkey Capital made history for creating the first crowd funding option in this kind of industry of hostile takeovers. Monkey Capital utilizes a public company vehicle to issue new shares in order to raise capital and purchase businesses. Monkey Capital created a total of 65,000 COEVAL tokens. Half of those tokens are held by long term holdings. As it stands for now, Monkey Capital has no plans to repurchase MNY but will repurchase COEVAL tokens.

How Success Academy Guarantees Success

Success Academy is a network of schools in New York that is recognized for its unique approach to education. The percent of kids studying under Success Academy that were proficient in English and math was twice that of the average in New York. 94% of Success students were proficient in math compared to 35% across the board. It is already serving more than 10,000 students all over New York. The performance of the schools can be attributed to the unique approach that it takes compared to other schools. The students at the school are referred to as scholars. They are required to wear uniforms.


Success uses a blocks curriculum to teach children. The children work together in groups and then present what they have created to other students. Success Academy use THINK Literacy. This is an English Language Arts curriculum that they developed in-house. The program encourages independent reading, reading aloud, guided reading, and shared reading. They also developed their math curriculum after failing to find any that suited their needs. These curricula meet the Common Core State Standards. This is why the proficiency in English and Math is high.


Students at the elementary level complete two projects each year based on what they have learned. Students take literature classes when they reach middle school. They are given more independent reading time. They are also given iPads that contain books, and they are required to read seven texts across different subjects. Every student at Success takes a full-period science class each day. The classes start from kindergarten and are experiment-based to keep students engaged.


The students participate in various extra-curricular activities including chess, music, art, and programming. Children teams have begun to win national awards because the children engage in these activities from a young age. The teachers at Success are taken through a four-week program before they start their jobs. Success trains its teachers to make sure that they can handle to teach the students in an engaging manner. Eva Moskovitz said that the teachers are responsible for the impressive results that they have witnessed. Eva is the founder of Success Academy.


Wessex Journals and Their Expansion

The Wessex Institute of Technology is located in New Forest National Park. Wessex Institute of Technology offers higher degrees and educational programs that are usually divided into three core areas: Research, Conferences, and Publishing. On top of the programs and degrees they offer, Wessex Institute of Technology offers a wide range of Wessex Journals. They publish their own set of journals that include quality photographs and ideal information for the researchers. Currently, WIT has five publishing journals that include:

  • Sustainable Development and Planning
  • Design & Nature and Ecodynamics
  • Safety and Security Engineering
  • Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements
  • Energy Production and Management

Within the new year of 2017 and moving into 2018, WIT hopes to publish two more journals:

  • Transport Development and Integration
  • Heritage Architecture

WIT plans on continuing with their large database of journals to include all areas of research and development important to the economy and academics and professional users within the industry. Eventually, their journals will no doubt surpass those of smaller scales, and the fact that WIT writes them themselves they contain relative and relatable information for all readers.