Jed McCaleb: Encouraging Steps on Cryptocurrency Markets

Jed McCaleb is the known creator of Mt. Gox. This is a bitcoin exchange platform. He is also the co-founder of Stellar Company. Jed presumes that the blockchain technology is going to result into a universal payment network. He again said that the initial coin offering reveals that the financial systems have not fully tapped the whole market. He, therefore, expects that some of the non-crypto assets like the stocks will soon be digitized through the same technology platform. Jed McCaleb has been in the cryptocurrency market for quite some time. He is sure to predict the change that is going to take place in the stock markets, global payments, and fundraising. Jed has influenced various organizations in the crypto world where he still has a share of impact in the same. One of the organizations is the Mt. Gox a bitcoin exchange. He is currently the Stellar’s chief technology officer. Stellar is deeply dedicated to developing a network for cryptocurrency that will be effective enough for cross-border payments.

Recently, Jed McCaleb shared on how the underlying blockchain technology and cryptocurrency technologies are going to gain momentum in the future years. He is sure that there will be sufficient universal payment network operating in coming years. Jed sheds the light that it will entail public ledger where people can view and allow them to use the currencies they are used to like the dollars or euros. The amazing this is that these predictions are in line with the current development technologies at Stellar. They are busy working to sort out such issues in the cryptocurrency market. The other key observation that Jed puts across is the condition of the markets not being tapped by the current financial system. This observation is derived from the finding based on the initial coin offerings.

Jed co-founded Stellar out of the fact that he believed that there were many gaps and old-fashioned infrastructure in the then financial system. This led to a significant limitation on the economic potential of the market world. Under the foundation of Stellar, Jed and his team bring together technologies that improve on digital financial literacy. He strongly hopes that the organization will boost the economic participation of individuals.

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William Saito – Venture Capital Samurai

Very few people have accomplished so much in 47 years as William Saito has. He owes his success to being born when computers were first becoming truly accessible to the masses. A love of math and computers made him the first to develop fingerprint recognition software while he was a student at the University of California, Riverside Biomedical Science Program.


Saito’s first venture into the business world netted him enough money to live extremely well for the rest of his life. His technology is still used by tech giants like Microsoft. Saito styles himself as a serial venture capitalist. His autobiography explain how an incurable entrepreneur went about forming or funding more than 25 successful companies in Japan.


Saito based his operations in his home country of Japan. He served his country and government as a technical adviser in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear accident and in matters of cybersecurity.


Saito has concentrated his efforts in training other entrepreneurs to meet the challenges that face Japan. He seeks to restyle the concept of entrepreneurs in the minds of the majority of Japanese to be more on a par with the same people’s acceptance of the success of companies like Sony. He sees the future growth of the Japanese economy as a change in mind first.


Saito has had sufficient experience with financial turmoil to have developed definite views about how financial turmoil has an impact on startups. He sees financial turmoil as a good thing for startups.

Saito speaks from the experience of being startup consultant at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tokyo. He states that many of the most economically productive and well-known Japanese companies were created in times of economic turmoil.


The abundance of funds that are available during bubble periods of growth and prosperity tend to produce more startups that do not have the basic underpinnings for long term success according to Saito. Financial management skills become much more of a factor in bad economic times. This produces better money management in the future good times.


Saito notes that Asian cultures are much more averse to failure than Western cultures. He sees failure as a potential stepping stone to better things. This is one of the positions that he has stressed in his blogs, books, and seminars in Japan. Learning to fail so your venture can grow is a skill Saito wants to teach Japanese entrepreneurs about startups.


Saito uses the example he learned from being a part of the rebuilding of homes and businesses devastated by the hurricane that caused the Fukushima catastrophe. He explains that a real failure in preparedness produced a huge development of entrepreneurial spirit. More young people and women had the drive to rebuild.


William Saito has set himself the task of changing the minds of the vast majority of people in Japan. A change in mind is much needed as Japan becomes the first nation with more older people than younger.

New York Top Doctor, Dr. David Samadi Highest Rated Urology Expert

Nationally recognized expert in urology diseases, Dr. David Samadi has helped change the treatment of diseases of the prostate. Samadi uses his SMART surgery technique for the removal of the prostate. This technique combines the benefits of laparoscopic surgery with an assisted robotic arm, and his skilled hands. A four-arm robotic assistant is manually controlled by the surgeon. The movement possibilities of the instruments are modeled by Dr. Samadi’s human hands. A high-performance 3D optics allows the spatial representation of the surgical field in an up to 10-fold magnification. In this surgery, the patient benefits from diminished tissue trauma, earlier urinary continence, a higher recovery rate and an usually fast convalescence. The mobility of the patient is promptly restored after surgery and his return to his daily regimen is correspondingly easier.

Early last year, Republican Presidential Nominee, and Former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney underwent a successful prostate surgery. According to Dr. David Samadi, early detection and the right approach for treatment will result in restoral of full function. In an interview, published on Huffington Post, Dr. Samadi concluded how prostate surgery is always better than radiation, since patients can be exposed to a secondary cancer with radiation treatment. Mitt Romney chose surgery and successfully beat prostate cancer.Dr. David Samadi is a leading New York Urologist, currently Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemistry, as well as his Medical Degree at Stony Brook University in New York. He completed residency training at Montefiore and Albert Einstein Hospitals in New York, and in 2001, a proctology fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

With more than 21 years as a practicing doctor, Dr. David Samadi is also one of the most celebrated, highest rated, and honored professionals. He’s been named Top Doctor in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013; Most Compassionate Doctor from 2010 to 2013, and won Patient Choice Awards from 2008 to 2013. Dr. Samadi is not only interested in the screening and treatment for prostate cancer, but how to treat the disease holistically. On his television show, “Sunday Housecall” he has often referred to health modifications, like dietary concerns, to help diminish the risk of prostate cancer. His show is broadcasts on Sundays at 12:30pm, where invited experts discuss a myriad of health related issues and offer advice.There are many ways to keep up-to-date with Dr. David Samadi and the latest developments on urologic diseases. Follow him on Facebook, or Dr. Samadi TV, or access his YouTube videos.

Duda Melzer Helps Companies With Digital Media

Duda Melzer is a well known media entrepreneur in Brazil. He is CEO of two family media companies Grupo IBS and e.Brick Ventures. Grupo IBS is a traditional media company that specializes in TV, radio, and news. The other company e.Brick Ventures specializes in digital and online media.

He worked in the family business, and made his education a priority. He received a degree in Business Administration in Brazil. Later, he received an MBA from Harvard University. He gained experience working in the US and many professional contacts. Later he went back to Brazil to work in the family businesses. Check out clicrbs for more.

When he returned to the family business his experience in financing and media led to his success. He created e.Brick Ventures for online media and provide venture capitial funding to offline businesses. The company advanced other Brazilian businesses and his own. This company has provided over $300 million in funding to Brazilian business.

This funding has helped many businesses establish an online and social media presence. Their company used tough guidelines to select businesses to fund. They select businesses with a track record of success. The and the potential for success online too.

e.Bricks Ventures is a venture capital firm that funds businesses and helps them establish Internet brand using software and technology. They focus on investing in mobile, health, education, software, digital media, in Brazil and the U.S. striving to reach Latin American markets.

Duda Melzer Founder believes in family. He has two children, and is involved in donating time to a family charity. It is the Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho Foundation. They work with government to raise awareness of issues facing youth. You can visit their Twitter account.

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The life of Norman Pattiz

The 74-year-old man is well linked to seven board members in seven different organizations transversely in five different firms. Being the executive chairman at Podcastone since June in 2016, Norman also served as the chief executive officer since the same date. He served as a consultant for Westwood One Inc. He had formed the latte in the year 1974. In Broadcast education association, Mr. Pattiz served as its president. We can describe this man as an American entrepreneur who has already established two esteemed companies.


Notable attributes


Mr. Pattiz formulated the following all-encompassing studies of advertising with tests ranging across the five major consumer brands across the five different product and service classes bringing more about preferred results. This research produced more light on observing the effectiveness of Podcastone in marketing endorsement for the five countrywide brands in the United States of America. The results projected that once names were established launching was vital as well as creating awareness for these brands. His entertainment group produces and also funds several platforms boosting more about eminence programming. House to the high-profile personalities, Norman ensured that the company became the leader in audio programming. Getting his slot by president Bill Clinton in the year 2000, he, later on, get reappointed in the year 2002 by President George Bush to dole out on the broadcasting board of governors in America. Radio Hall of Fame then inducted him receiving the Giants of broadcasting award emanating from the library of American broadcasting. Learn more:




Being the chairman of launch pad digital media, his leadership style made this brand into America’s most significant radio network. Specialization in the provision of quality news, entertainment sessions, elite sports as well as talk and traffic programming to the broadcasting industry epitomizes high quality of service deliverance. Disseminating the duties of a Regent at the University of California, Mr. Pattiz reputation goes with much levels of intelligence. He is also the chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and the Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. He has also achieved the post as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council on Global relations. More so Norman also serves as an administrator on California’s 21st-century Infrastructure commission. Learn more:


The guy is connected to thousands of people and seats in more than ten board seats. The notable individuals in his entertainment group include; Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Kathy Lee Gifford, Roddy Piper, Adam Carolla and the Sideshow Network only to mention the major ones.


Louis Chenevert’s Career and Entrepreneurial Success

Career Achievements

Louis R. Chenevert is a successful Canadian entrepreneur. He is the former Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He was appointed, the President of Pratt & Whitney, in 1999. He was selected because of his six-year service at the company`s branch, in Canada. Chenevert enabled the firm to increase its customers, and grow financially. He was appointed, as the Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), in 2006.

The Business Council nominated Louis Chenevert, in 2012, to be the Vice-Chairman of the organization’s Executive Committee. He started working at Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division, as an exclusive adviser, in 2015. Mr. Louis helped many entrepreneurs, to seek opportunities, in various industries such as aerospace and industrial sectors.

Louis Chenevert’s Success at UTC

Louis enabled UTC to balance the interests of customers, shareholders and stakeholders. As a result, the company remained a top organization, during the subprime recession. UTC thrived in the face of stifling regulations, fierce competition from international manufacturers and indifferent pop culture. By 2015, UTC had become a mammoth industrial organization, worth over $63 billion.

Chenevert’s dedication to the company was fruitful. The firm remained a leading company in building space and aerospace sectors. Louis ensured that workers were paid fairly. He also facilitated the company`s compliance with public concerns and environmental regulations.

Louis Chenevert’s tenure at UTC was exceptional. The company experienced an exemplary performance, without incorporating huge technological investments, in the organization`s workforce. UTC did not also participate in the unpopular and unfruitful outsourcing policies. He relocated hundreds of aerospace professionals, from a low-cost community, into Connecticut. As a result, UTC applied multiple skills in the production of military and commercial aircraft engines.

Louis is a strong thinker, who has the necessary skills and experience to run global organizations. During his tenure, UTC directed its resources and strength to aerospace and building. The organization acquired a balanced portfolio. He enabled the company to acquire its revenue through its existing high-quality products and new designs. UTC also maintained a high profit, in its products’ life cycles.

Daniel Mark Harrison: The Leadership Behind Monkey Capital

Daniel Mark Harrison is someone who excels at everything that he puts his mind to. He is a businessman and entrepreneur who is known for the number of ventures that he has taken on. He is also an expert on media and advertising and has led numerous companies in the field. He has also authored his books that talk about the various nuances of the businesses that he has pioneered. He is also extremely proficient in the area of finance, with that being one of the main facets that Daniel Mark Harrison is involved in. This stellar businessman has founded numerous companies and organizations, most of which have turned out to be extremely proficient and fruitful with the world that they do.

Being as proficient as he is with the world of finance, it was but natural for Daniel Mark Harrison to start up his financial firm. To pursue his goals, he is a managing partner to Monkey Capital, a company that is mainly involved with investing in hedge funds. The company is one of a kind and is one of the first to sell investment options before the plans have been put into place. Usually, the best time to invest into a business is when it is in its infancy. That way, the company has the funds to be able to grow more, and also the people who invest into it end up making a lot more than one would expect. This works out brilliantly for the company and is also why people like Daniel Mark Harrison believe in investing early on. Through Monkey Capital, he has given rise to numerous organizations and businesses, spanning over various businesses and sectors. Daniel Mark Harrison has an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the industry and knows exactly what it needed to make a company a success, which is why he thought that this would be the best plan of action that he could partake in, professionally.

Even though Daniel Mark Harrison is currently at the top of his game today, he always believes in evolving more and becoming more proficient in the industry.

A Closer Look at Tokens with Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is the founder of DMH & Co. and Monkey Capital. At DMH & Co. he is also the Chairman and CEO. He is managing partner at Monkey Capital. The executive offices of Monkey Capital is located in Singapore. Mark received his education at New York University. Harrison is the author of The Millennial Reincarnation, which was published in 2015. He has also written other books, journals, and blogs.

Monkey Capital is a company created by three different companies to create a decentralized hedge fund that will invest in digital assets, and Hostile takeovers while generating profits. The ISO is able to invest aggressively into cutting edge innovations. They purchase out-of-date manufactures. Harrison started an innovative pre-launch ISO opportunity that was a big hit from the start. Friends and families were given tokens called COEVAL. The COEVAL tokens were then used as a bargaining tool at an auction to purchase MNY tokens. MNY tokens consist of owning parts of Monkey. The MNY tokens are auctioned off at a reduced fixed rate. Harrison founded an innovated breakthrough for crowdfunding campaigns. Harrison is part of a unique blend of an all-star management team at Monkey Capital. The management team is highly qualified in operations and compelling projects that have real world benefits.

On August 8th, Monkey Capital launched it’s ICO and buyers were able to subscribe to Monkey, in the form of purchasing the MNY tokens. Harrison and Monkey Capital made history for creating the first crowd funding option in this kind of industry of hostile takeovers. Monkey Capital utilizes a public company vehicle to issue new shares in order to raise capital and purchase businesses. Monkey Capital created a total of 65,000 COEVAL tokens. Half of those tokens are held by long term holdings. As it stands for now, Monkey Capital has no plans to repurchase MNY but will repurchase COEVAL tokens.

Wine Expert and Dentist- Dr. Akhil Reddy

They found the need to come together and better the lives of people not only in the United States of America but all over the world through their medical practice. MB2 Dental is an organization that was created with a primary purpose of providing dental services to associate dentists as well as dental practitioners worldwide. MB2 offers their affiliates with offices which are meant to help their partners to serve their clients efficiently without compromising about the standard of the services as well as the care they offer to their patients. The MB2 management has always made sure that their associate offices sustain 100% medical sovereignty and that the dental offices are managed professionally with the assistance of the MB2 team.

MB2 group has a strong foundation that since its creation it has been working to accomplish its mission as well as its goal. The group’s mission is to offer a professional dentist to their acquaintances for them to gain skills, to be guided through dental medical procedures, as well as have a personalized system that helps them to handle non-clinical procedures of managing a successful practice. On the other hand, the affiliated owners are also able to make a plan for their businesses and take good care of their patients. The main vision of the group is to help dentist mainly focus on what they can do best: offering quality dental care for their patients.Doctor Akhil Reddy is among the many dental practitioners at MB2 Dental. Dr. Reddy has served at the dental group for a long period. He was born in Lubbock, Texas.

Since an early age, Reddy knew that he wanted to practice dentist since he loved doing things with his hands as he was an active member of the Red Cross Society and the Scouting club. After his High school graduation, Dr. Reddy attended the University of Pacific where he graduated with a B.S in Biological Sciences. Reddy later earned a Doctorate Degree in Dental Surgery from the same Institution. Dr. Akhil has been practicing dentists in Dallas, Texas since he graduated. The dentist doctor is not only interested in the medical practice but he also loves wine. When he is not doing what he learned in school he is a wine specialist. As a wine expert Akhil Reddy has compiled a list of wines which taste good and are of high quality but their cost is affordable. Dr. Akhil advice wine lovers to go on grapes that are not prominent and they will obviously get quality wine.

XPrize Alum Eric Pulier Still Raising the Bar in the Tech Industry

The technology industry is known to attract original thinkers with a high drive to succeed, and Eric Pulier certainly fits that mold.


A New Jersey native, Pulier expressed an early interest in computers and began programming computers in the fourth grade. He had already started a database company by the time he completed High School in 1984. From high school, he went to success at Harvard. In his capacity as editor of the Harvard Crimson, he wrote editorial pieces still available for reading through his writer profile. After his time at Harvard was complete in 1991 Pulier moved to Los Angeles to become an entrepreneur.


One of his startups is XPrize, a program with multiple competitions and prizes for individuals showing the drive to push themselves to reach their full potential. These competitions and prizes were designed with teens and adults in mind as a way of recognizing success. Pulier also founded the SOA Software program with Akana; in conjunction with other companies the brand was also involved with, Pulier sold the company to Rogue Wave Software in 2016. SOA remains an industry leader in offering a suite of solutions.


No truly successful person can reach their goals without recognizing the importance of giving back, and Pulier exhibits his dedication to philanthropy through his involvement with Painted Turtle. He donates both money and time as he acts as VP of Cloud Operations for the company offering camps for children with chronic illnesses. Pulier’s empathy for special needs children can also be seen in his work with Starbright World. He used his exceptional tech skills and finances to work towards building a specialized social medial platform for children with special needs in a secure environment.


Eric Pulier shares his knowledge of SOA through his book Understanding Enterprise SOA. His comprehensive introduction to the software is both informative and easy to read. His footprint even exceeds the boundaries of the globe as he set up the first interactive live stream to a space shuttle. When looking at what the future holds for Pulier, one thing is sure- it will be remarkable.