Fabletics leverages the power of the crowd

Fabletics has made a long journey to success during their short time in the industry. The athlesiure brand didn’t always have success but they found a way to leverage the power of the crowd which caused an explosion in sales. The opinions of the consumers is extremely important. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg did not know this when they founded the company in 2013. The two men wanted to create a clothing line that would be suitable for active people looking for style. The clothing itself is a combination between athletic and leisure. The men wanted to partner with a celebrity that would represent their company well. They ended up deciding on Kate Hudson. Kate proved to be an amazing choice. She was there for the company and helped them get out of a series of issues that occured.

Fabletics wasn’t always the $250 million company that they are today. In fact, they experienced quite a few setbacks during their first few years in the industry. The issues started to occur when customers noticed that inventory listings were inaccurate. Essentially, the most popular products were sold out but listed as in stock. The problem was a result of a malfunction in the inventory tracking system. Customers began complaining but felt that their complaints were unheard. The customer ratings on Fabletics soon began to decline. The sales were declining and the company was losing customers. Kate and the company knew that they needed to make some changes.

The first thing that the company changed was their inventory tracking system. They made sure that the updated system would properly track their products. They also focused lots of time to their customer service team. They made sure that they helped customers more and made them feel more important. By listening to what the customers had to say, the company was able to change accordingly.

The changes proved to be very helpful for the success of Fabletics. The changes that they made were very impacting on the customer rating. While customer rating is not everything, it proved to be quite important. A recent study analyzed what consumers had to say on the matter. 60% of those questioned stated that a bad online review of a company or product would cause them not to use or purchase it. They also stated that they were very trusting of online reviews. People even said that an online review was comparable to a personal recommendation from someone they knew.

Fabletics used the technique of leveraging the crowd to find success. They were able to make changes that ensured their success. Kate Hudson was very impacting on the success of the company. She stuck through it and has found great success.

Fabletics Connects with Both Online and Offline Customers

Fabletics has become one of the top online retail clothing stores in recent years to gain the attention of female consumers. This company has gained a lot of attention because it connects with a whole new consumer base. This is the millennium crowd that is more interested in using their apps on their phones to shop then they are interested in going out in person to make a purchase.


Fabletics has become a company that has evolved into this huge consumer base in recent years. This company has an online presence that is felt in the U.S., Canada and Australia. People are taking a look at what Fabletics brings to the table. They are becoming well-acquainted with the way that this company is able to change the course of shopping for athletic clothes.


People are pleased with the way that this company has been able to provide a lifestyle quiz that gives them access to clothing that meets a lifestyle choice. This is where alot of consumers take interest in what is happening inside of an organization. So many people have become accustomed to taking the lifestyle quiz and actually getting clothes that are closely based on the preferences that they choose through the Fabletics website. This is better than trying to go to a website with so many clothing selections to search through. It is much better for consumers to actually get access to clothing that fits their needs by way of the website. That may be the reason that Fabletics has done as well as it has in recent years.


People are going to be looking for a chance to to actually get clothes that they would like to see based on lifestyle preferences that they choose. Kate Hudson has been spearheading this, and it appears to be a great plan for this company. So far consumers are loving the fact that there is always something new on the Fabletics site. This gives them the desire to go back to this website on a weekly basis to see the new garments that are posted. People are also going to appreciate what this company brings to the table when they look at the way that it has expanded into more physical stores.


Consumers that have no desire to shop online may have avoided Fabletics altogether, but brick-and-mortar stores present a different option. This allows those customers that may have never gave much thought to shopping online an opportunity to actually buy clothes from the Fabletics store.


Kate Hudson knows that she is pursuing a youthful crowd that loves shopping through the website, but she also realizes that middle-aged people are checking out this site as well. They may not be the same technologically-savvy people that pull up apps to do their shopping, but they are still customers that are going to be loyal if they like what they see. That is why she put more emphasis on connecting with these potential offline customers through physical stores in different states.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Took on Amazon and is Winning!

There are not too many retail or e-commerce sites that would try to topple Amazon from any niche, but it appears that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics didn’t get the memo and they are tearing through this niche with record numbers. Despite Amazon commanding over 20 percent of the fashion sales online, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics took in over $250 million in sales in three years and the numbers tell a story of a company on the rise. With that big of a bite out of the Amazon pie, more people are paying closer attention to this little company that has exploded in growth so fast.


Hudson spoke about her athleisure brand and why her sales have surprised critics who didn’t give her company much of a chance in this crowded and competitive space. Hudson says reverse-showrooming and a unique membership program are the keys to the success of Fabletics, and it is quite a different approach to selling women’s apparel. When shoppers first enter the retail Fabletics stores in the mall, they can sign-up for a membership and take the Lifestyle Quiz tight there. This allows them to try on workout apparel and active-wear in the store and allow it to be saved to their online profiles. That is just the spark that ignites monstrous sales.


Whether these women are shopping in a hurry or just looking to see what this athleisure brand looks like, they are able to shop at home online in a more relaxed setting later that day. What happens, and the key to reverse-showrooming, is these consumers now know what items fit perfectly, so they fall in love online with new releases and arrivals they simply must have. Unlike shopping at Amazon, these women now know what items fit and how they look in those pieces. Women tend to buy even more when they know they won’t have to keep returning items that do not fit.


As a member of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, customers are given access to lower tier pricing, a personal shopping assistant, and free shipping on all orders. The personal shopper will select an item each month based on quiz answers or shopping profile, and simply place it in the shopping car for the shopper to consider. No pressure at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, accept, reject, or shop another day, there is nothing that ever shops to the customer without full permission. At this rate, Hudson’s Fabletics could be the next big thing in women’s workout fashion and active-wear.