Wes Edens is the Key

Wes Edens is widely known for his work at the Fortress Investment Group. The Fortress Investment Group is one of the leading global investment management firms around the world. This is due to the fact that they look after creative investments and are an alternative to traditional asset management. They have over 1750 institutional clients who trust them to operate with their funds.Wes Edens is the reason that the Fortress Investment Group currently manages over $72 billion. He worked with five other partners to create the business in 1998. Since then, they have drawn private investors from all around the world to trust them in the areas of credit and real estate, private equity and permanent capital.

Wes Edens recently reported that the Fortress Investment Group sold a nonvoting minority share of their company to a Japanese investment firm for $3.3 billion.Wes Edens has worked with the Fortress Investment Group to build the five core competencies that make up the business. They are proud that their investments are asset-based, guided by industry knowledge, well structured would operations management, based in capital markets, and counsel by corporate mergers.Wes Edens is currently valued at $2.5 billion. Forbes.com is reporting that he is in the top 300 most wealthy people of the world. He is only 45 years old and is married to a beautiful woman and has four wonderful children. He owns the Milwaukee Bucks which played for the national basketball Association. He also owns one of the best teams that plays in the game League of Legends.

At the Fortress Investment Group he helps run the Board of Directors as the cochairman. He is in charge of the Fortress Investment Groups investments in the areas of private equity, healthcare, real estate, transportation, and infrastructure. He has gained the respect of those around the world for his ability to price, finance, and appoint people to oversee the day-to-day operations of both his commercial and residential real estate.He convinced the Fortress Investment Group that it was in their best interest to sell a portion of their company to the public. In order to get an 8% share of the company, the public had to invest $600 million. It is his job to oversee this portion to make sure that everybody becomes wealthy in the process. Besides conducting business horse jumping and mountain climbing is how he deals with stress.

Jed McCaleb Finds New Ways to Leverage Existing Technology

Jed McCaleb is the CTO and co-founder of Stellar.org. He leads the company’s capacity for technology development. His company’s mission is to leverage technology in ways that can help to advance individuals. His colleagues know him to be a brilliant man who constantly seeks ways to improve existing technology. He can add to his credits the creation of eDonkey, which happened to be among the biggest networks to share files in its day. He also founded Mt. Gox.

His latest efforts to disrupt the system is a company called Stellar. He started this company out by realizing that the world’s money systems are broken and that too many people end up without true access. He created Stellar in 2014 and leads its technology development efforts at present.

Stellar is a platform that connects payment systems, banks, and people in ways that can facilitate the movement of money in ways that are quick, reliable, and without almost any cost. His company also provides a means for connecting people with affordable financial services to help develop individual potential and to fight poverty.

The goal of Stellar is to create a network of worldwide machines that will allow anyone to send the currency of their choice where it will arrive at its destination as another currency. The challenge will also be to keep such machines honest and accurate. This of course requires a new online algorithm that helps establish trust.

Such an algorithm can help drive Stellar’s network and other systems online that will be able to operate without a central authority. This can affect everything from email services to the stock market and a host of digital currencies. Another way of looking at the end result is that a vast array of machines will be able to agree. Trust! It is a system that allows everyone to agree that everyone else is on the up-and-up.

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The Oxford Club is Teaching Investors to Build Wealth

The Oxford Club is an independent network of international investors. Its headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland, but its 157,000 members live in 130 countries around the world. Through newsletters, emails, trading alerts, books and symposiums, the Club keeps its membership up to date on what they need to know to grow, guard and maintain their wealth.

In a recent article the Club published, they explain the four foundations of their investing philosophy. The second principle is to have an exit strategy.

Without that, you’re at the mercy of your emotions. When the market dips down and the media is screaming the sky is falling, you panic and sell. When the market jumps up and the pundits are all talking about Dow 50,000, you grow greedy and buy.

Sadly, that behavior is typical for ordinary investors who don’t have a plan. It’s well-known they have poor results even in great bull markets because they buy when the market is high and sell when the market is low. That’s why you must make a plan at a time you are feeling calm and rational — and then stick to it even when fear or greed are raging inside you.

Unfortunately, some of your investments will not only go down after you buy them, they will keep going down. Therefore, you must have a plan in place before you buy. And what will you look for. A small price dip after you buy is not unusual and will not prevent the company from being a ten-bagger in a few years. But if the price is still headed down six months later or the CEO does a perp walk on the news, it’s probably time to cut your losses.

The Oxford Club has been helping investors since its formation as The Passport Club in 1989. They changed the name in 1991.

Read more about the Oxford Club here: https://energyandresourcesdigest.com/

Richard Blair’s Wealth Solution Secret to Success


Want to achieve your financial goals? Then you need and well prepared financial plan drafted on paper. Coming up with one can be quite hard, and this is one of the reasons to why most people opt to seek assistance from financial advisors.

In fact, the move is highly recommended. If you are living in Austin, Texas, then you are lucky because you can seek financial planning advisory from Richard Blair Wealth solutions.

About Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is a financial consulting and management firm founded by Richard Blair. The company operates as Registered Investment Advisory (RIA). According to Blair, to achieve financial goals, you need a solid plan.

According to Bright Scope, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions provides advisory and guides people living in Austin on how to come up with a solid plan. To come up with the plan, the firm follows a three steps approach to help them realize the current state of the client, know what they need and assist them in planning to get it. These steps are;

Pillar 1

The first component focuses on coming up with a roadmap of the client’s financial goals. It concentrates on the customers past, current financial position, their risk tolerance, and growth opportunities among others. By understanding the client’s history and current financial state, it is easy to predict the future and plan for it.

Pillar 2

Pillar 2 is the second face of coming up with an investment strategy as well as the financial plan. At this point, the advisor will have a clear understanding of their client’s financial position and their goals. They work together to come up with a financial plan which mostly relies on the information they have provided.

Pillar 3

The third pillar is the final stage where the client has goals and plan prepared. At this point, Richard advises the client on meeting insurance needs and guides them on where to get the best policy to cover everything.


Richard Blair is an experienced and qualified financial advisor with several certifications; CAS, RICP, CES, and CFS. He founded one of the most success wealth firm, Wealth Solutions in Austin, Texas, which gives extensive wealth solutions to a diverse clientele.