Anil Chaturvedi Top Finance Expert Gives Back to Community

Anil Chaturvedi has four decades of experience in the banking business. Chaturvedi graduated from Meerut University in India with honors in 1971. Mr. Chaturvedi earned his B.A. degree in Economics. After graduating from Meerut, Anil Chaturvedi went on to getting his M.B.A. in Economics. Mr. Chaturvedi has banking experience in commercial, private, and investment banking styles.

For almost 15 years, Anil Chaturvedi worked in banking from level entry and gradually moved up the different job levels. By 1987, Mr. Chaturvedi accepted the position of Director of Development and Planning Manager for State Bank of India. He remained in his managerial job for almost four years. For the next two years, Chaturvedi was ANZ Grindlays Bank’s Vice President & Senior Representive for U.S. Operations. In 1993, Mr. Chaturvedi began 17 years at Merill Lynch where he was Managing Director of International Operations. In 2011, Anil Chaturvedi moved to Geneva, Switzerland to his current position. Mr. Chaturvedi is Managing Director at Hinduja Bank.

Hinduja Bank is an established financial institution that was founded in 1978. By 1994, Hinduja became a Swiss regulated bank. The bank employs more than 200 people. Focussing on the markets of the Middle East and India, Hinduja has branches in countries that include Geneva, Switzerland, Paris, France, London, England, and others.

Chaturvedi has devoted 40 years of experience to subjects like trade finance, wealth management, investment in international investment options, and more. Mr. Chaturvedi is often sought by people who want information on these subjects. People who seek his advice on investment should have plenty of time to spare because the managing director can talk a long time about investment strategies. Chaturvedi has been involved in opportunity investment forums in India and throughout Europe. Barron lists Anil Chaturvedi among the world’s top financial advisors from 2007 to 2010. Chaturvedi is called to help manage the budget for many compsnies.

In 2006, Anil Chaturvedi and his wife Kiran launched Kiran and Anil Chatvedi Foundation, Inc. The Chaturvedi couple gives back to society by helping the disadvantaged. This couple shows gratitude for their success by helping others realize their potential.

Jed McCaleb Creates Stellar

Jed McCaleb is the CTO and co-founder of Stellar, and he believes he has all the answers for the mysterious of cryptocurrency. Now, companies seem to have a hard time knowing exactly what to do with cryptocurrencies. People are using them to conduct video game and other virtual asset trading, they are using them to purchase services online, and they are using them as investment objects. Jed McCaleb and his company Stellar are attempting to bring banking options all over the world.

There is nearly 2.5 million people in the world who have no access to financial services. These people are without simple checking and savings accounts, but they are also unable to conduct online and international transactions. The individuals that suffer from this reality are mostly from underdeveloped countries, but some developed, less fortunate countries also share this burden.

The reason for lack of financial services in these areas is simple. Banks see no reason to open branches in these countries if there are not enough customers to make the operation profitable. There are few businesses in these countries, and businesses are the primary money makers for banks.

Jed McCaleb can’t bring companies, and factories to these countries, but he is doing all he can. Stellar uses the same technology behind bitcoin in a way that connects financial institutions together in a cheap, seamless manner. Stellar can operate in conjunction with dozens of physical currencies and other cryptocurrencies with transaction fees only a fraction of what more mainstream services charge. Stellar can do this because of their innovative advancements made in the blockchain world.

Blockchain is the system used in Stellar and other digital currencies. It is a public records system that is secure, safe, and reliable. The system is operated across multiple machines in multiple locations, making it impossible for modern day black-hats to tamper with the ledgers.

Stellar was founded in 2014, began operations in 2015, and now, in 2018 is in operation all throughout Asia. Stellar has even teamed up with IBM in America. Countries in Europe are also benefiting from Jed McCaleb’s creative technology as per Global Coin Report.

The Oxford Club Teaches Members How to Successfully Invest

The Oxford Club is home to more than 157,000 members across the world who are all seeking to achieve financial freedom. This private investing network has an entrepreneurial flavor to it and they utilize market-beating strategies that have stood the test of time. Their unique investment philosophy is available to members and the chance to outperform the markets while lowering risk. This has proven to be an unbeatable combination and it takes all market conditions into account as well.

A small cadre of investors gathered together in 1989 and The Oxford Club was born. They all sought to find a way to access the best opportunities in markets around the globe and achieve lasting wealth in the process. One important foundational piece of the group was their reliance on networking with personal contacts to figure out where the next emerging trend was going to be.

Quality, exhaustive research is another way that The Oxford Club differentiates itself in their approach to investing. Their team of expert analysts closely examine every corner of global markets which identifies promising areas in which their members can prosper.

The Oxford Club isn’t just selling exclusive information, however, as important and valuable as that is. The club experience and the atmosphere that this entails also offer a distinctive difference from other investing services. Members can attend conferences where they can learn from professionals and share ideas with other members.

One way that The Oxford Club helps its members is with their monthly newsletters which are written by experts and contain actionable trading ideas as well as potentially lucrative areas in which to invest. The analysis is top notch and gives members an edge in approaching the markets.

There are also 12 trading services that power The Oxford Club and they each deal with certain market sectors such as energy. They also offer one that is focused on the options market and how to safely profit from them.

Investment U is the educational wing of the club and offers members the chance to develop a high financial IQ and enjoy greater success with their investments. This involves videos, online courses, and conferences that are able to teach people with all levels of experience.

Jed McCaleb’s Future Plans For Stellar

Jeb McCaleb has been down a long road in the blockchain sector through the company Stellar. He co-founded the business while the technology was still new. He has been responsible for several blockchain projects and works hard to ensure Stellar becomes the standard in the industry for cross border payments and remittances. He received his first taste of Bitcoin through an article written in 2010. He was immediately hooked at the prospect of money without a central controlled basis.


The first move Jeb McCaleb made was to build a Bitcoin centralized exchange called Mt. Gox. This was the first exchange that did not require coordination with another person. At one point in time Mt. Gox was responsible for eighty percent of the exchange trading for cryptocurrency. He sold the business in 2011. In 2014 Jeb McCaleb used his skills and experience to acquire Ripple and began leading the development protocol for Stellar. Stellar was originally nonprofit and open sourced for the public. This required trust that the company would not change their governance or business model.


Stellar is innovative due to the type of consensus utilized. This model is called the federated Byzantine agreement. Every node present on the network can select other trusted nodes to create a consensus structure within the network. This means if someone tries to infiltrate the system with the use of a new node it would be ineffective because the existing nodes have already selected the other nodes they trust. Any malicious nodes are simply ignored.


The Stellar DEX has an excellent performance rate in relation to the competitors in the industry. These competitors have large delays and lag times. The blockchain ledger houses the Stellar order book and closes every five seconds. The execution of trades occurs roughly every three to five seconds. Jeb McCaleb believes despite the system being decentralized it is the fastest one out there. The exchange will be even easier and more intuitive once the work on a UX overhaul has been completed. Jeb McCaleb is currently focusing on growing Stellar. He wants the network to be the standard in the industry.

Paul Mampilly: The Brilliant Investor And Founder Of Capuchin Consulting

Paul Mampilly is regarded as someone who has an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to the financial field, particularly when it comes to matters of the stock market. He has spent an incredible amount of time in the sector and has attained an immense amount of experience when it comes to working towards his goals and learning more about the field of finance. In addition to working with large corporations, Paul Mampilly also enjoys writing about finance and publishing it online to enlighten people more about the field and topics that he is so passionate about. When working in the financial sector, he realized that there were always people who wanted to better their financial standings but didn’t have the right knowledge or experience in the financial sector to be able to do so.

Not everyone working in this sector has as much experience as an experienced financialist, and sometimes, doing even the simplest of things like your taxes can be a hard task. To give the common people a better understanding of the financial sector and all the intricacies of it, Paul Mampilly decided to start up his own blog and write about different topics in relation to the sector. The blog educates people on the different aspects of the sector, and also how they can save their money better. It serves as a means to let them know about the viable investment strategies that they can go with and the routes that one can take to secure their future. Since the blog first started, Paul Mampilly has gained thousands of readers who tune into the posts and write-ups that he has published on the blog.

Paul Mampilly publishes the articles that he writes through Banyan Hill publishing, which is a well-known source for articles with relation to the field of finance.In addition to publishing work on financial advisory, Paul Mampilly is also known for taking on clients and helping them with their financial concerns. He has greatly contributed to the overall growth of several companies that have depended on his skill and experience to be able to take the company to the next level as establish them in their fields.Currently, Paul Mampilly serves as the head of Capuchin Consulting, which is a company that aims to provide clients and investors with out of the box strategies that aren’t being as commonly implemented, to stays at the top of the competition.

AvaTrade review: Foreign exchange expert

There are many professionals on Wall Street who’re hoping for a better feed of information to rely on. You, you must work with live, raw data if you want to position the right trades. The right trades for you come through the foreign exchange. Considering the foreign exchange is the same as considering AvaTrade.

Trading the currencies of world economies requires a platform to trade with. You no longer have to make calls to your brokerage firm, and you no longer have to wait for your order to be put through. Everything happens in the span of seconds and at the moment you press OK when making investments in currencies.

In And Out And In No Time

AvaTrade is the platform you consider when in need of all the fine tools and charts for the forex market. The foreign exchange turns over roughly $5 trillion everyday, and this creates 5 trillion ways for you to make your own money. You have no prospect of making money if you’re not in the market.

The basic strategy for day-traders who specialize with forex is to be in and out within minutes to a few hours. No one ever knows what the markets will do exactly, but we can watch the price points to better understand the market conditions. AvaTrade helps investors retain their position be it in or out of the markets.

Want To Keep Your Money Safe In A Forex Account?

The additional benefits you have with using AvaTrade is safety. Every trader should be thinking about the safety of their money above all else. Rest assured knowing that AvaTrade is regulated by the European Union and with the support it has through the bank of Ireland. The security you have with this agency matters.

You must know about your protection.

The additional hedges you have against loss brings into account the stop triggers that lets you add more security to your trades. Don’t worry about waking up to see a price decrease wipe you completely out. Stop-losses are prices set by the broker that close your trades when falling below a certain mark.

Protect yourself against speculation, and do it with AvaTrade.

Learn more about AvaTrade here:

Daniel Mark Harrison: The Leadership Behind Monkey Capital

Daniel Mark Harrison is someone who excels at everything that he puts his mind to. He is a businessman and entrepreneur who is known for the number of ventures that he has taken on. He is also an expert on media and advertising and has led numerous companies in the field. He has also authored his books that talk about the various nuances of the businesses that he has pioneered. He is also extremely proficient in the area of finance, with that being one of the main facets that Daniel Mark Harrison is involved in. This stellar businessman has founded numerous companies and organizations, most of which have turned out to be extremely proficient and fruitful with the world that they do.

Being as proficient as he is with the world of finance, it was but natural for Daniel Mark Harrison to start up his financial firm. To pursue his goals, he is a managing partner to Monkey Capital, a company that is mainly involved with investing in hedge funds. The company is one of a kind and is one of the first to sell investment options before the plans have been put into place. Usually, the best time to invest into a business is when it is in its infancy. That way, the company has the funds to be able to grow more, and also the people who invest into it end up making a lot more than one would expect. This works out brilliantly for the company and is also why people like Daniel Mark Harrison believe in investing early on. Through Monkey Capital, he has given rise to numerous organizations and businesses, spanning over various businesses and sectors. Daniel Mark Harrison has an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the industry and knows exactly what it needed to make a company a success, which is why he thought that this would be the best plan of action that he could partake in, professionally.

Even though Daniel Mark Harrison is currently at the top of his game today, he always believes in evolving more and becoming more proficient in the industry.

Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions Help Clients Navigate a Complex Financial World

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has a strong foundation of financial and investing skills that enable his clients to realize their goals of a secure retirement. His abilities allow individuals to grow, protect, and successfully manage their assets. Wealth Solutions is a registered investment advisory firm (RIA) whose main office is in Austin, TX. They also serve some surrounding areas as well. Learn more:

A solid financial plan is the surest way to achieve long-term investing goals that lead to a secure retirement. Richard Blair specializes in developing a framework for his clients in this regard and in managing wealth. Wealth Solutions utilizes a three pillar approach when working with clients to plan their future.

Pillar one is to determine an appropriate roadmap for a client’s finances. This entails the development of a comprehensive plan according to the client’s goals and risk tolerance. The right growth opportunities in light of the preceding are then considered and presented to the client for their approval.

Pillar two involves the critical need to develop and implement a long-term growth strategy which is the bedrock of wealth management. A client’s age and need for liquidity are a part of this and their investment goals are intertwined as well. Blair lends his experience to his clients and actively manages their assets for maximum growth when market conditions are suitable. When conditions are not amenable to stellar investment returns Blair tweaks the portfolio to minimize downside risk.

Insurance needs vary according to age and the circumstances of one’s life and Blair provides comprehensive counsel to his clients to select the right coverage. This is Pillar three and it illustrates the wide range of services that Wealth Solutions provides its clients. Various types of insurance are available for clients to consider such as health, life, and disability insurance.

Richard Blair has been strongly influenced by the schoolteachers in his family. They have had a profound impact on him and he wanted to follow in their footsteps. He’s also very passionate about finance and has naturally combined the two professions. He has become a great teacher who helps clients learn about finances and investments. Learn more:

Wealth Solutions was founded by Richard Blair in 1994 and they serve clients in and around Austin, TX. He doesn’t pitch proprietary products, so clients can have great confidence in his financial counsel. He is fair and impartial and doesn’t guide clients toward any particular product or service.