Kevin Seawright Discusses RPS Solutions

Kevin Seawright has had a tremendous impact on the mid-Atlantic region. Throughout his career, he has focused on rebuilding Baltimore and New Jersey. He revitalized Newark and he had a huge impact on the Department of Aging in Baltimore.

Recently, the city of Baltimore was experiencing a crisis. The homeownership rate had plummeted and people had lost pride in their city. Many people throughout the city and even city officials felt that the situation was hopeless, but Kevin had a huge vision for the city.

The home ownership rate was lingering around 48% when they launched, and Kevin believed the real key to increasing the homeownership rate was to increase the amount of affordable housing in the marketplace.

The wealthy people in Baltimore already owned a home, so Kevin Seawright wanted to reach the poor and the middle class. RPS focused on constructing and renovating affordable housing. They partnered with the city to launch their project and they were optimistic about the future results.

Recently, RPS Solutions finished their first project in historic Baltimore. The new homes were absolutely beautiful and they are filling up. Kevin is extremely excited about the results of the project, and he recently appeared on the Larry Sanders show to discuss the RPS Solutions vision. He loves working with first-time homebuyers in the Baltimore market.

He knows that having the opportunity to own a home can have a tremendous impact on the community. Homeowners take pride in their community, and the crime rate begins to decrease as more people own a home.

The city of Baltimore has already reported excellent results in areas where RPS Solutions has been working. Kevin is proud of the results and he plans to keep working towards a brighter future.

Baltimore has suffered for many years from low homeownership and low civic pride. Seawright’s RPS Solutions is having a tremendous impact on the homeownership rate, and he hopes to keep working on the project for years to come.

With his proven business pedigree, there’s no doubt Kevin can still accomplish great things.  It’s just a matter of time.   Follow his journey on social media through SoundCloud, and his official Twitter.