Michael Zomber Is Both An Investor And Collector Of Rare Guns


Michael Zomber is an active collector of rare and antique guns as well as investor. He’s achieved a level of success that he can be proud of since his days of schooling, which he always dedicated his all to. During his time attending college at the University of Illinois, he even managed to complete a double major in both English and Psychology. Michael Zomber liked to challenge himself and his abilities, and he always wanted to lay down a strong foundation to get him into a good career. This is why he went on and earned an even higher education with his Master’s degree in English Literature at UCLA.

Michael Zomber spent time contemplating what it is he actually wanted to do with his education, having spent so much time and hard work on it. His story is more involved than that however, since he found his passion during a road trip with one of his buddies. His friend took him out to a gun show one day, where Michael Zomber quickly realized he had an interest in the antique guns he found there. He knew then he would want to collect these, and it wasn’t long before he did find some of his very own. He ended up spending a lot of time learning more about the antiques so he could become a smart investor for them, while at the same time keeping the a collecting hobby of his.

Michael’s collection of antique guns kept growing over the years, and as it did so did others people’s interest. His guns are not only part of his collection and a hobby, but they are also investments that he will use in time, since their value continues to increase every year. Though there are a few he will always keep, the majority will end up being sold for profits after sitting behind closed doors for a few years. As long as he is successful in his endeavors, Michael has no plans to stop mixing his hobby with his work.  To get an picture of Michael Zomber the author, be sure to check out his books on Barnes & Noble, and his Amazon collection of novels.