Talk Fusion Bringing the Future of Digital Communication

Talk Fusion has established a reputation in the video communication business as a leader that brings about the future of the genre. Established, by Mr. Bob Reina in 2007, the company has been adding new products consistently and has amassed a vast and powerful catalog to offer its clients.



One of the latest additions is the Product dashboard, specifically designed for the Video Suite of the company. With the launch of the Product Dashboard, Talk Fusion also announced that it is working on several other products that will start rolling out in the upcoming months.



Talk Fusion prides itself on its unique approach and strives to bring great products at a reasonable price in order to make them available for more people that want to grow their online following and attract more clients. Talk Fusion aims to provide what people would not be able to get from their competitors.



The founder and Chief ExecutiveOfficer of Talk Fusion believe that his company was not meant to stay in the same place for too long. CEO Bob Reina talks proudly of his team, saying that they also have the desire to move forward and that they make the company what it is today.



In January, Talk Fusion released a mission statement explaining what direction the company will be taking for 2018. The company aims to transform digital communication around the globe by working towards eliminating the current communication barriers. They believe that a new system is due that would be easy to navigate so anyone could use it, and that is should also be super powerful and controlled by cutting-edge technology in the background. The company will continue to release new products on the market ad it the meantime it will also be updating the already existing ones so that they are up to the current speed of Talk Fusion. Learn more:



So far, Talk Fusion has products that allow broadcasting, social networking, video conferencing, and more. One of the most popular products released by the company is their video mailing which is available in the updated Video Suit that recently got a Product Dashboard.



The Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion Bob Reina used to work in law enforcement. The idea for the company came when he was on vacation and had taken many videos and photos to share with his elderly parents. He had tried loading them onto a conventional e-mail service, but that did not work out due to the low capacity.



Bob Reina was frustrated and decided to step into business. He felt passionate about communication and the things a service like the one he had in mind could achieve. He believed his vision could transform digital communication as we know it.


Bob Reina Brings a New Live Meeting Experience from Talk Fusion with WebRTC Technology

Bob Reina, the renowned CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion, introduced an advanced version of its Live Meetings, a software that ensures complex real-time communications. The latest version that launched in September 2017 came with an updated user interface and enabled with WebRTC Technology. Reina was introducing the updated version of the product in an online broadcast. While coming to the details of the product, it helps people to make video-based conferences and transmit one-way videos. This is highly useful for people to conduct live meetings as well as make presentations.



The updated application can connect with 15 hosts at a time and ensure 500 participants. The guests of the conference can connect using smartphone, tablet, or PC. The latest software comes with synced recording technology which does not need any separate download, and the users can access the application using their web browsers. It helps the users in a greater way as it does not need any download of Adobe Flash Player but comes with improved compatibility, convenience, and more. Talk Fusion is known for beating its competitors with sophisticated, unique technologies that offer its users an advanced experience.



While coming to the new product, Reina confirmed that no other product in the market can match the capabilities of the latest Talk Fusion product. He also communicated that the firm wanted to integrate the new system into every software applications of Talk Fusion. WebRTC enhances the experience of both marketing professionals and average computer users by allowing voice communications through browsers. The system is designed to make significant improvements in both video and audio communication. Additionally, the intelligent system of WebRTC would remove the hassles and improve the efficiency along with avoiding any need of plug-in downloads. The new user interface of the software is designed to make even the first-time users finding it highly convenient to use.



Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion to address the key technological and communication challenges in the marketing sector in 2004. Today, the company has more than 200,000 distributors in nearly 114 countries. The Brandon-based company has opened another office in India as part of its expansion process.



According to Bob, people have to take commitment for a number of years to be successful. During that course, Reina thinks that self-discipline is highly important, and that helped him greatly in his journey. He completed his education at the University of South Florida and began the career as a police officer. Learn more: