David Osio built a new investment application

The real estate market is constantly changing day by day. It is expanding, shrinking, and transforming in many ways. Families are constantly moving to chase job opportunities or get access to new schools and it is hard to keep up with the change in prices of real estate. It is even harder to predict what a resale value for a home would be. Lots of facts can contribute to the returns on housing.


David Osio and his team at Davos Real Estate Group are launching a new mobile application that will help calculate returns on real estate investments each client is interested in. Davos Real Estate Group is an independent form of Davos Financial Group operated in Latin America.


They are have been the leader in financial advice for over twenty years. Their ultimate goal is to create an investment strategy that fulfills the requirements set forth by every client. Every service should be of high quality.


Gerard González, Executive Director of Davos REG has spent a lot of time working with Tecknolution on the programming and designs of the new mobile application. The useful tool will help clients get an estimate of returns on investments. This is after all expenses have been factored in.


The tools in this application are available on iPhone and Android. This is expected to just be one of the many applications to come in the new future. All the reports can be sent to an agent via interactive chat features. Also an past real estate reports can be downloaded and compared to the current trends. Having this mobile application keeps customers connected anywhere they go. There will plenty of support.


The tools within the application are there to get a better understanding of of the changing costs associated with owning a property. Anyone can estimate the monthly costs of rent. Users can also get an estimate of the interest costs associated with any rented or purchased property.


The “Davos CAP Calculator” is a new application in development that will expand to countries all around Europe. Many more projects to come.


David Osio got his Law Degree from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela. Before working with Davos Real Esate Group he managed a small lawfirm offering legal advice. He obtained a secondary education degree in degree at the IESA. Osio has held management positions in Private Banking Division of Banco Latino Internacional in Miami.

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