End Citizens United Allegations Against Rick Scott

There was a time when End Citizens United filed a case to the Federal Election Commission. The case was against Rick Scott after they said that he had used super PAC illegally during the campaigns when he was running for the senatorial seat. End Citizens United is also in PAC and to use super PAC there are minimum requirements that are approved by the Federal which we are a direct placement in the candidate’s campaigns. Rick had the capability to raise $178 million which was money that had been planned for his campaigns.

According to super PAC, one is allowed to raise more capital as a candidate to his reach and has the right to spend that money, but the money should not be used in the working process during the campaigns. It is the reason that led End Citizens to accuse the senator Rick Scott when he was aspiring for the seat. What Rick did was a violation of anti-coordination law that was with New Republican PAC. In addition, he was the acting chairman of PAC before he made his announcements of the ambitious he wanted by running to United States Senate seat. Super PAC had pledged to give him some help so that he could win the seat.

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The communication director of End Citizens United Adam Bozzi had talked about the interest of Rick Scott as being political instead of the law. He also added that what Rick Scott wanted was to bypass election governing laws because he will add big amount of money to the super PAC but according to the organization, it was meant for the presidential seat. He also talked about the existence of super PAC was to be there for helping Rick Scott and he will be able to sidestep the laws that guide campaign finances and he ends up evading those campaign disclosed laws.

Rick Scott denied what the allegations were. He evidently produced some documents that were there supporting the charges and in the evidence, it showed that during that time he was still working for PAC. Even on the website, he was still listed as the chairman of the group. He made a prove that the allegations from End Citizens United were wrong.

It was in 2010 when again End Citizens became frustrated because of what the supreme court had ruled. The arrival and formation of PAC in 2015 was a guidance for the financing and reforming from the campaigns. The mission of the organization was to get a lot of money that was to come from political system after giving the candidate full support.