Fagali’i Airport

     The Fagali’i Airport is located in American Samoa. Fagali Airport is operated by Polynesian Airlines. At one time the Fagali’i Airport was only a grass top airport but in July 2002 it was repaved with a regular tar topped airstrip. Again, after many complaints were issued against the noise produced by Fagali’i Airport it was closed in January 2005. However, thru re-appeal and after correction to safety issues Fagali Airport was re-opened in July 2009. Today there are flights in and out of Fagali Airport to Pago Pago and American Samoa.

During its short history, Fagali Airport has been serviced by several airlines among whom are Polynesian Airlines and Samo Air.

The Airport is located in the district of Apia in Samoa. Entrance to Fagali’i Airport is made off of Valvase Road, which in turn is located along the Main East Coast Road. Once a turn is taken onto Valvase Road any traveler can exit at Plantation Road, which runs alongside the Fagali Airport airstrip.

The length of the current Airport is only 670 meters or 2,198 feet and it is presently asphalt surfaced. After its latest renovation, Fagali’i Airport is serviced by an additional DHC-6 Twin Otter by Polynesian Airlines. The Airport is surrounded by hotels, resorts and other accommodations for tourists. Airport accommodations to and from the hotel are provided by few hotels. The Airport is very close to Apia, which is the capital of Samoa and home to many fine restaurants and dining experiences.