Heather Russell Koenig: A Bright Future

After searching crunchbase.com, and going to their recent news and articles section, I found the following about Heather Russell Koenig. The website blogwebpedia.com tells us that Heather Russell Koenig is to join TransUnion as Chief Legal Officer. The article also tells us other interesting, and relevant information about Heather Russell Koenig, and I will do my best here to summarize what I have learned.

Heather Russell Koenig previously worked at Buckley, Sandler LLP. She was an accredited, and valuable member of the team at Buckley, Sandler LLP, and will surely be missed due to her contributions both inside, and outside of the office. Heather Russell Koenig also worked for a number of different companies throughout the world, and is valuable to companies because of her cultured personality, and invaluable life experiences. She has had work within financial institutions across the globe. “In total, she has over two decades of diverse experience working in the field of global financial services,” according to blogwebpedia’s article on her.

Heather Russell Koenig also highly values education, and has an impressive list of achievements that she has held academically when attending University. Not only was she a great student, but she has also taught students about the diverse things she knows with regards to law, and finance, and culture. It is safe to say I think, that Heather Russell Koenig is valuable as a legal advisor, and also a teacher… Someone that people can look up to, and someone that people respect inside and outside of the office. To me, this means that whatever company she works for is lucky to have her. Her clients should feel an immediate sense of trust, whilst knowing that she has taught, studied, and been in the business of legal advising for decades.

Additional reading: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/05/01/1494394/0/en/Heather-Russell-Joins-TransUnion-as-Chief-Legal-Officer.html