Hussain Sajwani: A Man with Vision, Spirit and No Fear

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and chairman of real estate development company DAMAC Properties. He is considered one of the richest men in the Arab world with a net worth of over 4 billion dollars. He has earned this distinction through hard work, risk-taking and the desire to grow any business he has worked at.

Hussain Sajwani was not born a billionaire; in fact, he went to college at the University of Washington on a government scholarship. After graduating with degrees in both economics and industrial engineering, he went to work in the finance department of a large company processing payments. While he did not love the work, it helped him to understand the inner workings of the service industry. According to, using the money he earned selling timeshares while in college, he started a catering company which provided meals for large companies and government employees. This company is still in business today.

As his success in the catering business grew and expanded, he invested in real estate. His interest in that field grew as he expanded his empire to small hotels and eventually formed DAMAC Properties, a property investment firm specializing in developing thousands of high-end properties throughout the Middle East and London. Hussain Sajwani keeps an eye out for cities with potential in which he believes the price of real estate will never go down. His fearless attitude and ability to see projects through to completion has made him one of the most influential leaders in the Arab business world.

Even though Hussain Sajwani is a constant force driving DAMAC Properties, he still makes sure to spend quality time with his family as well as traveling and meeting new people. The business landscape is constantly changing and moving forward and Hussain likes to know all he can about new trends such as digital and social media marketing. He never wants to let his perspective on the world become stale. Meeting new people and learning all he can is important to his success. Contact Hussain on Instagram.

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