Kim Dao Takes You on a Tour of Her Tiny Japanese Apartment

Kim Dao is a an Australian vlogger living in Japan. Her YouTube channel is devoted to beauty, fashion and her experiences living and travelling in Japan and South Korea. In “My JAPANESE APARTMENT TOUR | Small Japanese Apartments | KimDao in JAPAN” ( Kim Dao takes viewers on a tour of her first apartment in Japan where she lived before moving to a larger apartment closer to central Tokyo.

Kim Dao starts off the tour at the apartment’s entrance where shoes are removed according to Japanese custom. The tiny bathroom, which she describes as not too bad for one person, is close by. The washing machine and cleaning supplies are also in this area. The miniature kitchen contains a single stove-top, assorted utensils, and a year’s supply of instant noodles (courtesy of a friend from Indonesia). Stacked on top of the refrigerator are a microwave and rice maker.

Kim Dao’s bedroom is separated from the rest of the apartment by a curtained doorway. The collection of stuffed Pikachus on the bed matches the place-mats on the coffee table. A corner desk with framed photos provides a cozy work space. Kim Dao’s well-stocked closet is rather large for such a small apartment, and a chest of drawers holds her makeup collection. She receives a lot free at beauty events, and doesn’t spend too much money on makeup.

At the end of the tour, Kim Dao concludes that while such apartments are very small, they are quite livable for one person.

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