Lime Crime Releases “Scandal” Into Velvetine Line

Lime Crime is a makeup company that is vegan and cruelty-free, according to TheNational. Their Velvetine line boasts lipsticks that are soft, matte, and stunning.  The company CEO, Doe Deere, says that Scandal is for woman who have that “don’t care” attitude. Scandal is for an edgy woman who wants a noticeable and unique look. It is somehow reminiscent of bygone days when only royalty could wear purple, and anyone not being of royal blood but still bold enough to wear the color caused quite the sensation.


The shade, like all others in the Velvetine line, has been certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. No animal testing was involved in the making of this lipstick. The lipstick, like all of Lime Crime’s cosmetics, are vegan-friendly. Scandal makes 42 colors in the line’s elaborate and diverse array of shades. It fits in beautifully with the focus of Lime Crime.

Lime Crime believes that make up is more than just a way to cover up, but rather it is a form of art and expression. This Los Angeles based makeup company focuses on diverse high performance makeup, and their large customer base is a testament to their success.


Purple isn’t just a color with historical significance. It still certifies “Bosslady status,” according to US Weekly. It also carries a definite air of sex appeal. Purple draws attention and focus to a woman’s lips. With just a little minimal makeup, she can pull of a sexy, daring, look. Scandal makes a definite statement.


The line even offers a technique for applying lipstick for maximum effectiveness. Lip balm should be applied at least fifteen minutes before the lipstick is to be applied. Blot the excess oils off of the lips with a tissue. Using a lip brush, apply the color to the lips.  The lipstick will last all day and can be removed with a gentle makeup remover or oil when its time to take it off.

Everyone deserves a little luxury and scandal.  See if Lime Crime’s scandal is right for you by reading their announcement:


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