Lovaganza Becomes A Global Movement

The standard of life of people from all areas of the world is something Lovaganza organizers have been concerned with as they hope to ensure every child in the world has a designated standard of life by the middle of the 21st century; this standard of life will include clean water, access to education, and a peaceful environment on Facebook to grow up in, among other goals the foundation has already set out.

Lovaganza hopes to provide funding for existing and new programs that will move people closer to achieving a certain standard of life by producing high quality movies that will begin with the “Lovaganza Convoy” trilogy of movies. The first three movies of Lovaganza that will begin with the “Follow Your Sunshine” installment in 2017 could eventually form a major franchise of up to nine trilogies that will be released by Lovaganza in the future to continue the fight for the future of the young people of the planet.

The “Lovaganza Convoy” will be dedicated to a number of options to bring its message of love and understanding for all cultures to the people of the world ; the message of peace will be found in each movie as the characters look for the best ways of overcoming a shadowy group of people determined to keep the people of the world from living a peaceful life. This message of love and understanding will also be seen in the global event that will take place in 2020 when an interactive series of exhibits of Lovaganza will bring together every culture in the world in exhibitions found in eight major locations throughout the world.

The effects of Lovaganza have already been felt in many areas of the planet where the filming of the initial trilogy has taken place as the production continues to look for new locations to bring awareness of our own unique cultures to viewers. The small community of Frigiliana in SPain has already seen a boost to its economy of around $30,000 after the “Lovaganza Convoy” was filmed partly in the area with 25 extras chosen from among local people to appear in “Follow your Sunshine”. The nostalgic feel of the movies was clear for all to see as the message of traditional moral values was pushed forward during the filming of scenes for the first movie in the planned trilogy. See: https://vimeo.com/lovaganza

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