Luiz Carlos Trabuco Stands Behind The Success Of Bradesco

Proper investment always results in excellent profits for any institution. Luiz Carlos Trabuco knows how to capitalize on profitable ventures, and he has enabled Bradesco Seguro to gain benefits by more than 30% in the opening half of the financial year. At Wall Street, the banks stock value is always on the rise to the point that it is known as the Microsoft of the current century.

Investors all over the world are continually streaming into Brazil looking for investment opportunities as there is a huge reward that is currently associated with investing in the country. The opportunity has been created by Banco Bradesco, which offers credit to institutions that contribute to the development of roads. For the first time in the world, a private organization is directly helping in the growth of a country’s infrastructure.

The bank also gains through being allowed to pay less tax to operate within the state, but it is reciprocating the chance by encouraging the growth of the country. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a close friend of the president because he offers her advice on economic matters.

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Currently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is in charge of an institution that has more than 4500 branches under its name and an exceedingly higher number of ATM’s all over the country. The management task is enormous, but for Luiz Carlos Trabuco, there is no need to worry as he has a dedicated team of individuals to support him. Currently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is 65 years old, and even as his age advances, he continues to avail services to clients with great agility and vigor.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco believes in the power of the clients since without them, he would have no one to serve. Therefore, he has taken upon himself the task of knowing the names of as many clients as possible. Making the customers feel welcome by giving them excellent attention makes the delivery of service to be worthwhile. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s mentor, Amador Aguiar, also adopted an almost similar approach in the process of delivering services, and this is a factor that has ensured the institution is always at the top since its inception.

The successful record of Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of a kind, and it traces back to the time when he started working as a clerk in 1969. Many decades later, he took over the general leadership of the institution, and he attributes his knowledge in the banking industry to the lengthy learning period that he had to go through. Working in different departments gave him an insight on how the banking system operates both within the Bradesco and in the whole country.

The success of Bradesco has been made possible by unique strategies that have been implemented over the years. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the fourth person to seat in the office of president at Bradesco. Márcio Cypriano handed over the leadership mantle to Luiz Carlos Trabuco, and during his management period, the institution underwent the most significant expansion cycle. Luiz Carlos Trabuco comes from Marilia, which is a small town in São Paulo, and his entire life has revolved around São Paulo.

His career at Bradesco is associated with different managerial dockets, and before he took over the office president, he was the vice-president and director of the institution. Additionally, he was previously in charge of Banco Seguro, which is the bank’s insurance branch. During his tenure at the insurance division, it managed to gain a lot of profit, and this significantly helped to polish the profile of Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Even now that he is the president of Bradesco Seguro, the company continues to gain a higher profit margin and expand its operation in different regions of the world. The company aims to achieve a higher asset value and outdo Itaú Unibanco in asset size.