Malini Saba: A Woman With A Mission

Malini Saba is undoubtedly one of the most successful women in the world of business. Born in the southern part of Asia, her dreams and aspirations led her to have international respect and recognition in the business and professional sector. Infact, Saba began her career as an international investor, investing in territories all over. While her first business attempt was unsuccessful due to corruption in the area, she pressed on. Fighting against corruption and for her place in the business world, she relocated and re-established herself. Today, Saba is the owner of several global resource providers, and the founder of a global philanthropic organization.


At 19, she moved to the United States alone, with only $200 to her name, and dreams as big as her imagination would allow. After she met her husband, they rented a small apartment near Stanford University-where her now ex-husband attend school. Through his enrollment, Saba was able to participate in free courses and lectures. The young business minded Malini saw this as a great opportunity to gain more knowledge on business and investing.


Armed with the knowledge retained at lectures, she began to step outside of the box. She made it a point to attend gatherings that would likely attract investment bankers, brokers and business professionals. Her professional demeanor, charm and education worked in her favor, as she was able to probe the minds of some of the most successful financiers in the business. With their advice, and money she had saved over the years, Saba began making investments of her own. To date, she has investments in several telecommunications and real estate firms, and over 20 technology companies.


Aside from her accomplishments in the world of business, Saba is deeply committed to giving back. In 2001, she founded “Stree:Global Investments In Women“. Stree is a non-profit with a goal of improving the quality of life for low income women and families. Through education, better health care and support of the community, Saba hopes to help improve self-esteem and empower women all over, who struggle to make ends meet. She has also donated $1 million to help establish the first Heart Research center for people of South Asian descent. Saba is a true inspiration to women all over, that no matter how difficult the road to success may be, you will make it.

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