The Midwest society comes together to recognize the success of Jeffrey Aronin

The 2017 Midwest Gala Dinner was solely dedicated to honoring the great Jeff Aronin. The gala is a function which is held yearly and is hosted by the Weizmann Institute of Science of the region of the Midwest. This specific year was dedicated to Aronin for his two decades of successful involvement in the development of biotech and healthcare innovation establishments around the globe (ParagonBiosci).


Jeffrey Aronin is a mogul, innovator, and mentor with comprehensive expertise in drug development and the study of rare diseases and complex science. He is the chairperson and chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences since 2010. Paragon a chain of companies to which he plays the role of chairperson. These companies include Castle Creek that is a company that research in the biopharmaceutical sector.


Before joining Paragon Biosciences, Jeff Aronin was the president and CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals between 2000 and 2009. He left the company when its ownership changed after serving for a few months after its sale under the name Lundbeck Inc. other than Paragon and Ovation, Aronin has also served as the chief executive officer to several companies in different parts of the globe that deal with bio-pharmacy.


Jeff Aronin is known for his excellent leadership skills, skills in brand marketing, finance handling, business development and his strategic way of carrying out his activities. His vast experience also plays a helping role in all the companies he works in and all the projects he partakes. Jeffrey also has a passion for sharing his knowledge with fellow entrepreneurs to whom he acts as a mentor. He is fond of bringing together great and talented groups of scientists and leaders to work jointly in researching therapies and drug treatments. Together, these teams have been able to successfully FDA approval for thirteen of their drugs.


It may come as a surprise to many that this successful man also carries in his sleeves vast experience in the field of mergers and acquisition, but this just goes to show that there is nothing that Aronin cannot tackle if he sets his mind to it. This makes him worthy of the honors given to him at the 2017 Midwest Gala Dinner.

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José Auriemo Neto: How to Find Reliabe Real Estate Advice

Need reliable real estate investing advice? It is extremely important to consult a reliable professional before getting into any business venture. The fact is finding a reputable firm or professional requires proper research.

Perhaps you have heard about José Auriemo Neto and his great real estate training and coaching for those individuals who need expert help in starting or growing their business. His real estate training program is dedicated to helping both new real estate professionals and experienced investors working in the Brazilian real estate market.

The best way to ensure your success is to consult with someone who is well known for providing outstanding service and guidance to clients. That’s where José Auriemo Neto comes in – to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to understand what works and apply them to your business.

José Auriemo Neto has worked with many clients and is passionate about helping you start your business and take the right steps to success. He will show you what to do and how to do it so you can run a successful business and reach your real estate investing goal and financial independence.

Many professionals have courses and training for individuals who want to start their own real estate investing. Keep in mind that not all of these courses or professionals are created equal. If you want to learn proven strategies and techniques you need to get in touch with José Auriemo Neto right away.

José Auriemo Neto is well versed in buying and selling property and is also an expert in property development. José Auriemo Neto has trained and advised numerous clients and even established real estate development firms and has powerful ways to take a business to the next level.

End Citizens United Join The Democrat Campaign In Pennsylvania

     A March 13, 2018, special election in a region dominated by Republicans since it was gerrymandered by the GOP and won by President Donald Trump by some 20 percentage points should not be a district where Democrats are hoping to steal seats in a normal election year. However, End Citizens United have just pledged their support to Democrat Connor Lamb in the special election many feels will be closer than any commentators could imagine; in fact, both President Trump and Vice-President Pence are expected in the 18th Congressional District to campaign for Republican Rick Saccone to try and halt a string of Republican defeats since the Presidential election.

Former Federal Prosecutor and Marine, Lamb had failed to attract any major support until the arrival of End Citizens United who have pledged to fight to remove the influence of the billionaire class and corporate America from the U.S. elections. Named after the 2010 Supreme Court decision which allowed almost unlimited funding for so-called Super PAC’s, End Citizens United is registered as a traditional PAC limiting donations to a $5,000 maximum. As part of the announcement by End Citizens United President, Tiffany Muller, Conner Lamb pledged not to accept donations from groups affiliated with corporate America or billionaire donors. The pledge does not affect his ability to receive funding from groups linked to union groups as they are financed by the grassroots funding of members.

The special election is currently being held as a consequence of Republican Tim Murphy resigning from Congress after evidence of an affair and his insistence on the woman involved having an abortion led to his disgrace. End Citizens United aligned itself with the Democrats soon after being formed in 2015 as the group believes the party offers a better chance of changing election financing rules than the Republicans.

End Citizens United has already played an important role in the key victories taking place in special elections over the course of 2017 and received around $600,000 in financial support during the Alabama U.S. Senate special election won by Doug Jones towards the end of last year.

The need for support in the campaign of Conor Lamb is seen as vital in keeping the run of victories moving forward for Democrats who are facing a major advertising and door-knocking campaign in favor of Rock Saccone. The 18th District is seeing some of the major players from the GOP arrive to aid the possible election of Rick Saccone including the Congressional Leadership Fund which is linked to House Speaker Paul Ryan. In a bid to overcome one of the safest Republican seats in the history of the U.S. Congress, End Citizens United is hoping to build on its success to create a brighter future for the people of Pennsylvania.

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Robert Ivy: The Notable Vice President At The American Institute of Architects

     The American Institute of Architects is an organization that comprises of all the architects within the country and people working about this sector. Founded in 1857, the organization is one of the most prestigious architecture related committees that aims at improving the architectural industry within the country. The organization was founded with the purpose of providing architects all over the country with the tools that they need to be able to develop, themselves, and the industry that they are in. It provides them with a range of opportunity that can help them with their development, and also benefit the society around which they are building.

One of the more notable people within the American Institute of Architects is Robert Ivy. Ivy was appointed to the position of Executive Vice President of the company in 2011 and since then has had an enormous impact on the workings of the company and all that they do. He is also heavily recognized in the field and has been a part of several prestigious organizations that have shaped the future of the architectural sector in the company.

Before working at the American Institute of Architects, Ivy was the Editor in Chief of one of the most prestigious architectural magazines in the entire country. The publication that he headed was Architectural Record, which was a company that owned several other editorials and publications that related to the field of architecture. He also worked at an architectural company that went by the name of McGraw Hill Construction. He played a huge role in the architectural ventures that this company had taken on, and also offered his expertise on several notable projects that the company had taken on. He then went on to become a managing partner at Dean/Dale, Dean, and Ivy, which was gave Ivy this entry into more executive positions within architectural firms. For his next venture, he decided to start up his own company that went by the name of Ivy Architects, in which he was the principal.

Ivy is considered to be an incredibly important part of the company and has been noted countless times for the role that he has played in the various companies that he has been a part of. He has also been the recipient of several awards in relation to the field such as the American Business Media’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the Master Architect Award, and countless others.

As an architect, Ivy believes in being a visionary and someone who envisions a bright future for the field. One of the main points that he focuses on is the implementation of technology to be able to improve the kind of work that architects do, which can, in turn, improve the infrastructure and quality of life of the people living here.

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Fabletics leverages the power of the crowd

Fabletics has made a long journey to success during their short time in the industry. The athlesiure brand didn’t always have success but they found a way to leverage the power of the crowd which caused an explosion in sales. The opinions of the consumers is extremely important. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg did not know this when they founded the company in 2013. The two men wanted to create a clothing line that would be suitable for active people looking for style. The clothing itself is a combination between athletic and leisure. The men wanted to partner with a celebrity that would represent their company well. They ended up deciding on Kate Hudson. Kate proved to be an amazing choice. She was there for the company and helped them get out of a series of issues that occured.

Fabletics wasn’t always the $250 million company that they are today. In fact, they experienced quite a few setbacks during their first few years in the industry. The issues started to occur when customers noticed that inventory listings were inaccurate. Essentially, the most popular products were sold out but listed as in stock. The problem was a result of a malfunction in the inventory tracking system. Customers began complaining but felt that their complaints were unheard. The customer ratings on Fabletics soon began to decline. The sales were declining and the company was losing customers. Kate and the company knew that they needed to make some changes.

The first thing that the company changed was their inventory tracking system. They made sure that the updated system would properly track their products. They also focused lots of time to their customer service team. They made sure that they helped customers more and made them feel more important. By listening to what the customers had to say, the company was able to change accordingly.

The changes proved to be very helpful for the success of Fabletics. The changes that they made were very impacting on the customer rating. While customer rating is not everything, it proved to be quite important. A recent study analyzed what consumers had to say on the matter. 60% of those questioned stated that a bad online review of a company or product would cause them not to use or purchase it. They also stated that they were very trusting of online reviews. People even said that an online review was comparable to a personal recommendation from someone they knew.

Fabletics used the technique of leveraging the crowd to find success. They were able to make changes that ensured their success. Kate Hudson was very impacting on the success of the company. She stuck through it and has found great success.

Bob Reina Brings a New Live Meeting Experience from Talk Fusion with WebRTC Technology

Bob Reina, the renowned CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion, introduced an advanced version of its Live Meetings, a software that ensures complex real-time communications. The latest version that launched in September 2017 came with an updated user interface and enabled with WebRTC Technology. Reina was introducing the updated version of the product in an online broadcast. While coming to the details of the product, it helps people to make video-based conferences and transmit one-way videos. This is highly useful for people to conduct live meetings as well as make presentations.



The updated application can connect with 15 hosts at a time and ensure 500 participants. The guests of the conference can connect using smartphone, tablet, or PC. The latest software comes with synced recording technology which does not need any separate download, and the users can access the application using their web browsers. It helps the users in a greater way as it does not need any download of Adobe Flash Player but comes with improved compatibility, convenience, and more. Talk Fusion is known for beating its competitors with sophisticated, unique technologies that offer its users an advanced experience.



While coming to the new product, Reina confirmed that no other product in the market can match the capabilities of the latest Talk Fusion product. He also communicated that the firm wanted to integrate the new system into every software applications of Talk Fusion. WebRTC enhances the experience of both marketing professionals and average computer users by allowing voice communications through browsers. The system is designed to make significant improvements in both video and audio communication. Additionally, the intelligent system of WebRTC would remove the hassles and improve the efficiency along with avoiding any need of plug-in downloads. The new user interface of the software is designed to make even the first-time users finding it highly convenient to use.



Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion to address the key technological and communication challenges in the marketing sector in 2004. Today, the company has more than 200,000 distributors in nearly 114 countries. The Brandon-based company has opened another office in India as part of its expansion process.



According to Bob, people have to take commitment for a number of years to be successful. During that course, Reina thinks that self-discipline is highly important, and that helped him greatly in his journey. He completed his education at the University of South Florida and began the career as a police officer. Learn more:



Paul Wesley

Paul Thomas Wasilewski, better known as Paul Wesley, was born July 23rd, 1982. He was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey. However, Paul was raised in Marlboro, New Jersey. Paul’s mother and father migrated from Poland, so they would frequently all go back to Poland for vacations during his youth.

So how was Paul made into the American icon he is known as today? Well, while in high school Paul took up theater studies. He went to such schools as ; Christian Brothers Academy, Marlboro High School, and Lakewood Prep. However, because of his hectic theatricals agenda, he attended a variety of different schools. He went to Rutgers University – but, because he was presented many different parts in television and movies, he chose to drop out after a single semester. Today, he is now an actor, producer and a director! A few of the many roles Wesley is known for are :
Paul Wesley

  • The Vampire Diaries (2009)
  • Before I Disappear (2014)
  • Amira and Sam (2014)
  • Cal In Camo (2017)

The roles that Paul Wesley has played in these assortments of movies, television shows and plays are:
Paul Wesley

  • In the television show “The Vampire Diaries”, Wesley plays the role of the good vampire brother named Stefan.
  • In the movie “Before I Disappear”, Paul plays the owner of the bowling alley named Gideon.
  • In the movie “Amira and Sam”, Paul plays the role of Charlie, who is Sam’s cousin.
  • In the theater play “Cal In Camo”, Paul Wesley plays the role of Flynt, which is Cal’s brother.

Paul Wesley

Today, 35 year old Wesley lives from city to city between Los Angeles, New York City and Atlanta, where his various roles frequently take place. Paul speaks fluent English, as well as Polish. He has one older sister as well as two younger sisters, making him the only boy child in the family.

Paul Wesley

Dallas, Texas & The Butt Lift Revolution

Society has grown in many different ways. This can come in the form of physical growth as well as ideology growth. One of the more excepted surgical procedures in society now days is the butt lift. Within the past decade, this procedure has gained in popularity, and it is generally partaken by women. Of course, there are some men who have gotten a butt lift, but this seems to be more of a woman thing. Dallas, Texas, is just like any other major city as it hosts, sporting events, fine dining and a more exciting way of life. Dallas has become a major player in butt lift surgeries, but there are some things that you need to consider before going under the knife.

Brazilian Butt Lift


If you’re a heavy-drinker or a chain-smoker, then you absolutely should get the idea out of your head. Remember, this is an invasive surgical procedure and you need to be in the best of health. In many cases, people that have lost a ton of weight aren’t ideal candidates for this procedure because of the excessive amounts of flabby skin. If you’re thinking about getting a butt lift, and you’re on a host of medications, then you’re also not an ideal candidate. Having realistic goals is the proper way that butt lift recipients should be thinking. Everyone has different body types and different body structures. A procedure that looks amazing on one person could potentially look mediocre on another person.


Some of the top cosmetic surgeons in Dallas, Texas, that specialize in this subject are the Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center, the North Texas Plastic Surgery Center and the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. This only scratches the surface of what the candidacy-components are. Consumers should always consult with multiple doctors beforehand, which will give you a better sense of what meets your personal needs.


Georgia Institute of Technology’s Leading Professors – Mathematician Michael Lacey

Dr. Michael Lacey, an expert in pure mathematics, has been teaching at Georgia Institute of Technology for nearly 22 years, with his research focusing on probability and harmonic analysis. On top of being a full professor, he has also mentored doctoral and pre-doctoral students, served on various committees and panels, and organized many conferences and programs.

In 1987 he received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana with his thesis topic focusing on the area of probability in Banach spaces. His thesis also solved a problem related to the law of the iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions.

From 1987 to 1996, Dr. Lacey held assistant professor positions at various universities including Louisiana State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Indiana University. In 1996, he became an associate professor at Georgia Institute of Technology until he was promoted to full professor in 2001 and later stepped into an additional position as the Associate Chair for Faculty in 2017.

Over the span of more than two decades, Dr. Lacey has been the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships from the American Mathematical Society, Simons Foundation, and the Guggenheim, to name a few.

He received the Salem Prize for his work with Christoph Thiele on the bilinear Hilbert transform. Since the late ‘80s, Dr. Lacey has authored and co-authored 100 published academic articles and has also given several presentations at conferences and universities across the country and abroad. Read more: Michael Lacey |Math Alliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Starting in 1990, Michael Lacey acted as the principal investigator of grants that have paved the way for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoc students at Georgia Tech to continue their research and studies, with the VIGRE grant having the most positive impact on students in the School of Mathematics.

His third-year review stated that, “It is apparent that PI Michael Lacey plays an extensive and pivotal role in the mentoring of undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs.

Many highly favorable reports about the School’s VIGRE activities from trainees were phrased in terms such as ‘A professor suggested …’ and in almost every case that professor was Dr. Lacey.”

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Eric Lefkofsky

What are the recent data on cancer?
The number of patients that are being diagnosed with cancer has been growing rapidly in the recent years. Research shows that cancer is preference among the adults compared to children. Findings of a research that involved an analysis of 740,990 persons, results showed that 25 percent of adults above the age of 65 who had been diagnosed with cancer had a history of cancer, through family ties compared to 11 percent of adults below 65 years. Data from research institutes have indicated that the population of cancer survivors is rising and more understanding of the nature and impact of cancer history for patients could be pivotal in ensuring that there is a better clinical trial, ability to generalize results of sample populations, disease results and each patient’s experience. There has been a new trend where cancer survivors are no longer included in trials and observation based research.

What were the conclusions of the research?
The research concluded that a significant number of patients who had been diagnosed with incident cancer within the United States had a history of a previous cancer. Patients who had survived a prior cancer were not included in clinical trials and given less observational research and this has created a knowledge gap on their survivorship needs. Knowledge on how such patients survive is important in ensuring that there is improvement in clinical trials, generalization, patient experience, and illness outcome.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Profile
Eric Lefkofsky is the current CEO and co-finder of Tempus. Tempus is a company that focuses on using technology to develop an operating system to help in fighting and managing cancer. Eric is also a co-founder of a Lightbank. Lightbank is a business firm that specializes in investing resources on disruptive technologies.

Eric is also a co-founder of two other companies, Groupon and Uptake Technologies. Groupon is a global e-commerce marketplace platform while Uptake Technologies specializes in predictive analytics and serves the world’s largest industries.