Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist Jim Toner Focuses on Living a Balanced Life

Jim Toner has made a name for himself in the real estate industry, and he’s not afraid to share the secrets of his success. He believes in living a balanced life that takes in account all of his needs and does not believe in working 24/7. He things that people who preach this kind of lifestyle are really bragging about a lifestyle that leads to burnout.

Even though Toner gets up early every morning- he says he spends about 30 minutes thinking before heading to the gym at 6am, he isn’t afraid to admit that he takes a nap in the middle of the day. He needs it, he says to help him be at his best the rest of the day. And unlike other entrepreneurs, Toner has a relatively late start to his workday. He starts the same time as the average American worker, 9 AM. z

Besides focusing on living a balanced life, Jim Toner believes that reading is essential to growing and becoming a better entrepreneur. He says that keeping a healthy mind is an essential part of running a successful business. He also believes that books are an important way to discover new ideas. One book that has been particularly helpful for him was “Think and Grow Rich,” which taught him The Master Mind Principle. He learned that he didn’t have to be an expert in anything as long as he surrounded himself with people who could fill in the gaps of his knowledge.

What Jim Toner is best known for is his seminars that help people to become successful real estate investors by following his 12 Little Houses Plan. One tip that Toner is really passionate about is using giving as a business strategy. He firmly believes that anytime you give away your money to someone in need- whether it is $5 to a homeless person on the street or 5,000 to an orphanage you will see this money come back double. Toner believes in setting aside 10% of his income to give away to people in need.

Above all, Jim Toner firmly believes that financial disaster does not have to be considered the end of success. He understands that most business people measure success by how much money they and their business are making, but he does not believe that this is the only way to look at it. He himself has bounce back after loosing more than a million dollars and becoming penniless. He had to move his family across the country on next to nothing, but still does not consider a financial wipeout to be fatal.

Above all Toner’s unique business strategies have proven to be successful for him and the people who he has taught them to.

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Get Freedom Checks

These days there are scams everywhere that promise you lots of money for very little work. There are a number of types of schemes, all internet-based. This has made it difficult for the online-based companies that are legitimate and honest. There are so many online scammers that people have become afraid to use any companies. One of the legitimate new and very good investments is known as “Freedom Checks.” This is a geology-based investment. Those people who are extra leery of illegitimate investments can be assured of its legitimacy via the expert opinion of geologist Matt Badiali. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Biadiali earned a B.S in Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences in 1992 and his M.A. in the same area of study from the Florida Atlantic University in 2000. He finalized his education by earning his Ph.D. in Sedimentary Geology from the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2005. During these years he bolstered his knowledge by traveling all over the world to study various parts of the earth. He included rock formations in Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, Iraq, Turkey, Haiti, Singapore and Hong Kong. During these trips, he had the opportunity to meet many people involved in natural resource operations such as CEOs of mining and oil companies, precious metal experts, and resource investors.

In a recent video, Badiali discussed the “Freedom Checks” investment at length. In essence, “Freedom Checks” is an investment based on America’s dream of achieving energy independence. The “Freedom Checks” come from oil and gas companies. Badiali says the investment is excellent because these companies will be more and more profitable in the next few years. These “Freedom Checks” act as these companies regular stock. The relationship between investor and company will be called “Master Limited Partnerships” or MLPs.

These businesses can only claim that they offer MLPs if they agree to distribute 90% of its profits to its investors. These distributions are known as “return of capital” not income. When you sign up for the investment you can either opt to get your checks in the mail or have it direct deposited. Since they aren’t considered income, it will be tax-free. It is so good a deal that if you invest $1,000, expect to reap about $398,000.

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Jed McCaleb: Encouraging Steps on Cryptocurrency Markets

Jed McCaleb is the known creator of Mt. Gox. This is a bitcoin exchange platform. He is also the co-founder of Stellar Company. Jed presumes that the blockchain technology is going to result into a universal payment network. He again said that the initial coin offering reveals that the financial systems have not fully tapped the whole market. He, therefore, expects that some of the non-crypto assets like the stocks will soon be digitized through the same technology platform. Jed McCaleb has been in the cryptocurrency market for quite some time. He is sure to predict the change that is going to take place in the stock markets, global payments, and fundraising. Jed has influenced various organizations in the crypto world where he still has a share of impact in the same. One of the organizations is the Mt. Gox a bitcoin exchange. He is currently the Stellar’s chief technology officer. Stellar is deeply dedicated to developing a network for cryptocurrency that will be effective enough for cross-border payments.

Recently, Jed McCaleb shared on how the underlying blockchain technology and cryptocurrency technologies are going to gain momentum in the future years. He is sure that there will be sufficient universal payment network operating in coming years. Jed sheds the light that it will entail public ledger where people can view and allow them to use the currencies they are used to like the dollars or euros. The amazing this is that these predictions are in line with the current development technologies at Stellar. They are busy working to sort out such issues in the cryptocurrency market. The other key observation that Jed puts across is the condition of the markets not being tapped by the current financial system. This observation is derived from the finding based on the initial coin offerings.

Jed co-founded Stellar out of the fact that he believed that there were many gaps and old-fashioned infrastructure in the then financial system. This led to a significant limitation on the economic potential of the market world. Under the foundation of Stellar, Jed and his team bring together technologies that improve on digital financial literacy. He strongly hopes that the organization will boost the economic participation of individuals.

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Bruno Fagali Is A Highly Knowledgeable Lawyer

Are you running a business in Brazil? Do you need a good lawyer that offers representation in Brazil? If you’re in need of expert advice or representation regarding Administrative Law or Compliance, Bruno Fagali can help.

In Brazil, many entrepreneurs, multinational organizations and companies rely on Bruno Fagali to help address their legal issues effectively. Bruno Fagali has been rendering great legal guidance for a long time and he has a good understanding of how to set up a business or organization for success.

Many business managers, entrepreneurs and organization leaders understand the importance of having a lawyer on retainer. A lawyer’s advice and guidance can help your business to run smoothly.

Wondering why companies and entrepreneurs need a lawyer? Businesses and organizations need expert help navigating the many legal requirements of their industry. There are many legal documents that you need to know if you are a business owner or organization manager.

What if you have enter into a contract with another organization or with an entrepreneur, and there is a dispute or misunderstanding with the entity? You’ll certainly need a lawyer to guide you.

Business formation and legal structure, incorporation documents, breach of contract and related issues are difficult for many enterprises to handle without the guidance of a lawyer like Bruno Fagali.

Having a lawyer frees you to focus on what you do best – running your business. There’s no need spending time learning the legal processes when you can enlist the services of a knowledgeable lawyer like Bruno Fagali. A lawyer can help businesses and organizations with specific tasks like preparing business formation documents or incorporation forms, discussing potential legal issues, reviewing lease documents, and trademarking your name.

Bruno Fagali is a renowned attorney and he is always willing to handle his clients’ legal isses and get them the best possible outcome. In addition to handling Compliance and Administrative Law cases, Bruno Fagali also handles legal matters pertaining to Regulatory Law, Ethics and Urban Law. Bruno Fagali knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to addressing these types of cases.

Penelope Kokkinides meeting with President Donald Trump

Penelope Kokkinides serves InnovaCare Healthcare as its Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope rejoined InnovaCare Health Inc in the year 2015. She had previously worked in the firm holding the positions of Vice president in the Clinical Operations department and also the company’s Chief Operating Officer.


Penelope Kokkinides has extensive experience and knowledge in healthcare. He has served in the industry for over two decades majorly focusing on government programs and policies. She is also an expert in the matters concerning managed care sector.


Before she got back to InnovaCare, Penelope was working with Centerlight Healthcare as its Chief Operating Officer and the Executive Vice President. Her role was to take full responsibility for managed care division and management and strategic direction of the firm.


Penelope also served Touchstone Health in the position of Chief Operating Officer. She is known for helping AmeriChoice company to grow from a local service provider to a nationally recognized company when she served as its Corporate Vice President.


Penelope Kokkinides was among the eight women who received an invitation to the White House by the United States President Donald Trump. The guests were all from the Caregiver organization.


Penelope Kokkinides used the opportunity to address the benefits of having a more concrete health care services across Puerto Rico. She spoke about the need for adequate funding of the healthcare sector by the government. She pointed out the manner that the health care funding has dropped with since 2011. She estimated the drop coast at $1 billion and noted that the figure was increasing day by day.


In her speech, Kokkinides said that the best way to address the cuts was to provide enough funding. She explained that the people of Puerto Rico were at that time in a hole that needed a responsible response to help them get out of the hole.


She insisted that failure to address the healthcare issue in Puerto Rico may force many residents to move from the island to the States. She feared that in the States, the cost of Medicare could be more than three times higher than it was in Puerto Rico.


Commenting on the state of healthcare in the united states, President Donald Trump said that the healthcare professionals, nurses and doctors who were in that meeting represented the numerous women in the healthcare industry who are responsible for essential roles in America’s Healthcare.


The final notice that was publicized some days after the meeting showed the adjustment plan for Puerto Rico Healthcare System by the CMS.


The Brown Agency:Improving Opportunities For Models And Actors In Central Texas

Models and actors living in Austin and other communities in Central Texas now have a new resource that can help to turbocharge their careers. The internationally known model and talent agency Wilhelmina Austin has acquired the excellent actor and model training organization Heyman Talent-South, combined their resources and expertise and launched The Brown Agency. Together they have created one of the top super agencies in Texas. This new agency, led by former model Justin Brown, has quickly found work with some of the world’s top brands for a growing number of models and actors in Austin, Texas and the surrounding area.


The newly formed The Brown Agency has the connections and expertise necessary to expedite the training of models and actors and find them work in fashion shows, magazines, newspapers, industrial videos, movies, television and more. Since its launch in 2015, The Brown Agency has already caused quite a buzz nationally and internationally because of the unique looks, talent and professionalism of its models and actors. The agency has also been a welcome addition to the modelling and acting scene in Central Texas. It represents a level of expertise and access to opportunity not available there before.


Reno, Nevada native Justin Brown, president and CEO of The Brown Agency, was a model while in college studying business administration. He made a splash in markets like Los Angeles and New York with his distinctive look and prodigious talent. Brown was also known for his unique ability to teach other models the skills, techniques and professionalism they needed to wow audiences and impress clients and help models and actors make it into big time markets and projects. And he continues to do the same thing at The Brown Agency.


One of the most important resources The Brown Agency got in acquiring Heyman Talent-South is the incredible services of its founder Michael B. Bonnée. He will now bring his talent, experience and expertise in training actors to his new role as head of The Brown Agency’s theatrical division. Well-known and respected for his excellent work with many aspiring actors, Michael B. Bonnée adds instant credibility to the actor training division of The Brown Agency. Now a top full-service agency, The Brown Agency can find, train and boost the careers of actors and models in Central Texas by making them more elegant, dependable and professional and launching them into the big time.



At The Brown Agency they are committed to expertly meeting the needs of their talented models and actors and their clients. Company head Justin Brown takes pride in working to ensure their services and their talent are the best in the industry and they can do things on the largest possible scale. You can check out for more details.

Ryan Seacrest: Hollywood’s Hardest Working Man

Ryan Seacrest is a common household name. Aside from gracing our TV screens for multiple decades, Ryan has also started a number of different businesses. He is an entertainment powerhouse that always seems to be working.

Ryan’s career started when he was just 16 years old. In 1990, he landed an esteemed internship at WSTR-FM, one of the top 40 Atlanta Radio Stations. As the youngest employee he worked hard and quickly advanced into the overnight weekend DJ position. He continued to work at WSTR-FM, while he attended the University of Georgia, where he studied journalism.

Seacrest wanted to be a successful radio personality and knew he need to be in Los Angeles in order to do so. He left his hometown, moved to California and enrolled in Santa Monica College. Starting his career in California was rough. He found it difficult to obtain any radio jobs at first. In 1993, he acquired his first job as a host for “Radical Outdoor Challenge”, a children’s show aired on ESPN. His career began to skyrocket from there. He also has a radio show called On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan went on to work a series of other similar jobs, until 2002. He was offered the deal of a lifetime and became the host for America’s longest airing singing competition show, American Idol. He hosted each season until 2016 when Fox decided to cancel it after it’s 15th season.

American Idol decided to revamp the famous singing competition show and bring Ryan Seacrest back as the host for its 16th season. Before he was offered the opportunity to return to Idol, he accepted a job with his good friend, Kelly Ripa, to co-host her ABC morning show, Live. Which has changed to, Live with Kelly and Ryan, ad-midst Ryan’s arrival to the show.

After countless discussions and negotiations, Ryan will be doing both shows. Which is no small feet. On the weekends He will fly out to shoot American Idol in Los Angeles and catch the red-eye back to New York to be on time for the filming of Live, on the weekdays. This is a perfect example of how Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) earned the title of “Hollywood’s Hardest Working Man”.

Other than his TV and radio shows, Ryan is also busy with his new fashion line:


William Saito – Venture Capital Samurai

Very few people have accomplished so much in 47 years as William Saito has. He owes his success to being born when computers were first becoming truly accessible to the masses. A love of math and computers made him the first to develop fingerprint recognition software while he was a student at the University of California, Riverside Biomedical Science Program.


Saito’s first venture into the business world netted him enough money to live extremely well for the rest of his life. His technology is still used by tech giants like Microsoft. Saito styles himself as a serial venture capitalist. His autobiography explain how an incurable entrepreneur went about forming or funding more than 25 successful companies in Japan.


Saito based his operations in his home country of Japan. He served his country and government as a technical adviser in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear accident and in matters of cybersecurity.


Saito has concentrated his efforts in training other entrepreneurs to meet the challenges that face Japan. He seeks to restyle the concept of entrepreneurs in the minds of the majority of Japanese to be more on a par with the same people’s acceptance of the success of companies like Sony. He sees the future growth of the Japanese economy as a change in mind first.


Saito has had sufficient experience with financial turmoil to have developed definite views about how financial turmoil has an impact on startups. He sees financial turmoil as a good thing for startups.

Saito speaks from the experience of being startup consultant at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tokyo. He states that many of the most economically productive and well-known Japanese companies were created in times of economic turmoil.


The abundance of funds that are available during bubble periods of growth and prosperity tend to produce more startups that do not have the basic underpinnings for long term success according to Saito. Financial management skills become much more of a factor in bad economic times. This produces better money management in the future good times.


Saito notes that Asian cultures are much more averse to failure than Western cultures. He sees failure as a potential stepping stone to better things. This is one of the positions that he has stressed in his blogs, books, and seminars in Japan. Learning to fail so your venture can grow is a skill Saito wants to teach Japanese entrepreneurs about startups.


Saito uses the example he learned from being a part of the rebuilding of homes and businesses devastated by the hurricane that caused the Fukushima catastrophe. He explains that a real failure in preparedness produced a huge development of entrepreneurial spirit. More young people and women had the drive to rebuild.


William Saito has set himself the task of changing the minds of the vast majority of people in Japan. A change in mind is much needed as Japan becomes the first nation with more older people than younger.

NGP VAN Shows You How To Canvass Efficiently

Canvassing is one of the most important steps in getting out the vote and helping your candidate win his/her respective election, but it can be often be vexing, time-consuming and require a lot of paper. Fortunately, NGP VAN has the answer to this problem. They’ve recently developed two apps known as Minivan and Minivan manager. In one of their videos, the community manager of NGP VAN, Katie Crowell, shows you how to use these apps to effectively and efficiently accomplish all of your canvassing goals. For those who don’t know, canvassing is the process of going door to door asking constituents to vote for your candidate in the upcoming election. All you have to do is organize your list, send it to your smartphone and it shows you the map of all the houses you need to cover and provides you with a script to use when speaking with potential donors.

These apps also enable you to record the responses you receive from people so as not to lose any of the valuable information you obtain while canvassing. The app then feeds the information in real time back to Van to ensure your data is safe. This NGP VAN app even provides you with up-to-the-minute updates about all your canvassers and shows how many houses they’ve gone to thus far. With Minivan Manager, canvassing is now paperless, accountable and it’s integrated with Van. Thanks to these new apps, canvassing is now more efficient than ever.

Before these apps, canvassing required countless hours of data entry and printing out all the information you needed but now it’s never been simpler to go door to door. If you’re serious about taking your canvassing to the next level and would like to know more, you can go to to request information or schedule your consultation. Their staffers will provide you with everything you need to know about these apps and set you on the road to being the best canvasser you can be. We are truly grateful to NGP VAN for developing this new and effective technology and we hope they continue to do so.

Learning how to Invest in Real Estate with Hussain Sajwani of DAMAC Properties

When Hussain Sajwani left his native land to pursue an education in America, he never once imagined that his dedication would be synonymous to one of Dubai’s leading real estate company; DAMAC Properties. What currently defines his success story is appended to his persistence, resilience, and commitment to leadership. Just how he got to where he is, is a significant question that most individuals in the real estate business continue to ask.

Early Life

Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, was born in the Middle East. As a young man growing up, he dedicated time to his father’s business where they sold stationery and other personal use items for men. What is more, Sajwani managed the company for a while. For his father, that was an opportunity to inherit the family business. However, Sajwani had other plans; to pursue formal education and perhaps land a white-collar job in the end.

Background Information

Sajwani was an ambitious individual straight from high school. Also competitive in class, he registered outstanding performance and was always among the leading students. Now from high school, he managed to bag a full scholarship to the Washington University. However, before that, he enrolled for medicine in a university in Baghdad. At that moment, Sajwani’s career interests diverted to business. He deferred and left for America.

From the Washington University, Sajwani started working at GASCO. The oil manufacturing company trusted him with the credit management position. Sajwani launched instrumental business models that grew the firm’s client service portfolio. Similarly, he developed a keen eye for business and ventured into sole proprietorship by investing in a catering business that served over 12,000 clients in Dubai. His business flourished before diverting his attention to real estate and ventured into DAMAC Properties.

Outlining Sajwani’s Career at DAMAC Properties

At DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani commits resources to streamline operations with the aim of establishing a friendly rapport in business. As such, he has partnered with President Donald Trump to build Trump Golf Courses. Other than that, Sajwani invests time and resources to philanthropy.

Lessons Learnt from Hussain Sajwani’s Career

According to Forbes, Sajwani is a dedicated fellow who hailed from a very humble background. However, that did not stand on his way to success as he mushroomed into a billionaire and one of Trump’s business associates. Similarly, business professionals should not be discouraged by their humble beginnings in life.