Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist Jim Toner Focuses on Living a Balanced Life

Jim Toner has made a name for himself in the real estate industry, and he’s not afraid to share the secrets of his success. He believes in living a balanced life that takes in account all of his needs and does not believe in working 24/7. He things that people who preach this kind of lifestyle are really bragging about a lifestyle that leads to burnout.

Even though Toner gets up early every morning- he says he spends about 30 minutes thinking before heading to the gym at 6am, he isn’t afraid to admit that he takes a nap in the middle of the day. He needs it, he says to help him be at his best the rest of the day. And unlike other entrepreneurs, Toner has a relatively late start to his workday. He starts the same time as the average American worker, 9 AM. z

Besides focusing on living a balanced life, Jim Toner believes that reading is essential to growing and becoming a better entrepreneur. He says that keeping a healthy mind is an essential part of running a successful business. He also believes that books are an important way to discover new ideas. One book that has been particularly helpful for him was “Think and Grow Rich,” which taught him The Master Mind Principle. He learned that he didn’t have to be an expert in anything as long as he surrounded himself with people who could fill in the gaps of his knowledge.

What Jim Toner is best known for is his seminars that help people to become successful real estate investors by following his 12 Little Houses Plan. One tip that Toner is really passionate about is using giving as a business strategy. He firmly believes that anytime you give away your money to someone in need- whether it is $5 to a homeless person on the street or 5,000 to an orphanage you will see this money come back double. Toner believes in setting aside 10% of his income to give away to people in need.

Above all, Jim Toner firmly believes that financial disaster does not have to be considered the end of success. He understands that most business people measure success by how much money they and their business are making, but he does not believe that this is the only way to look at it. He himself has bounce back after loosing more than a million dollars and becoming penniless. He had to move his family across the country on next to nothing, but still does not consider a financial wipeout to be fatal.

Above all Toner’s unique business strategies have proven to be successful for him and the people who he has taught them to.

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