Rocketship Education Helps Students Reach Their Full Potential

Rocketship Education is proud to be home of some of the best students and educators in the nation. They recognize the importance of implementing effective skills and strategies to keep students on track when they come back from breaks. Teachers at Rocketship Education help their students meet their objectives as they transition into the upcoming new year. Students that have fallen behind will have the opportunity to boost their grades and scores.

Rocketship is focused on helping their students work hard and improve their attendance. They understand that motivation comes from a dynamic teaching environment and a successful academic experience. The teachers at Rocketship Education focus on the individual, which in turn lowers procrastination and poor scores. The programs provided help prepare students for college by showing them how to adopt positive study habits. Your child will learn how to adjust their academic priorities, time management and how to divide learning assignments into more manageable sections.

What makes Rocketship Education stand apart from other charter schools, is that the values they instill spill over into home life. Students have the support of their school staff and peers to help them stay on task. This may also include ways to increase sleep and maintain a healthy diet. When your child is engaged in their learning experience, the risk of absences is lowered. It also increases the chance of better marks and participation. Taking responsibility for their study habits allows a student to realize their true potential.

Rocketship Education and their staff search out new modern teaching strategies every year. They are committed to finding the best engagement techniques and instruction strategies at all levels. Rocketship Education is ranked as one of the top 1% public school that educated low-income students in California. Over 90% of the students that attend Rocketship schools have shown proficiency in math compared to wealthier school districts in the area.

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