Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit With My Homeboy

I am a teenager.I am almost finished with High School.My friend and I tried smoking and even some weed. My homeboy and I thought we were grown until we got in trouble with the law. Now my best friend in the world has to do time in a prison. They didn’t send me away because of my excellent grades. My counselors said I had a lot of promise in my future.The judge told me he was going to give me a second chance and not to mess my life up. I was certainly scared straight. My friend is back on track also, even though he is in prison.I am told that with good behavior he will be back home in no time.We talk on the phone when we can. I am afraid for him. I want him to know I am still supporting him while he is in there.


He told me in our recent conversation about Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. I had no idea how to go about it. I don’t even have a car. I can never go to visit him. I am torn up about that. I am glad he got the information for me. He even gave me the numbers of the people I was to contact in the prison. And they call me the smart one. Once I was approved, I was given a date and time for my video visit with my homeboy. I made sure I was sitting right there, all hooked up and connected. The instructions were simple, I was just nervous. When the time came, Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit delivered on their promise. I could see my best friend. I had to hold back the tears. We had a great visit. I was so happy to see him. Looks like he gained weight while I lost weight worrying about him. I am so grateful for Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. Now I can get in the holiday mood.I will do whatever I have to do in order to continue these video visits by Securus Technologies.


I don’t take blessings or learned lessons lightly. While I am growing up as a man, I have learned to say thank you along the way. And this one comes from my heart. Thank you very much Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit for helping me make it through this Christmas and actually seeing my friend.


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