The Brown Agency:Improving Opportunities For Models And Actors In Central Texas

Models and actors living in Austin and other communities in Central Texas now have a new resource that can help to turbocharge their careers. The internationally known model and talent agency Wilhelmina Austin has acquired the excellent actor and model training organization Heyman Talent-South, combined their resources and expertise and launched The Brown Agency. Together they have created one of the top super agencies in Texas. This new agency, led by former model Justin Brown, has quickly found work with some of the world’s top brands for a growing number of models and actors in Austin, Texas and the surrounding area.


The newly formed The Brown Agency has the connections and expertise necessary to expedite the training of models and actors and find them work in fashion shows, magazines, newspapers, industrial videos, movies, television and more. Since its launch in 2015, The Brown Agency has already caused quite a buzz nationally and internationally because of the unique looks, talent and professionalism of its models and actors. The agency has also been a welcome addition to the modelling and acting scene in Central Texas. It represents a level of expertise and access to opportunity not available there before.


Reno, Nevada native Justin Brown, president and CEO of The Brown Agency, was a model while in college studying business administration. He made a splash in markets like Los Angeles and New York with his distinctive look and prodigious talent. Brown was also known for his unique ability to teach other models the skills, techniques and professionalism they needed to wow audiences and impress clients and help models and actors make it into big time markets and projects. And he continues to do the same thing at The Brown Agency.


One of the most important resources The Brown Agency got in acquiring Heyman Talent-South is the incredible services of its founder Michael B. Bonnée. He will now bring his talent, experience and expertise in training actors to his new role as head of The Brown Agency’s theatrical division. Well-known and respected for his excellent work with many aspiring actors, Michael B. Bonnée adds instant credibility to the actor training division of The Brown Agency. Now a top full-service agency, The Brown Agency can find, train and boost the careers of actors and models in Central Texas by making them more elegant, dependable and professional and launching them into the big time.



At The Brown Agency they are committed to expertly meeting the needs of their talented models and actors and their clients. Company head Justin Brown takes pride in working to ensure their services and their talent are the best in the industry and they can do things on the largest possible scale. You can check out for more details.